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  1. To The Devs: Motion Capture?

    What are your positions on motion capture technology? If you had the budget for it, would you utilize it?
  2. So what are the initial cost estimates in regards to your development? What's your budget looking like?Moreover, what are some of your stretch goals?What are some of your marketing plans in regards to demographics, and will this project be both cost effective, and profitable?
  3. Just some quick questions about the choice to go to unreal 4...1.) What are your plans concerning destructible meshes with buildings or objects in the environment?2.) What is the state of hit detection in regards to net code and client side functionality?3.) What are you guys doing with deviation?4.) In regards to server overhead, will the game be taxing in regards to size and assets used (if its a large map with combined arms elements, would this create a problem)? Also, just a side note, are you planning on implementing a ranging system (with ironsights or leaflets) with small arms and weapons such as those found in games like Red Orchestra 2?