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  1. New variants for current vehicles?

    Don't ask me to provide proof of what I said (I did that already.) or for something that you ask. You yourself must accept that your first statement was false and the second one is not sourced.
  2. New variants for current vehicles?

    This is not true. It can shoot in all directions, it just wobbles around.
  3. I have question

    Basically you must have supported Squad during the Kickstarter campaign or have bought it from this site before early access. You request your key here and if it doesn't work write to the Squad support with the E-Mail you used to back the game and request a key. That's how I understand it works.

    I just checked all my E-Mails (including spam) and found no such answer. But now I know, thank you, I will email [email protected]

    It has been almost two months now and I still haven't heard anything from anybody. I asked for an update or any news directly to the PS teamwith the same Request number. I also asked @Gatzby for news on monday, but didn't get anything back. What is going on? I just want another key that works in Germany, instead my non-working.
  6. Weapon Variation

    LAT used to have the AKS-74U, if I recall correctly. Just give him that gun again.
  7. Hey all, I was watching a video on Youtube in which a spam can of 7,62x54R is opened. Within is also a letter in Russian (I presume, it is kyrillic), can someone translate me what it says? Here is the link to the exact position in the video: https://youtu . be/YBxqFjYXOGw?t=122 greetings
  8. Alright, so a Bulgarian friend dropped by. Apparently it says something like "Help, we are trapped in a storehouse/ factory" Maybe a cry for help from a labour camp?
  9. Hmkay. Thank you. I will keep looking.
  10. The Wrench - July 2018

    Will you add certain well made maps into the game, similar to like TWI did in RO2 and RS2?

    Alright, I will wait. It's not like I am in a hurry, I was just wondering what is going on. Approximately, how far are you hanging behind?

    I got a key, but it doesn't work in Germany. I reached out to the PS Support, but there was no answer so far. Is there a solution to this problem?
  13. Indestructible walls and fences.

    There is a big bug with the fences that arer made from corrugated metal. One side, a normal fence: The other side, a see through fence (still an object though, you can't walk or shoot through it):
  14. Hi, I had a lot of fun in the Alpha 11, especially the new sounds are amazing. Sadly I got a lot of bugs with the new scopes. The TOW Scope: suddenly loses zoom suddenly loses the HUD completely disappears I forgot to take screenshots here, but I got some for the SPG-9: Losing zoom: The standard model (or however you call it) is still existent when you move the barrel: Even visible from "the outside": Someone de-shoveled the gun while I was using it (yes, dumb Squad): As said before I have similar problems with the TOW scope. There I could fix the bug by right clicking to not look through the scope and right clicking again. One of the aforementioned bugs appeared after ~0,5s. In addition to that, please fix the left wrist of the SKS dude: Also, are you going to fix the distance estimations for the guns of the Bradley and Warrior?
  15. Squad Merchandise

    Interesting idea. When I saw the "choose your role" picture I hoped for Shirts where you can choose the Icon of your favourite role. I mean, like a black shirt only with the Medic icon (or the icon of whatever role you like the most) on the front and nothing on the back. That would be something that i'd actually wear everyday.
  16. June 2016 Monthly Recap

    Nice! Wonderful news The PPsH is not fully animated though, I guess? The fire selector is not on the side, but in front of the trigger.
  17. Because I think it is an interesting topic and things like that should be part of a game like Squad.
  18. What about calling artillery from the outside with a long cooldown, since Squad concentrates on the actual frontlines? Also what about rocket artillery?
  19. Man kann ja im Squad, solange da alle deutsch verstehen + sprechen, deutsch reden. Schwierigere Erklärungen können dann auch auf den fähigsten Englischsprecher abgewälzt werden, damit der alles nach oben berichtet. Ich denke kaum, dass die Sprachbarriere groß sein wird.
  20. I never played PR or ArmA due to a too bad PC/ connection but kept my eyes on games roughly of its kind just in case something interesting happens. Until now I dare to say I "collected" several hours in Red Orchestra 2 and Insurgency. Looking forward for some fun
  21. Aus dem Imgur Link bekomme ich den Adler nicht raus, sodass es gleichzeitig annehmbar aussieht.
  22. Das Bild ohne Adler ist viel kleiner, als das mit. Soll das so?
  23. Ist das die volle Auflösung, die du gepostet hast? Denn es ist kleiner als deine Signatur. http://www.bilder-upload.eu/show.php?file=2cda73-1435831226.png Das ist jetzt nur aus deiner Signatur rauskopiert und die Hintergrundfarbe geändert.