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  1. SL role determination ability

    I disagree, because following that logic you could present the argument that allowing squad leaders to kick players that they don't want in their squads is denying those "new players" the ability to experience all aspects of the game at all times. What Odin specifically said was in relation to the quote: To which he replied: That is saying that they don't want to lock out free weekend players from having access to the various aspects of the game, it is not saying that anyone should be able to do anything they want at any time Squad leaders restricting what kits are available in their squad does not impinge on any player's ability to access that kit, those players simply have to change squads or make their own squad. Squad leaders can already deny vehicle requests for members they don't want driving/gunning vehicles, so I believe your above point is moot.
  2. High latency constantly.

    Did you run this in the background while playing squad, or independent of playing squad? I would suggest running it in the background while playing squad, and alt-tabbing to the ping cmd while your in-game ping is showing high values. The reason I ask is because I'm trying to figure out if it's one of the following: - Squad packets are being de-prioritized by your router or ISP - Your ping to the servers really does go up, regardless of protocol, when playing squad. The reason it is confusing is that it's not consistent, your ping sits how it should be (40ms) for a little while, then shoots up to 400+ms randomly, as you said. Normally this behavior can be seen in basically just one case: - Network saturation What that means is that either on your upstream or downstream, the number of required data packets exceeds the bandwidth available, so they get queued, which obviously increases the latency because packets are now waiting as well as traveling to the server and back. This behavior can be demonstrated by seeding a very popular torrent at which point all your upstream bandwidth is used, if you jump into those other games that don't usually have ping problems, you should see pings double to ten times your usual ping.
  3. High latency constantly.

    If you ping the servers through your windows command prompt (using the -t flag if possible) does it also have those big ping spikes?
  4. Desktops

    Definitely go the desktop route, but I suggest buying your parts individually and then either paying someone to build the system for you (like a store) or learning the extremely easy skill of plugging in PC components to a motherboard. I have literally struggled more on lego than I have with some builds
  5. I used to get 15-30 fps on my old i7 920 + HD6950 combo, after v9 I was able to achieve 30-50 fps on almost every map. They essentially doubled the FPS on my low end hardware... that's not an owch, I was over the moon. When I started playing pubg I upgraded my PC and now sit on very reasonable (generally averaging 50-60fps on mostly maxed out settings @ fullhd resolution) fps on every map barring mestia, which I benchmarked yesterday and had my FPS down at 30-35 at that first flag with almost all 80 people on the flag with lots of smoke being used.
  6. Ok, i need help :(

    @Lio If you can replicate the crash using a combination of Furmark and CPU/memory stress tests, then at that point you would just need to borrow a PSU from a friend (similar spec) or take it to one of those PC shops that you were referring to and have them test it with an alternate PSU using the method that you used to replicate the crash.
  7. They have already done optimization passes, twice. v7 and v9 if I recall correctly...
  8. Modding - What (Free) Softwares Might I need

    To my knowledge, Blender doesn't have any major issues with UE4, in which you can do reskins (texturing.... although if you can get the original texture sheet straight out of UE4 you can just use photoshop/gimp/whatever to make your own texture sheet) and definitely for 3d modeling. https://wiki.unrealengine.com/Static_Mesh_from_Blender For terrain generation, I've seen some tools' names thrown around but I think many of them are licensed software (requires payment)
  9. The difference is due to the menu taking a simple ping (ICMP?) to the servers on the list returned by the master server, however in-game your ping is calculated on a per-frame basis (or something like that) which means that as the server load gets higher and the server FPS drops, the calculations end up taking longer (due to the lower amount per second) and thus the reported ping is higher. I used to have a bookmarked source for this from I think IronTaxi, but I can't find it anymore so I may have got some of the details wrong. Think of it like: - Menu ping = simple packets' back and forth time - Game ping = packets' back and forth time plus the server's internal processing latency
  10. Remove desert, remove Russian

    What was the total concept to release time for the game that you developed?
  11. Admin scramble command

    Please don't presume to speak for everyone... https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197973126762/ https://vimeo.com/4129225 http://www.realitymod.com/forum/members/4473.html Completely agreed.
  12. middle east servers

    https://playsquad.xyz/servers/ That claims that it is a Turkey based server... can you confirm your ping to that server is <50ms?
  13. Definitely agree with this sentiment. There's something wrong with your rig then... My 7600K + 1060 combo gets very playable FPS at all high settings (minus AA and SS)
  14. Potential Squad Purchaser and need info please

    To the best of my knowledge, due to how UE4 handles rendering, your SLI configuration will not be highly utilized by Squad. You will be running essentially on one of the 780s. Edit: It appears they have updated the rendering engine somewhat, but it only helps if squad's developers have enabled "AFR" (alternate frame rendering) during the packaging process... apparently https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Engine/Rendering/Nvidia/NVIDIAAlternateFrameRendering/ Edit 2: Seems like you can use the Nvidia control panel to try to force AFR on the squad exe
  15. I highly doubt the average user would be able to navigate that properly... although it is a pretty smooth workaround I would love a CLI for my squad leading... MapMarker --place -location d4kp3kp2 -type HAB
  16. Going by Marijuanoz's post, it seems like a very easy placeholder fix would just to swap the Z-index of the UMG elements of the right and left sides of the UI. If your map is obscured by the player list, you can just switch to the squads tab, but not being able to select certain kits or not being able to kick squad members seems pretty breaking to me. Although at the same time, doing the z-index swap may stop people from being able to select a spawn point using the left hand text-based menu... so six of one and half a dozen of the other, I suppose
  17. Unreal Editor Environments

    Yeah fair enough I just wanted to let you know with the previous post that the following two were not your only options if you were looking at scaling up your tests into actual map mods etc: It's fun seeing your progressive work, I look forward to your future updates!
  18. New player from NZ

    Welcome! The transition from more "player centric" to "team centric" gaming can be a little bit difficult at first, but as a NS player I think you have a decent foundation for many fun rounds in Squad. I've always enjoyed the Australian community (great and terrible people in any gaming community) and I'm sure if you are communicative and announce that you're relatively new to the game, you'll be given a fair bit more slack.
  19. Unreal Editor Environments

    Pretty sure that's just because no optimization techniques have been applied. If you look at what Axton was able to do with the new Yamalia, he has hundreds of meters of dense foliage that he claimed had minimal impact on FPS. Certainly orders of magnitude more complex than the scene you posted above For the animation/wind sway, having a local radius where it plays (where it can actually be seen visually) and having the rest remain static would be one of the easiest optimizations. Then there are things like mesh grouping/instancing, fancy LOD work and smart use of terrain/other occlusion to reduce draw-call stress. The scene above should really not be tanking your FPS as the grass/foliage isn't anything special and it's relatively sparse compared to performance tests we were doing in PR over half a decade ago
  20. Oh really? I thought the whole point of the "custom server" list was that they didn't need licenses there and could do what they wanted...?
  21. [WIP] Sarau (Revamped and reworked)

    Just curious, do you have any reference images for that tunnel? I live in Japan and we have a ton of tunnels that cut right through mountains, but they almost always start right at the mountain-face, not protruding like that, and certainly not with random rocks piled up on top of the entrance, higher than the height of the mountain/hill itself.
  22. Concurred. It's not about what we say, it's often about how we say it
  23. Poor framerate

    Unless it's an i7 920 from 2009, you should have much, much higher FPS. My weaker system gets roughly 60fps without AA and sometimes 1.25xSS
  24. Admin scramble command

    It would be cool if @Skul's idea of a skill rating (SR) was incorporated into squad and scrambling could take into account: Leaving clan members on the same team (same tag) Leaving squad members together from the last round With the above in mind, trying to balance the two team's overall SR as closely as possible.
  25. Smoke animation

    I think making a few comparison videos after testing these kinds of changes in the SDK would be the easiest way for this idea to gain traction.