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  1. June 2016 Monthly Recap

    Agree mate - already in discussion.
  2. HUD / UI Design Visual Concepts

    All good - it's not the only concept we're working on.
  3. HUD / UI Design Visual Concepts

    I never take offence to anything. Being 'experienced' yourself - you should know design goes through many phases/iterations. If you ever thought that this was going to be the final solution, then blame that on your own lack of knowledge.
  4. HUD / UI Design Visual Concepts

    Yes - boxed/wireframe with basic animation... will be doing prototypes with 'functionality' as well (when the time comes). Use Edge Animate. Newer designers? Mate, I've been designing for 20 years... ran my own business for 4 years. Game UI on the other hand, never done it before. The stuff you're seeing here is definitely not final, more a WIP visual direction. It was one idea and released to get feedback for particular reasons.
  5. HUD / UI Design Visual Concepts

    Really depends if you have a loadout saved or not or if you're creating a squad.
  6. HUD / UI Design Visual Concepts

    Really like that mate - looks good. Not too keen on the tooltips - there'll be more information included in them (both team and squad). But I think I have a couple ways to combat that. Edit for an Edit - that's fantastic - again, not a fan of the tooltip but there's definitely an easy way to do that differently..
  7. HUD / UI Design Visual Concepts

    Cheers mate and I do like your approach. After reading all the comments in here, I'm definitely going to revisit the in-game UI. That I guess was the intention of getting this feedback in the first place.
  8. HUD / UI Design Visual Concepts

    All noted mate... Not a fan of the glowing buttons myself, but as said before - I change things like that all the time just to see what works best. None of it is considered as final, don't panic just yet. Also - cheers for the feedback to all who have given it... there's some really great ideas in there. Much appreciated.
  9. HUD / UI Design Visual Concepts

    That'd be a programmer's question.
  10. HUD / UI Design Visual Concepts

    Best just to ignore most of what I'd done previously in this thread. The map will not look at all like that - that's all I can say.
  11. HUD / UI Design Visual Concepts

    All very good feedback mate... much appreciated. Border like the equipment slot is something that gets changed all the time... it just happened to be yellow at the time. I usually do that on purpose, precisely for reasons that you've suggested - whether my eye is distracted, whether the yellow is overdone etc etc. I don't want it looking too black and white at the same time so still trying to strike that nice balance between the two and then having the consistency throughout. All other points noted.
  12. HUD / UI Design Visual Concepts

    Just for you - Here's an older proof we'd done. Obviously there's Battlefield weapons as placeholders and the layout has changed a little but the background is a fair bit lighter and it had a bit of photoshop work done to it, whereas the one above hasn't got to that stage just yet.
  13. HUD / UI Design Visual Concepts

    Yeah Motherdear and I put a lot of thought into how that role information system would work as it was a lot to get in there... it makes total sense when you see it in action. Noted on the lone Medic... will change.