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  1. you will still have to yell out for medic but at least you will know one is near by rather than yelling out to people who cant save you..."i need a medic" "sorry dude im not a medic" "hey are you a medic" "sorry dude im not a medic"
  2. would be nice to be able to see the medics on the map so you can tell whether or not its worth staying down this would help save tickets and make life a little easier on the battlefield
  3. i just want to be able to play squad with people who semi know what they are doing and who use mics team work is the key to success
  4. it can be the insurgent form of "tank crew" instead of just having a car or truck that has explosives make the suicide class the one who has to drive a car or truck into the enemy it would be so much better and then maybe more people would play insurgents because everyone seems to favor the acogs
  5. the class is just like your standard insurgent fighter but you can only have one per squad they have explosives under their shirts instead of having bandages they have a dead mans switch they can swap to once they pull it out they cant swap back to their gun if they die they explode and if they are ever shot in the chest they explode would be a cool class to have for insurgents and would make for some good gameplay....shooting a suicide bomber in the chest while he is with his squad resulting in multiple casualties or assaulting an enemy fob by having every squad send in their suicide bombers through the door yelling "allahu akbar!" and then exploding....thoughts?
  6. we need goats

    goats > everything

    having goats on mountains adds to game play because eyes focus on movement so you could think enemies are on the hills but its really just goats....goats with and ied on them that get scared and run into your squad im not telling them to focus on making animals just saying it would be good to have them so people should stop getting their knickers in a twist and just accept the fact goats are the go
  8. it would be cool to have animals running walking around the maps to distract people eg. mountain goats and rabbits also chuck in some snakes that can bite you maybe rattle snakes put them in poppy fields and if you get too close it rattles and you have a second to get up and start running would be cool to have
  9. i know there are aussie servers to play on where i dont lag but i decided to play on the 40v40 server with 400ping and surprisingly i can shoot someone and they die instantly this is a great feature to have in a game i just think it has something to do with me spraying 20 bullets into them and it only takes 2 bullets to kill someone which once again is another great feature 10/10 would spray again
  10. so i download squad and when i go to run it i have to log in so when i enter my log in details and press log in nothing happens....please help EDIT: NVM i realised my clock on my computer is wrong and the alpha hasnt started yet...
  11. Kill someone strip them and wear the uniform this will add to the game by making it even more important to not die as enemies can use your uniform against you would also make people use more teamwork and people would be checking the map to know who is on their team more also would make people think twice before shooting anyone it would be like the movie "the thing" if one soldier manages to get close to an enemy squad using the enemies uniform he can follow them and relay the information back to his squad or can blow up their squad from within its a good concept and will add a lot of dynamic game play.
  12. Squad Hype

    yeah i joined and my mind was flooded with new things and so i just ran around with people to see what the game was like before quitting but i was in the back of a truck with 6 other people and it was an amazing feeling im going to be looking at the manual before i play again because i want to know what im doing im going to be practicing my squad tactics and teamwork with project reality and when the time comes to play squad i shall be able to be the leader my squad will need me to be this game will get my full support and i shall consider everyone on this forums as family i love you all
  13. Squad Hype

    Just downloaded the standalone of project reality and have never played it and knowing squad is going to be just as good i am safe to say this game and the devs deserve my $300.00 just joining and seeing the amount of people and how they moved made me feel right at home there was no call of duty run and gun lone wolves i am so pumped for squad and i know the community will kick just as much ass as the game itself i shall continue to support this great cause and ill see you all on the battlefield
  14. Stat tracking

    have win/loss ratio have kills but do not have deaths people brag too much about k/d ratios "OH MY K/D IS 6.0 NOOB IM BETTER THAN YOU DONT TELL ME WHAT TO DO" put in Longest time squad survived without casualties and if you do have a leaderboard have it go off a point scoring system where a kill is 0.5 a flag cap is 5 medic heal is 2 and so on but in my opinion leaderboards and stats kill games that require team work because people care more about personal stats than the team if people arnt worried about stats they will focus on gameplay and teamwork