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  1. The Grumpy Grinches (we're not actually grumpy) = About us = Hey folks, BeekR here. Recently me and a solid bunch of lads who have been gaming with each other for years now have decided to create a Community which is still a tad work in progress and finally would like to go public. The Grumpy Grinches is a fairly small community and welcome all players from different backgrounds who wish to play numerous games such as squad, Project reality, Arma III, Escape from tarkov and much more together as a group for both our own enjoyment and to provide both you and the public with a bit of banter so dont be shy Squad and Project reality is our main focus at the moment as we aim to both help and learn the game together as a community and if you worry about joining us due to not knowing a single thing about the game, dont worry we will help you get up and going when we squad up together everyone from any background is welcome! = Requirements / Joining process= We do Preferably look for members 18+, however will accept 16/17 based on maturity. Simply send me a pm or reply back to this discussion At the moment we plan to add a trial system in the future which will just be to see if the community is happy where you are in the community, test activity etc. We understand Real life comes first and will not hold that against you. We also hope to collect feedback on what we can change, how other members are performing in the group and if there is anything wrong we can tend to it ASAp for other members in the community and simply request that you stick within rules and regulations of the group, those who don't follow the system accordingly will be removed. =Roles / Contact= At the moment we do have a few roles and will plan to add more in the future, however these roles are optional and can discuss them further via pm or on discord: - Administration/Moderation Positions - Broadcaster - Veteran Grinch we hope to see you on the field soon and any concerns or questions feel free to pm me first! Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ad1510/ Forums: http://forums.joinsquad.com/profile/4421-lordbreadfuzz/ Simply Pm or add me on either to discuss further details Regards, Head grinch - BeekR est. 2017
  2. =TGG= The Grumpy Grinches [Now Recruiting!]

  3. =TGG= The Grumpy Grinches [Now Recruiting!]

  4. =TGG= The Grumpy Grinches [Now Recruiting!]

  5. Squad Steam Download available?

    Is this game available to download on steam yet as a squad leader or do we still need to use the Alpha portal download until the 15th?
  6. Squad Steam Download available?

    Disregard I found it sorry for the inconvenience (Ctrl+f solves many problems) Please feel free to close this topic asap
  7. Squad Steam Download available?

  8. Squad Steam Download available?

    Been using the portal ain't got an email about steam download?
  9. Where Did You Hear About Squad?