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  1. For the last several updates, I've noticed no matter how often I link my steam account to this website/forum, all the Commander Perks have not been active or working since v7 (I think) When will they come back?
  2. Founder Weapon Skins

    Ever since the Steam Inventory bug in v8.7 (I think?) Commander weapon skins haven't been working, although they are still visible in the Game Settings menu. I'm not sure if the bug has been fixed, but the weapon skins have still not been working as of v9.3.
  3. Update: Alpha 7 Major Changes Preview

    Dude, same here! I honestly think V7 will come out before EFT Alpha though lol
  4. Backer Tag Redeem!

  5. Founder Weapon Skins

    I did the steam link here on the forums. So I also need to somehow activate my founder game key?
  6. Just removed the RadioVoice file and left the Voice file in the folder. Fixed for me, thanks guys! Just removed the RadioVoice file and left the Voice file in the folder. Fixed for me, thanks guys!
  7. Alpha 4 Released

    New goodies for Militia faction?? New goodies for Militia faction??
  8. Planned weapons?

    I agree with this. ArmA 3 wasnt that great at all until the community modded it to a current day military simulator. I can't stand that 2030 "futuristic" stuff, it looked too close to Halo.
  9. Planned weapons?

    You're right Blackout330, I've been playing too many military shooters :wacko: lol The U.S. Army DOES however use a modified M16A4 for Designated Marksmen- other than that, the M16A2 is still in active service for all Army members. All I wanted to say was that the US faction should have a "full length" rifle instead just of the M4A1 Carbine for all purposes.
  10. Planned weapons?

    Needed for U.S. Faction: - M16A2 for standard rifleman alternate - M14EBR, Mk.11/12, or M16 SDM-R variant for U.S. DMR
  11. Restricted uniform customization

    Customization makes the world go 'round! I love the examples you whipped up here, Bashar, and I personally think this suggestion would compliment the simple weapon customization that has also been mentioned in past posts as something the dev team was playing around with. Essentially, it would just be a re-texture project of already preexisting models, with the addition of a few small things (i.e. balaclavas, and alternate vest, or pouch kit).
  12. V7 is OUT!

    Server just went down 11:00AM GMT, USA
  13. Closed Pre-Alpha Week 6 v6.1

    Any changelog for V7 yet? Edit: Apologies, just read RoyAwesome's post in another thread (V7 is OUT!). http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/4397-v7-is-out/