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  1. Horrible lag spikes when you turn

    The last patch fixed the lag spikes issue for me. Thank you !
  2. No MiniMaps. Map animation idea!

    "Prepare my anus" If it's done correctly, For ground and air vehicles, yes. Arguments: - a driver can have an eye on what's going on in front of him and also have an eye on his map to know where he is going without obstructing the whole screen. - a pilot can see where he is going and concentrate his attention on his flying, and this is even more important for pilots because things happens quicker in the sky than on the ground. For infantery, why not. Arguments: - It could help the SL to coordinate more effectively his Squad by having a overral view on his surrounding while being into a firefight, and bring to heel desobedient members more effectively. - Members can have a better understanding of where they are situated with regards to others and have a better teamwork while defending an area or attacking a building. By correctly I mean: Do not display ennemy on the map (obviously).Limit the display area from 10m² to 30m² (for infantery) to avoid using the minimap to check long range targets.Make it optionnal in the menu for those who want the clearest display as possible.Being able to put it where we want on the screen. Other ideas: Make it only available for Squadleaders (for infantery).Only show your Squad.Is it mandatory to have this ? No, of course. I see this as a tool to play better together as a Squad. I'm aware it could make Squad less hardcore.
  3. Commorose autotranslate

    I have to disagree, players naturally tend to join a squad where everyone speak/understand what the squadleader is saying. Many times in PR, when I begin to say a few words in french to say something in the hurry to my clanmates, some english members don't hesitate a second, they insta leave the squad and join an english only squad or make one. Nothing prevent the server's owners to display the server rules in english too, that tend to be the internationnal langage nowadays. But anyway, you are taking the extreme example: 줄기는 능선과 더불어 굵은 털이 있고 덩굴손으로 감으면서 다른 물체에 붙어서 길게 자란다. This is a langage spoken on another continent, eight thousand kilometers away from Europe. People will of course avoid to play on these servers because they will have a ping of 1 second or more and the game will be unplayable in this condition. Same for american servers although the ping is not as bad as chinese one. I play a lot on german servers in PR and I don't understand a word in german. But everyone adapts, german SL speak in english and french SL speak in english and server rules are displayed in english too. And if no one adapts, then the coordination is broken, the team plays like shit and looses. Then people will naturally change server. Any solution that divide the player base is not a good idea in my opinion (even if it's optionnal). Now you see Squad in his early days, french servers are full, german servers are full, english servers are full. But in 8 years (or later I hope !), this will change. Maybe you will not have enough french people to fill a french server. It happened in PR. So you banish them from playing on english servers ? Let a chance for people to adapt.
  4. Simply give a tool for server's admins to unlcock the squad concerned when it breaks the server's rules (no lock before 4 squadmembers, etc) and a kick if the squad's state is the same and they lock it again. The lock can prevent the squad leader to battle with random guys who play solo without the squad and who keep joining the squad after the kicks. Also, people who want to join a locked squad can always ask in the chat for an invitation. On the other hand, I completly agree to not implement the lock in the early days of squad because "vets" could abuse of it and not let a chance for new players.
  5. Commorose autotranslate

    Terrible Idea, this kind of thing will isolate communities and put wall between people. Keep that work for server's admins who will kick these players when necessary. Wow, are you serious ? My main language is french and a few mates of mine who are not quite good at english can play without problem on english servers on PR. Sometimes I will translate an important info for them and they will naturally avoid taking important roles like Squad leader or Commander. I'm deeply against this.
  6. Horrible lag spikes when you turn

    I still have lags spikes when I turn even with the recent patch. Maybe I'll post a video to show what's going on. My hardware: CPU: I7-3820 GPU: Nvidia GTX770 drivers version: 359.06 RAM: 8GB OS: Windows 7 64bits
  7. I think it's kind of narrow minded to be blocked on the idea that adding a minimap will change the game into a fast paced shooter. Read my few lines in the thread to understand how I see the minimap concept, it's different from, since you quote this game, the COD one by far. I see it as a tool to have a better squad organisation. Like the Squad Radar concept wich I like too. Assifuah gave a detailed argumentation on why he wouldn't like to see the minimap I describe available in the game, wich is great and productive. Your comment, on the other hand, is very small minded and should be avoided.
  8. Who talked about displaying ennemy players on the minimap ? I've just talked about an OPTIONAL minimap to have a quick understand of our close surrounding, like a compound, and see where are the entrances, where are posted our squadmembers, etc, without the need to open the big map and scroll the hell out of the mouse to have a zoom on that area. But hey it's only a suggestion. PR doesn't have it (anymore) and I'm fine with it. Squad should stay on the line between a military simulation and a game. PR does it quite right. For example, I'm not a big fan of not being able to pick up the kit of a medic to revive him when the rest of the squad went OK during the battle. He is forced to give up and respawn far away from the squad (since spawnpoints cannot be placed near frontline) and if other members are killed, they can all give up too, wich spread out the Squad. I know, picking a medic kit is not possible in reality but it's a good thing to maintain the squad cohesion. With this kind of situation, medics must stay away from any firefight because if they are down, it's over. As a result, playing as medic it's not interesting anymore. But again, it's my opinion, some people like that. I don't see why some features must be banished from Squad because this is present in a game you don't like. If it's practical and it could help the player to enhance his teamwork, why not talk about it ? You can surely make a step forward into a "battle duty modern warfare premium elite", but you can also make a step forward into a rigid military simulation.
  9. I'm not talking about a minimap where you can see 100m around you but 10m or 15m as infantery. But I can understand the choice to get rid completly of the minimap to oblige more communication between squadmembers. I just hope it will be possible to reduce the big map when driving a vehicle (even more with air vehicles), because let go the controls, pressing the M key, find where you are on the map, find where you must go is not a pleasant thing to do in my opinion. I have difficulties to see why a wounded marker (only for medics) would suddenly transform Squad to a quick nervous shooter for lonewolfs. I see it as a mean for wounded player to get the attention of a medic too far away to hear the local voice but close enough to tempt a revive. I would like to add that Squad must stay accessible for a large audience. Adding more and more layers of difficulty to promote communication could have a negative impact and make the game frustrating. It would be sad to see Squad with private communities everywhere and locked servers like in Arma.
  10. Thank you for your response ^_^ Find wounded people only with squad radio or in local leads to a very high number of give up. How can you tell to a medic who is not in your squad 50 meters away from you to revive you ? You basically isolate the job of the medic to your squad only or the teammates fallen at his feet. You think the squad leader will bother checking his map to see in which squad is the medic nearby you and contact his squad leader everytime it happens ? This system works very well in PR, I don't know why it would deteriorate the teamplay.
  11. Hi, After a few hours playing squad, this is very promising so far. Some performance issues prevent me to enjoy it completly but there is no sense to complain on that subject since it's an alpha. Here is some of my first suggestions: 1. Add a minimap in the top right corner Numerous times, I found myself looking at the top right corner of my screen starring at nothing to check my team members location, check my squad members position and cover some unattended directions. I think the minimap is a very usefull tool and it would be nice to bring it to squad. I can't imagine driving a vehicle or worse, piloting a chopper without it. Also,maybe you could add a checkbox in the options to disable it for the players who want a clear screen with the less UI as possible. 2. Make bigger map icons with more contrast with regards to the map I think the map icons, especially the flags, are too smalls and melt into the map. I could see them bigger and with more "colors". I could also see the spawn points more bigger and easy to find (something like the big dots of PR but not necessary a copy and paste). However, the squad members icons are great. edit: also, display the name under each flag 3. Add some sub-graduation in the compass I like to give an accurate direction of a target by giving the azimuth plus or minus the number of sub-graduations. With Squad's compass, it's difficult to do this because there is no sub-graduations. 4. Show wounded team members on the map for medics So it's easier to find wounded people and revive them. 5. Show wounded/dead team members and their role in the score board and find them on the map by clicking on their name It would be great to have one column in the score board that show the role of each team member and therefore each squad member so it's easy to see what role is missing in the squad. The ability to find a person on the map by clicking on his name in the scoreboard would be nice too (the same little menu that appears on the map by clicking on a player icon). Also, I would like to interact with the score board to hide/show the others squad so it's possible to isolate my squad in the scoreboard. Finnally, I think it would be great to see the health state of each player in the score board with some colors on their name or a colored dot in a dedicated column. Green = full health, Orange = Hurt, Red = Incapacited, Grey or White = Dead. I suppose you have already thought to implement some of these suggestions but who knows. I believe Squad will become a great game, I can't wait to see the vehicles. Keep going the good work ! :)
  12. Gun Sounds

    I also think the weapons sounds lack of power, especially the AKs. It's difficult to differentiate M4 shots from AK shots unlike PR. I suppose it will evolve in future versions...
  13. Horrible lag spikes when you turn

    I'm experiencing the same problem. There are some freeze spikes when I try to turn back quickly. Sometimes the game becomes unplayable because they last 3 or 5 seconds. These freezes are particulary pronouced when there are a lot of shooting and explosions but they occurs when it's quiet too. On the other hand, I'm not experiencing this at all in solo. My hardware: CPU: I7-3820 GPU: Nvidia GTX770 drivers version: 359.06 RAM: 8GB OS: Windows 7 64bits
  14. Arma 3 Movement System

    It's curious that nobody mentionned the Far Cry 3 Cover System. From all the FPS games I've played, this is one of the best. Someone posted a video on Youtube that summarize it nicely: I think this kind of system is more suited for Squad than the Arma 3 cover stances. It's far more fluid and more adapted to CQB situations. But it should need some tweakings like a dependency between the movement speed and the weight/volume of a weapon. Thus, it could constitute a benefit for light weapons with regards to heavy weapons => for exemple, an AKSU would have a cover/undercover movement quicker than a PKP. On the other hand, I think the Bipod system from Arma 3 is well suited for sniper rifles and machines guns in Squad.