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    I finally made a new thing and updated my original post.
  3. So we currently have two options for freelook, either our view snaps back to our position when we initiated freelook or our body rotates to wherever we're currently looking. I think that both options have their merits but I believe there's a better solution. The very mediocre survival game, SCUM, has an awesome hybrid freelook system. Essentially it combines both options we have in Squad. It works like this: Your body moves to wherever you're currently looking if you release your freelook key while your mouse is moving. If you release the key when your mouse is static, your view goes back to the position when you initially pressed the freelook key. I know this might sound like a small change but it feels incredibly fluid and once someone gets used to it I honestly can't imagine them wanting it any other way.
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    After nearly 6 months, I've made a new video!
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    I've added another video!
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    I finally added a new video. It's too intense!
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    I changed the format of my original post and added a new video.
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    v7 is pretty neat.
  9. Currently equipping an attached grenade launcher works the same as pulling out other weapons and tools. Meaning that I can press 1 to bring out my AK and 2 to use the underbarrel attachment. I understand that this is how it worked in BF2/PR but in my opinion it's unintuitive. Not only does it feel extremely clunky to lower my AK in order to immediately bring it back out again to use the attachment but it also makes the controls inconsistent. If I'm your average rifleman I can press 1 to equip my primary and 2 to equip my secondary. If I'm a Grenadier 1 is primary, 2 is my underbarrel attachment, and my secondary has been bumped over to 3. Switching to attachments by either cycling through your fire modes or an independent key would feel a lot more natural. Squad is already a lot more responsive and fluid than PR and I feel like this change would keep the momentum moving in the right direction.
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