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  1. Cool. But, unfortunately, in Rostov roads are not as good))
  2. Interesting idea. Looks good. How about a sand storm?)
  3. The fact that frag RPG of the projectile damage same as the 40mm grenade is nonsense.
  4. Very cool man. In such a short time to do so many cool things. In your system may be implemented backlight on the grid?
  5. Dude you can use vertex colors for opacity, just made the edge in the center of the mesh like this. And then paint the outher border with the black color, and use this as an opacity. So then you have a second fov you can just multiply or power this by a value to make it visually thinner (sharper/smaller). Read this post for some additional info
  6. Don't know if you've seen this method of optics. Without texture. What do you think about this?
  7. Sounds good. Now it would look like? Without zoom. With zoom.
  8. ChanceBrahh, very funny to read about the fact that the developers listen to constructive criticism. Here is a link to one example of how developers are "listening". And what has changed since that time?
  9. I'd love to see the BRDM-2 in Militia. Maybe then the BTR did not feel himself a king.
  10. Fast ropes? Good trolling IronTaxi.
  11. Yesterday played in a new version Rising Storm 2:Vietnam. After several raids by helicopter on the village, burned the roof of the buildings made of hay. The fire was not large, but looked very cool.
  12. Thanks for the reply Odin!)
  13. Hello to the developers.Sketched here is a little fact that is missing in the current server browser. Should we expect something similar in the next update? Do you plan to do the queue on the server? In Russia we have about three servers and they are almost always full. The players are lacking this feature. Thanks in advance. P.S A yellow star means that the server added to favorites.
  14. Great idea for Squad. Moreover, it has already been implemented by other people. Nothing prevents to try to do something similar in Squad. BIG UP!
  15. korengal

    Great job! MOUNTAINS!!!) Looking forward to the finished map.