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  1. @DesmoLocke and @Ratface, ty i will try it out later, if i am back @home, but i think i turned it on after delte the folder so i think this will fix one of my problems. But sunnday i played with no founder skins, (before this Session i need also to delete the folder), yesterday (monday) i want to play (no skins activated) i need again to delete the folder... then i started and activated direct the skins so this will fix my problem, but i think then is still have the problem that i need to delete everytime the folder in %appdata% -> Local... is there any solution to fix that? But thank you that i can play again i need everytime the folder but better this than i can play Greetings
  2. Hello, my problem ist that i everytime i want to play, i have to delete the squad folder in appdata, or i instant get disconnect by the server?! This cant be the resolutin off the problem... is here any one with an idea? Before i switched from AMD FX 8350 (DDR3) to i7 7700k (ddr4) i dont had that problem... i tryed to reinstall, but problem still exists on ssd and on hdd... Greetings BloodieX
  3. Switch from AMD FX8350 to I7 7700K

    here also always over 80fps ****ing amazing, hope the last step before release ist native support for my htc vive wolud be great, if not okay, beacuase focus on desktop gameplay, for my vive i have onward
  4. Switch from AMD FX8350 to I7 7700K

    Yes sure, but i dont expect that huge improve of performance
  5. Please Respnd

    over steam, you have to make an steam account, and then you buy the game there, after you have it, you can download and install it greetings see you on the battlefield
  6. Hey Guys, i only want to let you know i switched from fx8350 to an i7 7700k with ddr4 ram, and since that, the games runs fantastic smooth with my gtx980 on highest settings... I loved this game and now i loved it more Greetings BloodieX
  7. okay i solved the problem by delete squad in appdata
  8. Hey i have the problem when i join a game is direct disconnect, no message... "server closed connection" What can i do`? Greetings
  9. Founder Weapon Skins

    the skins are for these founders... they give money for the devs... so i dont think that you can get excat the same skins without being a founder... maybe other skins
  10. In game founder weapon skin?

    for what is commander and squad in optinons ?! what i get for this
  11. Founder Title

    if i want to link my steam acc i have this error: Sorry, there is a problem The page you requested does not exist Error code: 1S160/2
  12. Founder Title

  13. Founder Title

    Hey, i spend 123$ on kickstarter but where is my title?
  14. FPS

    just wait for next update
  15. Mic check?

    another thing is that we get later whitlisted servers?! and there can the admin think who gets a slot and who not?! so only m8s over 18... m8s with mics and and and