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  1. Future plan of expanding team size?

    It's definitely can't be the same as Fortnite (100 players on Unreal) because of all the deployables and systems Squad has which, as you say, would create a lot of performance issues. However, hopefully some of the Fortnite team's methods to fit 100 players into a single server will help UE4 in future updates.
  2. Future plan of expanding team size?

    I wonder if there is an exponential issue with the player count. So 38vs38 is fine but 1 more player and it just goes downhill from there. Or I wonder if there's a technical bottleneck and once it's broken they can stack on the player count like there's no tomorrow.
  3. Squad is dead or not ?

    In Australia evening, the 2-3 servers are absolutely packed with 10+ in queue. During work hours, should I even be home, I have to join a US server.
  4. Squad is dead or not ?

    That makes sense. I hate playing on free weekends though. Those tourists are crazy bad and whilst we can get a few converts by being a good SL, it's hard when so many people keep asking why they can't go marksman.
  5. Squad is dead or not ?

    I can barely get into servers because they're always full? Game hasn't even been released yet.
  6. Snipers

    For me it's pretty much always c) 90% of marksman are lone wolves who are giving the game a go. Rarely do they ever have a mic. However, I have encountered some really good ones that play it correctly and when it's done well it's a fantastic role. I think the bipod would emphasise the wrong part of the class (staying still all the time).
  7. Al-Basrah Rework.

    Whilst the buildings could use some touching up to give them a bit more character, I agree here. The design of those buildings is really nice for the style of the map.
  8. What about decreasing the spawn time slightly compared to conventional factions?
  9. squad lead is MEH

    Some of the best games I've had the SL asks who has a mic, gives them until 10 seconds until game starts then kicks them if they don't respond in time. When I play SL I kick dissidents immediately. Most players, particularly new ones, should not be weighed down by that.
  10. A call to arms - YouTubers

    My channel is small, but I make stop motion battle scenes like these two, I could make a small collaboration promo if you'd like? Just spitballing ideas.
  11. What guns would people like in the game

    XM8. Don't even care if it's not a thing anymore, it's the best looking gun ever made.
  12. Unreal 4.8 Released!

    This engine is extremely new and they're already up to version 4.8?
  13. Remake

    What is people's obsession with desert/Afghanistan maps? Dusty, ugly towns that there are already 200 maps of. Give us a modern city or a nice European bocage map. Something interesting to fight Russians on, not just desert with a few shrubs and shacks.
  14. Field rations

    I can't think of anything less entertaining than being forced to eat fake food and drink fake water in the middle of my fake combat game.