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  1. Button Bug

    http://i.imgur.com/jK29PaL.gifv http://i.imgur.com/uPPVPnT.gifv
  2. Button Bug

    Fullscreen mode and ive tried FOV at 90 and 100 both have the same problem. I've cleared the cache and the problem came right back. However I do have a pin point of how it happens, Its whenever i get kicked for joining a server that was full.
  3. Button Bug

    Button clicks on the initial menu before loading suffer from the 50% to the right problem. Noticed that anytime I tried to press a button it was 50% to the right while in game on the UI menu. When trying to click buttons on the UI menu in game led to me having to move 50% to the right to actually select it. Same with the spawn locations, it took me about 5 minutes to figure out where the spawn actual button was in respect to the actual spawn icon. When selecting spawn points on the map i cannot do it while the map is entirely zoomed out. I have to zoom all the way in and find the spawn location a little bit to the right (basically where the squad leader '****' exists is where I can find the spawn point) I tried recording the menu screen problems to fraps but it tracked my mouse over the buttons perfectly without error. I have had nVidia DSR factors set to 1.20% when I found the problem, but when setting DSR back to 100% (disabling DSR) the 50% to the right button problem still remained. After returning super sampling in game from 1.5% to 1% video settings, problem still exists. Since fraps doesn't seem to capture the problem I was going to add a video from my cell, but it's battery just crashed and im tired... SO im going to add a paint image instead. I made some squares of where the button clicks actually hit versus the screen displayed loaction. Field of view is at 100 AA is off Im going to re-install the game and report back with the details. Specs: Vid - gtx 980ti x 1 cpu - i76850k mem - 32gb 2133 ddr4 OS - W7 x64 Wish i had some more information. I like the new upgrade btw!
  4. More guns and being able to change equipment

    One feature that I really wish to see in all games is the ability to swap out your sights somehow before you spawn. Another would be able to customize your units headgear, sleeves rolled up/ not and etc. and change the color of your turban from white to camo. Some examples of this would be in chivalry where you can customize things, or in arma with its gear menu how you can take off a helmet on the fly if you wish. I think this gives a more personalized experience
  5. Most metal bug fix ever!

    OKay, that I've seen. I was hoping somebody threw a grenade, hopped on and started flying towards the enemy. By the way, this is my first forum post. So, hello all! Im so excited for the tanks, trucks, jets, helis, fobs, and crawling for 2 clicks while bleeding out because my squad thought i was dead!
  6. Most metal bug fix ever!

    Okay guys, where can I find a video of this happening. There was a bug fix on July 20th that read: Fixed a bug where you could ride grenades into the airFirst of all, where can I find a video of this. And secondly that's the most metal bug fix I have ever read in my life. Please, somebody provide a link so I can laugh for hours!