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  1. Ranking System?

    But it does show experience level
  2. January 2019 Recap

    Nice, finally you understand the fundamental point
  3. Ninja/Squad Destruction of Radios

    No and no in my opinion
  4. If the Chinese use the same numerical system as Japan (the character is the same), then the 万 character represents 10,000 So 8.9万 is 89,000
  5. +1 Probably the best approach.. it's such a big potential market to lose out on by getting it banned because of China's government not wanting their army portrayed in any conflict where they could "lose"
  6. Future plan of expanding team size?

    +1 to Guan_Yu... I really hope we can get something like 80v80 etc for some of these massive maps that are being created. 38v38 is getting spread pretty thin these days.
  7. I think I recall it was done to stop people from checking the map of their team to see fob locations and then swapping with no penalty? I'm not sure how it worked before and maybe I'm wrong, but I thought it was a decent addition. The screen could perhaps be improved to make it more clear which team a person is currently on
  8. 4k runs like poop.

    Just FYI, super sampling renders your scene at even higher resolutions so if you're playing with 4k and super sampling 1.25, you're rendering 10,368,000 pixels instead of the native 4k 8,294,400 pixels. Try putting everything on low except lighting and run without super sampling....
  9. Alpha 12.1

    Could you explain why you think so? Squad is not updated very often and even when it is, the majority of files remain consistent.
  10. Feedback about anarchy players/servers

    What's your suggestion to fix it?
  11. You should have put a TOW or equivalent deployable to augment your firepower
  12. A12.1 broke game

    This is after clearing the cache etc? What is the error that it shows?
  13. Alpha 12.1

    I thought one of the previous updates made the game auto clear the cache upon updates?
  14. Tank Interiors addition

    +1 And because tanks/apcs are generally closed vehicles since we don't have entry/exit animations in the game, they literally only render for the people inside the vehicle (and if there are any moving parts, only have to be replicated to the occupants). If anything, tank/apc interiors would be less expensive performance wise than vehicles with windows where you can see inside at any point. That being said, I don't think they should waste dev time on something as trivial as tank/apc interiors. Leave that to the mod community who actually care about seeing that stuff in game. I'd rather they focus on optimization and new gameplay features
  15. November 2018 - Squad's Next Phase

    The role is similar to a team manager, it's to guide the team in a cohesive direction, and keep a focus on the macro while team members are able to focus on their micro tasks while also contributing ideas/feedback to the macro plan. My team of 8 members at work (software/network engineers) is comprised of some very bright people and we could probably function without a team-lead or manager, but decision making would end up being a far longer process and various members would have their own ideas about what tasks should take priority without taking into account other aspects. That's why it's nice having a central entity to take all the disparate ideas and work and codify it into something meaningful towards the overall objective given to the team. I assume you don't go to work or start a new job and walk in thinking: "I wont be following some numpty manager or worse still, a egotist with Patton esq grandeur ..." As for what the commander role can bring to the table, just upon initial introduction the following is planned: That means support capabilities for the team, as well as an eye-in-the-sky that the squad leaders will not have, giving much better battlefield situational awareness and access to information that an individual squad leader on the ground or even several cooperating squad leaders wouldn't easily be able to garner. ****** And just as a final point, you mention later in the thread: Because trolls exist in the world, I do agree with your opinion, but I think on the flipside, giving the commander the ability to reward squads that are working well with the team and following orders or giving feedback on why they will go with a different strategy, will be a good idea.
  16. November 2018 - Squad's Next Phase

    Imagine if all 8 of your squad members took the same shitty attitude to your leadership.
  17. The easiest way to improve the micro stutters and freezes would be a bit more ram and investing in a 100-120gb ssd and put your OS, page file and squad on there,
  18. Rally Waves Increase Squad Separation

    I would honestly prefer rally points to be changed to how PR does it, where the rally point itself only exists for 60 seconds and is meant to rally the troops, unless it is placed within the radius of a fob (400m radius) in which case it will not expire until overrun. But I think the v12 adjustment phase the current implementation is alright. I do think that having the rally wave timer(s) visible to either the SL or members could be a quality of life improvement, or as you said allow spawn blocks by the SL. But that does mean having to micro-manage spawns more than you were complaining about above. The easiest solution to the problems you faced above is just to be a little bit more of a hardass about it in my opinion, make your squad members ask you where they should spawn, and if they spawn in before the rest of you, that's tough cookies, they wait at the rally and guard the perimeter while doing so
  19. Please help with looong load time

    Probably antivirus related but not sure
  20. Why are the tank guns so slow to move?

    +1 This is the best solution
  21. Armor / Dmg Models. LAT is USELESS

    It's a game in early access. Not a finished product. Next version will have improvements.
  22. Low FPS On Fairly Decent Specs

    Unfortunately the cpu on that rig seems to be very bad for gaming It gets about 1700 points for single threaded on this list whereas the minimum spec for squad gets 1900 (Intel 2500k) https://www.cpubenchmark.net/singleThread.html That cpu issue is also why arma gets low fps I think
  23. 1920x1080 Everything maxed out but no AA nor resolution scaling. Blur and bloom turned off