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  1. [Solved] Stuck in wrong region

    What are you talking about? There are no "locks" as far as I know. I am in Japan and can play anywhere in the world.
  2. The meat grinder is awful

    Another +1 I would be pretty happy if the spawn timer increased as enemies got close to the radio, but there should be a definite "overrun" radius on the HABs in my opinion. It's so dumb to just have to sit there waiting for some guys to materialize and mow them down a second later.
  3. I am really tired of the mentality on this forum (not just you Daniel, multiple people in multiple threads) of just telling people to throw money at the Squad performance problem. People shouldn't upgrade for an alpha game unless they've got money to burn, and generally people with money to burn wouldn't be running a 4-5 year old processor and budget GPU.
  4. If it doesn't happen on the firing range, it is almost 100% network related, but maybe not in the "easy to diagnose" way that you might be imagining. It can lie in any of the following four: Windows network configuration NIC on your PC Router ISP The way it skips forward like you show in your videos is indicative of several UDP-esque packets being dropped and then it playing catch up when it finally gets the next update from the server. The suggestion above by @kuracino was great if you can manage it, because if you can get your PC to a friend's place who has Squad working on their network and try it out there, you can literally cut two of those bullet points off the list. Either your game works at the friend's house, and the problem is Router/ISP related, or it doesn't work at the friend's house and it's then mostly an issue happening before the network cable leaves your PC
  5. Performance and Graphical Suffering

    On this point, I know it sounds dumb but the game actually looks clearer/better without AA at all in my experience. Give it a try! I haven't played v11.1 & 11.2 but the "invisible objects" thing was not my experience in v3 - v11, so something might be messed up with your graphics cache or settings or something. The object culling that I've seen has always been at like 1000+ meters so far... although it's not impossible that someone screwed up and the cull distance on certain objects is set way too low. In the future if you get a chance, having a captured video of the object and where on the map it was can help the developers track down those kinds of problems.
  6. Sorry if I missed it, but it seems that you haven't tried (and no one has suggested) checking the "Firing range" (the single player, local version). Does it experience the same stutters on your local machine (Firing range)?
  7. That's great to hear! Thanks for reporting back so we can direct others to this post for future reference
  8. Kamdesh - GB Optics vs Militia

    I've played with very competent players on both sides and virtually every time it was a reasonably close game... But it just wasn't much fun because as outlined above, it was the brit team encircling the point and just throwing bodies at whatever entrenched militia there were... And when the militia tried to move out to cut off reinforcements etc, the camouflage difference made it rather frustrating
  9. I saw a post about making at least a 16GB page file helped a guy with similar issues. Not sure if it's the same though http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/32512-gpu-memory-issue/?do=findComment&comment=330119
  10. Could folding stocks be added as a cosmetic?

    If it changes your control in the game it wouldn't be considered a cosmetic, would it? Entirely possible to do, don't see it happening any time soon unless you want to mod it in
  11. GPU Memory Issue

    @Crios what was your system page file like prior to the manual settings?
  12. I disagree. If the technical hurdle of networked destructible meshes can be overcome in the engine, then network replication scale and efficiency challenges are just a matter of implementation. If people say "it wouldn't be worth the development effort to implement it" then I would be ok with that, but honestly it sounds like a bunch of people talking about stuff they don't really understand. It's not a technical issue in the engine to get replicated destruction, and murder holes wouldn't even require synched particle physics, literally just the final "base mesh" to have it's state synched. The challenges lie in how versitile they want the system to be, what walls allow it, how they handle the specific replication or relevancy issues, effects on LODs and then of course if you can use a shovel to make a murder hole, do you allow tank shells to bust a hole in the wall etc. From a programmer's POV, I don't see it as being "infeasible" at all, simply perhaps not worth the time/effort for a minor gameplay plus. If we use the sync between players as an insurmountable hurdle, the thought of multiple AR gunners on the battlefield would be unimaginable, due to their ROF and how many networked projectiles they put out. Hitscan is only used in CQB to the best of my knowledge.
  13. Sorry but that's a pretty definitive statement. Why do you say that it's not possible in ue4?
  14. New Maps

    I think we all know that's not gonna happen As for the rest of the questions in your post, they're legit questions but they all boil down to "because that's how the devs have decided to do it this time" so there's not any point in me trying to justify things. We can just sit back and enjoy the ride
  15. New Maps

    Nah because it's still in the alpha stage, getting the features in (within a reasonable margin of "playable" or "functional") is the primary goal. Betas are used for fine tuning things like game modes, assets/balance etc. Because of the early-access phenomenon though, while we're all just technically alpha testers, we're also paying customers so the devs are hamstrung into making it fun/playable while at the same time working on new content. If they're planning to have the random AAS, it makes sense to get it in ASAP and start getting feedback on it so that it can be iteratively improved over the rest of the alpha and beta stages. I don't want to hotlink their image, so please check the first image on this page: http://walkingmind.evilhat.com/2015/08/12/getting-agile/
  16. trial

    Yeah you're not gonna get decent fps with that gpu u reckon
  17. Going from a 3/10 to a 1/10 is still worse
  18. Welcome to the world of early access / game development Guessing they're glad to hear it because there is a workaround so people can actually play, and they can narrow down the source of the biggest problems with each report they get about it.
  19. separate the servers is an error

    Totally agreed. No one was spoonfeeding/helping FH2, Project Reality and they still had great success. If you make quality content, the people will come. If you make piecemeal "mods" with a couple of gameplay changes or a single map, no one will bother to download it and the work will be lost to the "modding black hole" where the vast majority of modded content goes.
  20. Error code 30007

    You should probably look into fixing your windows installation rather than having to find a workaround for every program that is messed up with the strange situation regarding how you're booting up EAC requires some low level access so I'm guessing there won't be much hope for you getting it running with your current situation.
  21. Is there any news on Direct X 12 or Vulkan support?

    Oh awesome! That's great news
  22. Is there any news on Direct X 12 or Vulkan support?

    Please refer to this thread for more information In summary, it's largely contingent on UE4's DX implementation, but Squad has now stopped updating their core UE4 versions (last we heard, I think it was 4.16 where they stopped pulling all changes from the master repo), so it's unlikely to change.
  23. I think it would be a UI improvement to have the scoped option shown, but let's look at it another way. Full squad: 1 x SL 2x Medics 1x AR (LMG) 1x MG 1x Grenadier 1x AT 2x Scoped Riflemen In that group, who is supposed to do the logi run? It's probably one of the riflemen Doesn't really matter if you have a pretty 4x on there or not, at least from my perspective as a SL Edit: 142 FPS, ugh I'll just go hang myself now