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  1. It's fair enough that people shouldn't be verbally abused, if a SL has that much issue with a squad member, they should calmly just remove them from the squad, throwing a hissy fit and bitching someone out is both immature and unnecessary. On the flipside though, until you've been a squad lead through tens to hundreds of rounds, you won't know the amount of frustration that can build up little by little over small things like other SLs not cooperating, squad members ignoring some of the most fundamental parts that could make a plan succeed. A lot rides on a SL's shoulders, and that means they think (or should at least!) hard about what to do with the 2-8 people under their wing. It just gets to some people more than others. When I was a lot younger (like 10 years ago) I would rage out @ people like that (testosterone imbalance?) but I had an ex gf as me "why are you being such an asshole to that guy?" after just hearing my end of the rant, and it really stuck with me. But yeah I've been on the receiving end a few times and it really feels crappy and it really shouldn't happen. I hope you get a better luck of the draw in the future if you prefer to not SL yourself.
  2. I love informed discourse and hearing opposing opinions to my own Given that you agree that back seat squad leaders (the really annoying and know-it-all ones) are not much better than the SL they're criticizing, may I safely assume that you would not want those promoted to the SL position? If that logic flow is in agreement with what you meant, then looking at the second aspect of "other SLs who don't feel like squad leading at that point" (therefore they didn't make their own squad), who would be the candidate for the new SL position? I see it as having 4 distinct sets of players in the squad: The current SL People who can/usually SL but felt like playing a different class People who don't want the responsibility of leading the squad (aka the boring parts) but want to dictate what happens (aka the back-seat-SLs). These can also overlap with group 2 Regular grunts who don't SL and have no intention of being SL. Do you think I've missed any? If not, which group would you be proposing to be the "new SL" candidate? I see largely group 3 as the ones who would be starting the votes, but from my experience even if they take over, their attitudes aren't great as leaders and I personally end up just quitting the game/squad when I come across those kinds of people.
  3. Comms network

    I'm not sure how useful it would be for vehicles to be in the command channel (or a separate vehicle channel), but one addition that I would love to see would be a dedicated channel for talking within a vehicle that allows drivers/passengers to communicate without the engine drowning out the positional audio, or spamming squad members by using the squad channel when it isn't relevant to people outside the vehicle.
  4. @NotBrad Switching servers is not a particularly constructive means of solving the problem, but the other two (as you mentioned) are at least reasonable. You mention that I'm in that minority that can/want to SL (because I hate seeing the role filled by half-assing tards), but you can be damn sure that at least once every two rounds, you'll have one or more back-seat squad leaders who think they know what they squad should be doing and they mess up the whole atmosphere with their constant bitching about how their way would be much better. Now we want to give these people another way to mess up the squad dynamic by starting bitchy little votes in the background rather than just making them "man up" and go lead their own squad? Also, if 8/9 players would rather not be SL, and you have a single squad leader in the squad (1/9), you're then going to end up replacing the "bad" SL with someone who doesn't want to be SL (and probably thus is inexperienced) so you end up in a potentially equally bad situation. And FYI, I don't think anyone is trying to shut down the conversation, I am just putting forth my POV as a regular SL who feels that this system would just result in me going ahead and kicking people who backseat SL immediately rather than the usual 2 warnings that I currently give them. Edit: To put it bluntly, I feel like if someone doesn't have the stones to stand up and take the leap of faith of making their own squad (after announcing their reasons to the current members) and accepting that they may end up as a 1-man squad if people don't agree, they don't strike me as much of a decent leader to begin with.
  5. I believe all the point logic is handled upon the asset being initially placed. I've rebuilt structures when the fob has zero build points before
  6. I agree completely with @Bash, and there is no "comprehension" issue, just a disagreement of opinion. I take the approach that we're all big boys/girls here, and so we don't need some subversive shitty little vote to get rid of a squad leader who we disagree with. If the SL is that crappy, announce that you'll be making a new squad because you want to do XYZ and anyone who would rather do that can join you, then you can see who would prefer to play "your" way versus who is just fine with the SL. I've done that a handful of times (maybe 3-4?) and the times that the SL was properly bad, roughly 50% or more of the squad would come join me. In other cases, it was simply a difference of opinion of the best strategy (minecrafting vs actually attacking a flag) and the rest stayed with the original squad leader.
  7. Can't be heard but can hear others

    I did some testing and the ports changed depending on what server I joined. 54689, 27015 (to local so probably meaningless), 443 54785, 54786, 27015, 80 Two points: Why are you playing at work and not at home? Are you able to use a VPN to route your squad traffic and thus bypass your company's networking restrictions?
  8. Release - Alpha 9.11

    The "three weeks" thing is a dev joke... Basically it means "it'll be ready when it's ready ". I'm on my phone so I can't search to link you to proof of that but feel free to search for yourself if you don't believe me. I was just confused because you mentioned that you had made a joke about 9.10,9.11,9.12 and implied that the devs had seen it, so I assumed that you posted it here. My apologies if I misunderstood you
  9. Discord: verification breaking [FIXED]

    Remember a few months ago you posted that their verification system was broken, I'm guessing you registered an account at that time with that original email address, so you can probably just go to the login page, put in your real email and click the Forgot Password thing and recover that account https://discordapp.com/login Best of luck
  10. Release - Alpha 9.11

    When it's ready... not before And yet you only have one post... someone running ghost accounts but forgot which they're on ?
  11. I see no servers

    Looks like the guy in the other thread uses the same modem/router and has the same problem. Probably not a coincidence
  12. I'm pretty sure it's a feature of the real world 40mm smoke grenades, not something the developers just "decided" to do Not sure though, I don't really know weapon specs at all, but I guess the arming distance is the same for the grenades regardless of the payload
  13. Grenadier's nades often buggy

    What distance are you shooting them? I think they have a minimum arming distance, so there is a chance that your grenades may not be exploding.
  14. Add a suppressing fire command

    Since the squad members would have to open their map, zoom in and try to figure out what part of the world corresponds to the marked area... wouldn't it be far easier to just say... "Suppress the attack marker area" where they can just refer to their compass and know in an instant where you want them to shoot?
  15. Without the 3-4 "frame rate issues" threads per week, I fear the forums will become a ghost town
  16. the forgotten map

    Pretty sure you mean Kohat Toi with the worst layout ever...
  17. Stat indicator for when game is cpu vs gpu capped

  18. ****************************************** v9.8 ****************************************** ****************************************** v9.9 ****************************************** Al Basrah 72-78/78 Frames: 62031 Time (ms): 741454 Min: 58 Max: 105 Avg: 83.661 (Improvements of roughly 30% over 9.8) Kokan 78/78 Frames: 56642 Time (ms): 560094 Min: 56 Max: 136 Avg: 101.129
  19. Stat indicator for when game is cpu vs gpu capped

    With the level of mental capacity that the average squad player has, I somehow doubt it's an issue. The numbers also go yellow & red when your frames get "bad" and "shit" respectively
  20. Stat indicator for when game is cpu vs gpu capped

    Completely pointless, the game shouldn't be telling you what hardware to buy
  21. Dynamic tick rate

    From 7.2 But as per the video, there are probably some other places that could benefit from those tick rate tweaks.
  22. Dynamic tick rate

    Pretty sure that squad has been using dynamic tick rates since like alpha 6 or 7. I'll see if I can dig up the change log that mentioned it Edit : Here is one I found on my smartphone Look at the performance section
  23. What are you working on?

    I'm curious, what does 63x63 in "game" units work out to in meters? Looking at the map it "feels" like 500m or 1km squared, but not sure. Also, from that video and screenshots.... how are your FPS so low without any complicated assets on the map!? A couple of trees, shrubs and grass = 20fps?
  24. Movement problems

    Only on the firing range (single player)