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  1. HUD / UI Design Visual Concepts

    The goodness is real.
  2. Squad Status Color

  3. Full-Auto to prevalent in gameplay we've seen?

    I think it's mostly suppressing fire.
  4. Squad For Linux

    Well, I'm happy that you're working on a Mac version.
  5. March 2015

  6. *Poll* 3rd Person Vehicular Controls. Yea or Nay?

    No. Nononono. I agree with Melbo 100%. Then again, I'm just a wanderer with no profile image.
  7. Linear Points Scale

    For the global individual points thing - what if the player legitemately had to leave? (They had to go somewhere early, blackout, etc.)
  8. Shacktac Squad/fireteam Hud

    Screw it! HUD layers! Make everyone happy!
  9. HUD "On Demand"

    I completely agree with this.
  10. Squad For Linux

    I'm kind of annoyed that there's more games for Linux then Mac. *cough* obvious mac user here *cough* honestly mac sucks *cough* I hate christmas *cough*
  11. Naval Warfare

    That pun was bad and you should feel bad.
  12. December

    And what about Mac support? ...Guys?
  13. Kitless Loadout System

    I love your ideas.
  14. Aiming Deadzone

    For stockless weapons I can see where this comes from, but for weapons with stocks this is retarded. Also deadzone in ADS is retarded.
  15. Because if it were in games the media would flip their fucking shit.