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  1. Alpha 10 Released

    You guys sure managed to use "has" instead of "have" a lot in the changelog V10 feels great, finally having more slow paced infantry combat is a huge step in the right direction!
  2. Alpha 9.4 Released

    Soooo.. has the 30mm been given it's proper ROF yet, balanced out by a fast time to overheat, forcing you to use it in bursts? (instead of the current low ROF which translates into holding down lmb without anything to worry about.)
  3. Devblog - Out and About

    That's some exciting stuff! Nice seeing Eggman there as well, great devblog!
  4. Exactly. And as also stated over and over again by the devs, this game's vision from the start was to make a game with the same basic principles as PR (Not a carbon copy of PR in all it's details). A PR-like game, as it was recently put. The best possible way to make that a reality is to always strife to find the perfect balance between realism and gameplay like PR has done. The way this is, and has been done, is by representing weapon characteristics as realistically as possible, while at the same time finding other means and ways of balance. Which often comes down to asymmetrical balance, examples of which you'll find on map layers with conventional vs non-conventional/irregular armies. Again, you're exactly right. That's a very presumptuous and eh... short sighted thing of you to say, hue. My post wasn't rushed or made quickly. Having had ~11 years of experience regarding situations and issues like this from PR, both from the perspective outside, as well as inside the team being a deputy test lead. Again, I'm not arguing how this will affect gameplay one way or another. The point I'm trying to get across is the fact that changing weapon characteristics as a means of balance is a step in the wrong direction, and I hope it's not something we'll see more of down the line. For people thinking that pointing out issues like these is being dramatic, try interpreting someone's post with the idea that this person has the best possible intentions in mind, instead of seeing it as some sort of attack on something you hold dear.
  5. Pretty disappointing indeed.. Like you said, there are plenty of other ways to balance something like this, it just takes some creativity. The decision to change a weapon's characteristics because of balance reasons so early on in development seems like a rushed and ill considered thing to do. It'll just end up disappointing and confusing people both now and in the long run. Honestly, why even implement the 82A now if according to the devs the only way to balance it out is to have a proper counterpart. It's looking pretty bleak if this turns into a trend... ( I understand the BTR-82A at the moment serves as a counterpart to be able to implement the Stryker. Just the lack of creativity in finding a better way of balancing it is what bothers me. ) Let's hope @Peerun and @PR.IT Aragorn89 are right. Talking about confusion, regarding the people who took this post literally; a sure way to confuse as much of the community as possible is to post snippets of important news and information to as many different places as possible, but only one at a time, forcing people to scour through reddit, twitter and facebook, instead of posting it all in one central place, like this forum. The criticism is reeeel.
  6. Any reason the BTR-82A's 2A72 30mm cannon has such a low rate of fire? At first I thought the person firing it for the last recap / alpha 9 changelog was firing it slowly on purpose, but seeing the same slow ROF on the last video uploaded on twitter makes me wonder. http://www.kbptula.ru/en/productions/small-arms-guns-grenade-launchers/guns-machine-guns/2a72 ROF should be 350-400 rds./min. Here are some examples of the ROF a dual-fed 2A72 should have. https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=cb2_1317530247 Compared to: http://media.joinsquad.com/2017/Mar/V9Features/30mmboom.mp4
  7. The extent of Squad being a PR-like game can be pretty vague sometimes, but honestly it looks like it's going in the right direction. When I say a more PR-like direction I think we're talking about the same thing. I'm not saying I want an exact PR copy in every possible way, but something with the same kind of focus on finding the perfect balance between gameplay and realism with a good amount of depth to it, to keep it interesting in the long run. Surely things like needing to have a crewman kit / role to operate certain vehicles, needing to have both a driver and a gunner to operate certain vehicles (instead of being able to insta switch and use the gunner position as it is now) and changes to the RP system as discussed here for example, will make their way into Squad eventually right? Alright, very nice to hear. Thanks for the response!
  8. Nice update. The updated FOB system is a nice start, however I agree with what has been said above about how it's really time to remove all the dumb'ed down gameplay mechanics and finally start heading in a more realistic, meta focused, 'hardcore' (PR) kind of direction. And as also already mentioned above, in my opinion it'd be best to overhaul those mechanics (where possible) in one big update, instead of trickling it down through multiple updates. Where are mah dedicated Crewman kits / roles. Where are mah driver / gunner restrictions. Where is mah proper RP system. Since vehicles are starting to become more of a vocal point now it'd be nice to see them be more useful to the troops around them. Make it possible to request certain kits from certain vehicles (APCs / IFVs). Make unarmed supply variants of certain vehicles with less supply capacity than logi trucks ( MT-LB / BRDM f.ex.). Make it possible for certain vehicles to drop supply / ammo crates, or otherwise re-arm from said vehicle. All in due time, I hope. PS: It always makes me happy when I see work on localized vehicle damage being mentioned. Also, environment penetration for small arms. <3
  9. January 2017 Monthly Recap

    And that's the issue. Continue being "the most honest and open" with your constructive feedback and leave the "violent and abusive" by the side. Anyways, recap has been well worth the wait! Lovely progress on the vehicle physics animations and character animations. I can't wait to see all the features that'll eventually sprout out of CoreInventory!
  10. New player, having a hard time.

    Like others have stated: Lumasharpen =/= "luminous colour". @AddyRazz I forgot to mention that you should set the sharp_strength to something that looks good for you. Reshade's "new" ingame menu makes it very easy to do. But I guess you've already figured that out. Mind explaining about "clarity"? Some kind of preset?
  11. New player, having a hard time.

    Basically what others have said: the blur in this game at the moment is horrible. It's not even fixed by turning off AA. What you'll want is to use Reshade/Sweetfx' Lumasharpen. Download the latest Reshade and use only Lumasharpen, none of the other effects. It should have no impact on FPS. Edit: Make sure you set it to use "OpenGL", otherwise it won't work.
  12. Why play this game?

    Ah right, I was talking about actual ingame stats and ranks. Ofcourse there are sites like gametracker where people get assigned scores and ranks. To get more OT: I've played PR since about 0.2(about 10 years ago), played in 7 PRT (PR tournaments) campaigns and have played Squad for about ~500 total including pre-steam. The thing that defines PR and what will define Squad for me is, next to teamwork & tactics on as big a scale as possible, the combined arms aspect. All of this done with the least amount of clunky-ness as possible.. lookin' at you ArmA. That's one of the main reasons why, I think, people love this kind of game/gameplay. ps Desmo - the dissapoint joke
  13. Why play this game?

    Not true, there are no ranks either server side or profile related in PR. I've picked out your posts because you're supposed to be an example for people new to this type of game.. Son, I am dissapoint. One of the things that made and still makes PR great is that there are no ranks nor stats that continue beyond one round. If people want ranks/stats to know which SL/squad is any good, then use the simple and proven method of looking at the squads' names, or individual player names, it's all part of the meta. In PR common squad names were "Inf Teamwork" "Inf Eng Mic" etc. The same is already happening, and will continue to develop in Squad. On the other hand, Eggman made a very good point here. I think the best solution in general would be a sort of indicator/icon that lets you know if someone is completely new to the game, and has for example less then 20 hours of in-game experience. Besides that I think any sort of global rank or stat system would be detrimental to a game like Squad.
  14. CROWS Humvee 70 kills

    A quick video showcasing just how OP the CROWS Humvee can be. https://www.reddit.com/r/joinsquad/comments/5cy3dv/squad_crows_humvee_70_kills/