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  1. A12.1 broke game

    me too
  2. Vehicles vs AT infantry in V12

    I shot a logi truck in the rear with a HAT and it drove on. It def hit it. Is this by design? I hit the rear equipment boxes. If thats modeled to take a shot like that there than thats fine. Otherwise, hmmmm.....

    I love the new ammo model!
  4. I love the new suppression system. GREAT STUFF!!!
  5. performance issues

    This version runs great for me....better than any other version. Turn of preload textures. I did. Smooth and high FPS.
  6. V12 no ammo

    I have been around for years since 0.1 Project Reality..allllll the way through to its current state. I am also a Kickstarter founder supporter of this gem. While the ammo problem can be frustrating at first, its genius. I love it!! Give it time. It really adds to the gameplay for me. Wonderful job devs! Keep it!!
  7. As a kickstart supporter and Project Reality player way back to PR 0.01, while I understand the need for nametags, why do they show up through walls, bushes, and other objects that block vision? This is, Im sorry, ridiculous. Why is it if I am sneaking up on someone, are they granted the psychic ability to know Im an enemy? Conversely, why if while I am holed up somewhere, can I determine friend or foe through a wall when I turn to address incoming footsteps by looking for and seeing a nametag???
  8. Post Scriptum for Squad Founders

    Thank you so much for the free keys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Hello All, I searched and didnt get a hit on this. I was playing in a match as the US grenadier. I noticed when switching to my GL that the gun texture switched from desert tan to black. Here is a short video. Thank you.
  10. Hello All, Quick question (and I searched "sounds of rounds overhead" with no hits) so please forgive me if this has been talked about. Is there going to be the addition of the sounds of heavy rounds in particular flying overhead? So say an APC is firing from one side of a field and its cannon rounds are passing over your position, is there going to be a sound for each round as it flies by in a directional sense? I think I am hearing this for rockets from the rocket techie but asking for .50 rounds/cannon rounds. Thoughts? This is something I recall for the first time with dramatic effect in BF2 Desert Combat mod and really added to the battlescape and immersion. Thank you.
  11. Able to hide your teammate's tag

    So, to clarify my poorly worded post.... Seeing nametags through walls as it is now, hurts gameplay. If I hear enemy creeping up or activity just outside a building or on the other side of a wall, I can see a nametag by mousing over. No nametag? Enemy. Id love to see this changed to no nametags unless you mouse on them AND have line of sight.
  12. Able to hide your teammate's tag

    Are we going to have to keep seeing nametags through walls and essentially outside of visually range? I hope not. Also, as I posted elsewhere here, Id like to see nametags show USA, INS, RUS, instead of player names when that player is too far off for you to see their "face" and ID them. Once they are close, then you see their nametag. How could you know that blob out at 500 yards is "JOEBOB"? Just show USA etc.
  13. I know there is/was a long running post about nametag issues. Ive scanned thru many of them. My suggestion might not be new; I may have missed a post suggesting this idea. What about changing the nametag system so that at a distance the nametag reads "Friendly" or "USA" or a green ICON representing that faction simulating too far to ID someone's face. This would help to distinguish friend or foe and compensate for loss of visual recognition ability due to monitor/game perspective(s). Then once that target gets close enough where one would be able to distinguish WHO it is, then the ICON changes to their gamer tag/alias. The ranges the nametags are shown now seems way to far off to be able to know who that is.
  14. Target Range Feature

    Yes! Please add this. I would love to practice as marksman on a moving target. Important.
  15. 100 man server. CHECK!

    Maybe new i9 chip gets us there?