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  1. Maybe it's just me, but with the M4 I've always felt like there is a bit of a distinct sound when the magazine is very low and then completely empty. Kind of a light sound, and the springs can be heard. I can't find any videos to prove my point, but it's just what I've experienced.
  2. On-screen targert to switch ON or OFF

    Not trying to be a dick, but the weapon is still shouldered when not aiming down the sights. It's not firing from the hip.
  3. In our trucks we had spliced some wires for the internal comms so we could listen to music through our headsets while on patrol. My squad leader only played Mumford and Sons and Sail by Awolnation.. Never again.
  4. Why so few players?

    Yeah, this is the second weekend in a row where it's just been 1 full server, and maybe a few in another. A friend of mine gave up on trying to play earlier because he couldn't get into the only game with people in it. Last weekend I got into the full server and asked if about half the people would leave this one and go to another so there were at least 2 servers with open slots. It worked somewhat, but neither server filled up. I know the devs wanted to restrict it to weekends only during pre-alpha, but it's making it hard for some backers to enjoy and test the game.
  5. http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/1518-hmmwvs-need-to-go/#entry30326 Litoralis replied to this post I made, and confirmed that M-ATVs and MRAPs(Not specified which types or models) are in the works.
  6. FOB Tier System

    Very cool, thank you. Keep up the good work.
  7. FOB Tier System

    Glad someone else pointed this out, but it seems like SgtRoss is on it.
  8. Taking over enemy FOBs and emplacements

    I was thinking this as well, but it would have to be restricted to either just the squad leader, or select people that the squad leader assigns for the task of construction. I foresee griefing if everyone can take down friendly defenses.
  9. Barricading And Breaching

    Use Postal 2 as a reference.
  10. FOB Tier System

    Can we get PGSS? https://youtu.be/0ov2o-L7qeg?t=170
  11. Barricading And Breaching

    Yep, I was a combat engineer and we had almost all the tools shown in OPs video. Doors are definitely a necessity for Squad, but I hope we see more than just a generic "C4 Breaching Charge." I want water impulse and silhouette charges.
  12. Team Switching/Playing With Friends

    Good suggestions, but yes, issues will all of them unfortunately. I'd like to see some sort of party system where I can group up with a few of my friends and it searches for open spots in a server, or throws you all onto the same team right before a game is started. Requesting to switch teams with another player is also a good idea, which I think has the least amount of issues with it. Just politely ask in chat if a player would mind switching over. You could request directly to one person, or to all and whoever hit's escape first and accepts is traded over. Plenty of ways to do this. I'm sure the devs will think of something.
  13. Team Switching/Playing With Friends

    Thanks. Totally did a search for "Team Switching" and nothing came up. My bad, internet.
  14. Team Switching/Playing With Friends

    Got a source on that, china?
  15. If it isn't too much trouble, I'd like to be able to more easily play on the team that my friends are on. I get that team stacking was an issue in the last build, but now it's nearly impossible to get on the same team as my friends that were also playing. If we both happen to hop in the server at the same time, 98% of the time it will split us up(for balancing, of course). The only way we could possibly get on the same team is if we left completely and just watched the number of players go up or down, but even then it would usually put us back on the same team. It's even harder when you've got a group of friends you want to have a squad with. Any thoughts how features that could make joining the same team or grouping up with friends less frustrating? Maybe some sort of party system or a way to trade sides with another player if he or she agrees.