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  1. Post Scriptum for Squad Founders

    Thank you so much for the free keys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Hello All, I searched and didnt get a hit on this. I was playing in a match as the US grenadier. I noticed when switching to my GL that the gun texture switched from desert tan to black. Here is a short video. Thank you.
  3. Hello All, Quick question (and I searched "sounds of rounds overhead" with no hits) so please forgive me if this has been talked about. Is there going to be the addition of the sounds of heavy rounds in particular flying overhead? So say an APC is firing from one side of a field and its cannon rounds are passing over your position, is there going to be a sound for each round as it flies by in a directional sense? I think I am hearing this for rockets from the rocket techie but asking for .50 rounds/cannon rounds. Thoughts? This is something I recall for the first time with dramatic effect in BF2 Desert Combat mod and really added to the battlescape and immersion. Thank you.
  4. Able to hide your teammate's tag

    So, to clarify my poorly worded post.... Seeing nametags through walls as it is now, hurts gameplay. If I hear enemy creeping up or activity just outside a building or on the other side of a wall, I can see a nametag by mousing over. No nametag? Enemy. Id love to see this changed to no nametags unless you mouse on them AND have line of sight.
  5. Able to hide your teammate's tag

    Are we going to have to keep seeing nametags through walls and essentially outside of visually range? I hope not. Also, as I posted elsewhere here, Id like to see nametags show USA, INS, RUS, instead of player names when that player is too far off for you to see their "face" and ID them. Once they are close, then you see their nametag. How could you know that blob out at 500 yards is "JOEBOB"? Just show USA etc.
  6. I know there is/was a long running post about nametag issues. Ive scanned thru many of them. My suggestion might not be new; I may have missed a post suggesting this idea. What about changing the nametag system so that at a distance the nametag reads "Friendly" or "USA" or a green ICON representing that faction simulating too far to ID someone's face. This would help to distinguish friend or foe and compensate for loss of visual recognition ability due to monitor/game perspective(s). Then once that target gets close enough where one would be able to distinguish WHO it is, then the ICON changes to their gamer tag/alias. The ranges the nametags are shown now seems way to far off to be able to know who that is.
  7. Target Range Feature

    Yes! Please add this. I would love to practice as marksman on a moving target. Important.
  8. 100 man server. CHECK!

    Maybe new i9 chip gets us there?
  9. Squad radar

    If already stated, apologize, just dont want to read 13 pages here. Dont know what new radar might or might not have but I would like to see at least, the blips NOT show direction the player is facing.
  10. Maybe already asked for a million times (if so sorry) but please consider adding more dust kicked up by prone gunfire. The blast (as shown in the video here) demonstrates the real life problems this can cause. See video from 1:18 in.
  11. No foosteps sound

    While I can hear footsteps, I'll request that they (and the sounds from a soldiers gear etc) are made louder. It is sometimes hard to hear this...as it seems lower then expected...IMHO...and hard to hear someone running in your building trying to find you for example.
  12. Some questions about the game's audio

    Atmos sells on Windows 10 store for 16$ and it is really nice. I use it with my Sennheiser 363d headphones over the Sennheiser G4me software. I hope we get support for it in this game.
  13. SLI Configuration Trick

    So I can confirm this works great. One does have to turn AA down to FXAA or OFF. And there is a very slight shimmering to some objects every now and then but the boost is super good. I was able to get both 980tis working and saw them under load using afterburner. Does work. Was able to turn up all the graphics including supersampling to 2x and still held at 60 frames.
  14. RADAR - Remove player blips

    Bunch up?? Who said anything about bunching up?? This is about working together as a team; as a squad. No one said everyone had to stand on the same rock.
  15. RADAR - Remove player blips

    Actually Ive been playing Project Reality since 0.1 way back and all the way through the updates. It is very enjoyable. This map thing is something that I really never liked to be honest. It just allows a cheat and nips away at both that feeling of vulnerability when alone (because you dont stick with your teammates or have a buddy system) and allows people to game it...by say turning their back on their defense point or cache and being able to SPY on how many teammates are still alive defending said cache as opposed to (with it off) hearing a helluva amount of gunfire from said cache and not knowing just how your team is actually holding up. The blips on the map in realtime allow the player to lone wolf and skirmish out away from said cache and not really have to worry about sticking with their squad to put up a real defense. In other words, the HUD with realtime info is gamey and it is used as such.