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  1. Developers

    Everything is relative. There is no magic number of developers to solve a problem. I think in this event it is much easier to slowly grow a team than it is to bring on a horde of people that may not actually provide something back to the team. One of the largest issues with PR2 was that a recruiting initiative led to a massive amount of people who simply wanted to be developers becoming developers despite a lack of experience. When the scope of the project becomes more clear I think the size of the development team will grow to suit the needs the project.
  2. Price

    Errr. Not entirely correct. License holders have full access to the source code for both the engine and the tools. Optimizations can occur wherever they are needed, there isn't much (if anything) in the way when it comes to UE4. However, Epic will do it better so maintaining current with updates is critical especially at this stage.
  3. All of this has been done before in a game. The issue is not with adding mechanics but making sure they scale and work well in a multiplayer setting. I wish their development team the best, but they have a lot on their plate and the hype is real. As far as what can be learned from SC? Nothing. In my opinion Squad should be doing things different. It shouldn't be PR, Insurgency, or ARMA, but just Squad.I'm glad to see work is getting done over at SC but I really hope people measure their expectations better considering the scope of their project. I almost can guarantee this exchange to occur at somepoint following release:People: "Why isn't this better?" SC Team: "We had alot to work on!"People: "So?"SC Team: "It is good enough!"
  4. Project Reality 2

    I've been saying this for years. Blame Twisted Helix for being a toxic manager and on-boarding people with no experience.
  5. Transatlantic play

    This is purely a server/networking issue not an engine issue. Typically you are located far from the server if you are experiencing a great deal of latency.
  6. More Transparency

    Why are we attacking his presentation? Let's instead focus on his content. I agree with almost every point he made. It's the opposite of constructive to call somebody out on the internet like this.
  7. Squad radar

    One of the few compromises I'm willing to make on realism is anything that brings more situational awareness to the player. Alot is lost in the medium when it comes to situational awareness and it doesn't really offer players any opportunity to game the system by providing utilities that force them to understand who is where and when. The STHUD works very well and I think something similar, that is less obtrusive and takes occlusion into account would be interesting. I'm also a fan of the Arma map system to some degree. I like the ability for players to work in their own sandbox when it comes to the map. Players should be able to mark on their own map without anybody else seeing. A share map feature could also be added so that SLs could share a map with their squad that he pre-marked objectives and waypoints.
  8. Inventory

    If we are talking about 11X guys then most of them are familiarized with the majority of weapon systems that are fielded with them. The only real exception to this is CSW platforms which require ratings.
  9. Inventory

    I agree with this! Many people don't understand that the DEVs worked around constraints, they didn't implement the kit system that way because it was the best way of solving the issue. Players in my opinion should be able to keep track of their own ammunition (no more magic numbers floating on the UI) and decide how much of what to carry. Sometimes it will be necessary to carry a few extra M67s but other times it may be necessary to carry just STANAGS. I'd also like to see the quick grab like you said, it will allow players to quickly take items without digging through menus in the thick of battle.
  10. Squad radar

    A floating "all knowing map" isn't very realistic either tbh. I would prefer to see immediate area situational awareness indicators (arrows showing you friendlies within a 15m distance that aren't occluded behind a wall or something) over all knowing maps because the role of the SL becomes more important. SLs will have to keep track of the locations of friendly elements and communicate with area commanders to have a proper understanding of the AO.
  11. Well that is not very constructive! Even though I don't agree with the entirety of his suggestion, I think there are some things worth looking into.
  12. Fixed wing / Rotary aircraft?

    Yeah water is still a hack at this point. I think the community manager said something last week about them looking into rolling the functionality directly into the editor. Water was also difficult to implement in the UDK, so I hope it won't take long for them to roll a solution out.
  13. Making death have consequence

    The goal is to provide the player incentive to play carefully. The more mechanics you throw at the problem the more you find people are able to work around the system. Death should mean an inability to fight on with your element until either you are evacuated for treatment or spawn back after a serious time penalty. People are scared to frustrate the player. In my opinion the player should actually be scared of dying because of its implications on the team and their ability to play the game. Rally points and other JIP mechanics are in a way hacks to prevent player frustration. The question is would the gameplay be better if players are forced to consider that their death (not playing carefully/working with your team) will cost them serious time?
  14. Weapon sway/fatigue/deviation

    You are making assumptions about weapon behaviour based off of your PR experience. Things are not the same when capabilities are extended on the development side. PR does not accurately simulation optics AT ALL. American soldiers aren't winning the war in Afghanistan because they have a variety of optics, the issue in balance lies with introducing a variety of other variables. Optics are actually difficult to use because of the black penumbra, difficult in steadying, and constant adjustments to account for the environment and distance.As I have described before, the area of operations can be expanded, the rate of movement slowed, and the environment can occlude the enemy to a greater degree. Relying on an artificial deviation system might work, but you are taking away from what the weapon platform can actually do. Balance is always going to be difficult, but let's consider that UE4 offers entire freedom to the developers, and through this perhaps there is a better way to solve the issue besides taking away from the simulation of a critical element - the weapons.
  15. Squad, simulation or not ?

    I don't think that their would be any competition in that space considering the larger communities around modding ARMA to be more realistic double as PR communities. Not to mention the failings of ARMA 3 to deliver certain things that many large communities were wanting (why ShackTac, UO, TAC, etc. remain ARMA 2 players).SImulation can mean a lot of things. I think what many are hoping for is an accurate simulation of combat operations as opposed to a much larger scale simulation such as ARMA.