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  1. Computer Specs: Okay to play? How well?

    Agreed. I'm not expecting any miracles, just wanted to know if I'd be able to run the game smoothly with lowered settings.
  2. Computer Specs: Okay to play? How well?

    Yup, unfortunately (because I'm back and forth between school and home) I'm stuck with the laptop I've got now and will be for some time. Looks like a good deal though, definitely considering something like that when it's time for a new computer. Thanks for the speedy reply by the way!
  3. Computer Specs: Okay to play? How well?

    Hey Guys, Definitely considering purchasing the game (probably even helping out with the Kickstarter) however my computer doesn't work too well with other games such as Insurgency (although I can run games like ArmA III on lower settings with a decent frame rate). I'd just like to know how this game would work with the specs I have before decide to buy the game: Processor - Intel® Core i7-3632QM CPU @ 2.20GHz Video Card 1 - Intel® HD Graphics 4000 Video Card 2 - AMD Radeon HD 7730M Memory - 8.1 GB Operating System - Microsoft Windows 8 (build 9200), 64-bit Thanks!