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  1. Team Colours and Tags sometimes dont appear

    I would rather have no name tags at all . It will make things that much more fun .
  2. SVD Sniper - Guide

    Very nice . Here is my montage of sniping with SVD ;-) http://youtu.be/Q-twvjytpXI
  3. Cheaters arrived

    i think he droped the other guys by the enterance .
  4. Cheaters arrived

    I just noticed when i watched my video . At 7:24 one of my squad members shoots to wards the wall and u can clearly see the guy wall glitching lol . When he kills him he pops trough the wall and looks like he was always on the inside . http://youtu.be/dizs7sX9CCw
  5. youtube videos

    Why wouldnt u be able to ?
  6. Advice for noobs?

    Get a mic , click B to talk ingame , ask questions and most of us OG's of Squad will be more then happy to help . Listen to your Squad Leader and stick to your squad members .
  7. Waiting to Start. . .

    For me i see a few servers 50/50 and some with lower pop but i have hard time joining the server . Screen starts to load up and then kicks me back to server list
  8. Cinematic Video Production

    I hope so , the only flying i do now is " sprint , jump of a building , die " then slow it down when i edit videos and looks like half ass flying cam ;-)
  9. VOIP is the only way to go !
  10. Missing Steam key.

    When i type in my CD key into activate a product on steam , it tells me INVALID PRODUCT CODE . The product code you've entered is not valid . Anyone have this problem ? Help Me :-) Nvm i got it . I forgot i got 2 keys so i put in both as 1 ;-( NOOB yea i know .
  11. I have to ask

    I agree bro , moving fast in Squad gets you killed . Every time i play with a squad that works together we barly die . Communication is a big part of the game as well , some ppl see things u dont at the moment and when they call it out it keeps you on youe toes and alive . In this video it shows you how we move as a squad and the whole team meets up on last cache to destroy it ! JOIN A SQUAD , PLAY WITH YOUR SQUAD , COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR SQUAD AND YOU WILL EXPERIANCE THE GAME LIKE NO OTHER BEFORE .http://youtu.be/CpT4eFukXgE
  12. I have to ask

    Thank you bro !
  13. I have to ask

    I think it should be as real as possible . But what i would love to know is . When we get tanks and other vehicles are we gonna be able to destroy it with 1 perfect shot , or is it gonna be like BF3&4 where it takes u 4 hits to destroy a tank .
  14. So how will performance be on the new build with 100 players

    I barly ever had a problem running Squad . Its as smooth as babys ass for me :-)
  15. Best SQUAD video to pitch game to my friends?

    This is just one of the videos on my channel . Great teamwork + we have a dev on our team and that can show your friend how nice these devs are . http://youtu.be/mECkxT9MHik