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  1. SquadChat - 10 - ft. Drav

    That's good news! Can you guys add time stamps in the video description on youtube in the future please? (example) This way people can choose to watch just the bit of news they're really interested in. I am very hesitant on watching the Squad chats, since I could do a lot of stuff in 1 - 1.5 hours.
  2. So, when are we getting a flip button for vehicles? It is annoying to get stuck on the tiniest walls with the bumper or flipping the car on a stone. "No just no, it's not realistic" is not a valid answer in this matter imho. This problem has been around for years now and climbing around the wheels doesn't always seem to work. Also still many people don't know it or waste time trying to unflip a vehicle.
  3. In videos of the A12 testing phase I saw that the raider got the RKG-3 anti tank grenade and was really happy about it. This addition would be a fine addition to the collection of grenades he has. Now that A12 is out, I see that the RKG-3 didn't make it into the game What is the reason for this, was it buggy, to OP, ... ?
  4. Hi all, there was a 9-10GB Update for Squad in my and a buddies Steam library. After download I now have new sounds, UI, tanks, ... But even in the Main Menu it still says something about A11. Did A12 just get released without any news?
  5. So, the Alpha 12 Release Trailer came out a few hours ago, but I do not read anything on the forums about it. Normally with a release trailer, stuff is released, but that does not seem to be the case here. So what does it mean? Is the A12 release really just around the corner, aka major bugs and stutters removed and just a few small ones remain? Or is the release just set somewhen in November and this was nothing but a weirdly named appetizer?
  6. October 2018 Recap

    That is a long list! Giving the crewmen a unique look is a nice touch. Also, I am really looking forward to the lot of changes you did to the maps (i.e. right clicking to point). You also wrote, "All minimaps have been updated for better definition of roads and structures."; can you please post an example of that here, @Gatzby? Kokan would be a good example to show the differences, since it is difficult to "read" in several places.
  7. September 2018 Recap

    Is it possible with "World Origin Rebasing", to increase the map size to something like 8x8 km or even bigger? Or is there a maximum size, that is now possible? I mean, did you test it on a plain, flat map and see if new errors occur with increasing size?
  8. "Believability" of maps, realism

    Thank you! That actually looks really good! The towns are located on the river and are connected with a believable amount of roads. Just there are no fields (as you said), which could be placed along the river (water...). Only, I'd move the gas station and the big crossing closer together (crossing a bit south, gas station a tiny bit north), so it could easily be reached from both roads. Is there a repair shop and something like a motel/ diner at the gas station? The location I found, that might have been the loose "father" of the map has an old ruin besides the airfield. Is there something like this somewhere in the desert?
  9. "Believability" of maps, realism

    Yes, the idea behind the map and the general landscape is very good. It just needs interesting and recognizable points instead of kind of equally looking villages (Why is the gas station not one of the flags?). Can't say anything about Talil Outskirts, I haven't played A12 yet. Can you give me a (high res) picture of the map please? From what I've seen on the official pictures there is a town and base somewhere in the desert. Might be that the towns people work in/ for the base and the food is being imported?
  10. "Believability" of maps, realism

    What I find unrealistic in maps in Squad is the sheer amount of roads that exist, the amount of fields compared to buildings, the size of some compounds and the placement of certain buildings. Let's looks at Kamdesh. It is supposed to portrait a Highland somewhere in Afghanistan if I am not mistaken. We have evenly distributed villages, that are really small, consist out of no more than a dozen buildings. Between them is a sheer load of roads, many of which just feel completely useless. I'd say enlarge the size of the villages by ~1.5 and get rid of some, delete 50% of the roads, add more fields or small meadows. Give this map some feeling. Now let's take a look at Yehorivka. I know this is being reworked, but it is a good example for my point as it is now. There are several villages and one small town so to say. In the north is an unfinished interstate crossing a highway which hits another highway in the northeast. In the south we have an airport and in the middle there is a storage site/ industrial facility. Imho, it would be a lot more realistic if that site as well as the villages were directly adjacent to one of the Highways or the interstate. There is no gas station at any of the highways, but in one of the villages (Stepne). What would be believable at the position of the Storage Site was a big farming facility, that kept on working as one big company after the fall of the SU. Give the people of Stepne another job, like an open coal mine. Look at the probably "real" location. Villages and towns are connected with big roads, in between big fields, some lakes, forest that has clearly been planted by humans.
  11. Excuse me, what? Isn't there something wrong here?
  12. Looking forward to play!

    Well, yea, playing with a clan is cool. A lot of clans (about all nowadays from what I've seen) want to play kind of regularly and/ or do at least some competitive stuff. I don't know if that is something for OP, but it doesn't seem like it to me. What I found is, that if you stick to certain "local" servers, you'll see the same names again and know what to expect. Also it helps to say "hello" when you join a squad, see if people answer and ask about what's up. If starting a Squad, a mic and language check helps a lot to have a fun round. After that, people are normally commited.
  13. Looking forward to play!

    Tbh, you don't really need a Clan to play Squad. The community "works" together quite well (at least on the public servers I have been playing on).
  14. Game needs more maps ...

    So, you're saying French Foreign Forces, Swedish Forces, Finnish Forces and Canadian Forces are confirmed and helos are gonna come in a lot faster since there are already working assets in the game?
  15. Game needs more maps ...

    This is a good tip. Tripwire Interactive did something quite similar with RO2 and afaik is doing the same with RS2 now. Modders can submit maps in map contests and can win a prize.
  16. Indian Ghurka UN troops + South African PMCs vs. Sierra Leonean Revolutionary United Front -> interesting jungle conflict with older small arms, AFVs and helicopters on one side and old weaponry that kind of already exists in the game on the other side. IDF vs HAMAS/ Insurgents -> stressful city conflict with basically one side already in the game. MEC/ Syria vs up-armoured Insurgents (looking at you, T-55A) -> combined arms battle in sparsely populated desertish/ green landscape with small towns.
  17. The Wrench - September 2018

    Any plans to make the modded factions official, aka implement them into the main game and give the modders some money for it? It would greatly widen the spectrum of the game imho, if it was not just 4-6 factions.
  18. Enemy Vehicle Excitement?

    Yes, when I got LAT and it is possible I go vehicle hunting in the wider vicinity of my squad. It's so thrilling to get that big metal box down with a tube (or an attached IED).
  19. New variants for current vehicles?

    Don't ask me to provide proof of what I said (I did that already.) or for something that you ask. You yourself must accept that your first statement was false and the second one is not sourced.
  20. New variants for current vehicles?

    This is not true. It can shoot in all directions, it just wobbles around.
  21. I have question

    Basically you must have supported Squad during the Kickstarter campaign or have bought it from this site before early access. You request your key here and if it doesn't work write to the Squad support with the E-Mail you used to back the game and request a key. That's how I understand it works.

    I just checked all my E-Mails (including spam) and found no such answer. But now I know, thank you, I will email [email protected]

    It has been almost two months now and I still haven't heard anything from anybody. I asked for an update or any news directly to the PS teamwith the same Request number. I also asked @Gatzby for news on monday, but didn't get anything back. What is going on? I just want another key that works in Germany, instead my non-working.
  24. Weapon Variation

    LAT used to have the AKS-74U, if I recall correctly. Just give him that gun again.