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  1. As it should be IMO. Vehicles are an integral part of squad so it makes sense for clans/teams to have specialists as well in that regard
  2. V12 performance

    No freezes as of v12. I used to get them back in <v8 before I upgraded from my potato rig due to not enough RAM & Vram. i7 7600k 16GB 3000mhz ram gtx 1060 6gb Squad & Page file both on SSDs (different ssds)
  3. Low cpu frequency, lag

    My first suggestion would be to go into your bios and temporarily disable CPU frequency changes (low power modes) so that your CPU doesn't drop below its base 2.4Ghz clock speed. Next would be check your windows power settings to make sure that it is in "high power" mode as well.
  4. V12 - well done devs

    I really am enjoying v12 a lot!! There are still a ton of players who don't understand that putting FOBs in easily surrounded compounds (previously very hard to over run due to the respawn mechanics of squad up to v11) is a way to really get your team screwed over quickly. But aside from that, the gunplay, spawn mechanics, fire teams, new maps and all of the other awesome stuff is fantastic!
  5. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    I don't have a quote but I believe what was said/meant was that faction symmetry was not something that they were shooting for, but of course balancing on a map per map basis would occur.
  6. Little squads, many vehicles v12.

    WIth Squad pushing out to 4x4 and 5x5 km maps, I really wish they would drop the 50v50 goal and shoot a bit higher. With 5x5km maps I think the player counts could really benefit from being 75v75 or potentially higher. The issue is of course performance, but with the game being as playable as it is now, going for the challenge of higher player counts and thus back to more "boots on the ground" would be amazing in my opinion. I remember the 200 player tests in PR back in the day, it was amazing despite some smaller maps clearly not being suitable for those player counts. But it works both ways, 200 players on a 1x1km map is as dumb as 80 players on a 5x5km map, in my personal opinion.
  7. Alpha 12 Release and Free Weekend

    Thanks for reporting that! I'm glad it solved your issue
  8. The new trailer is bad ass!

    I only played for an hour before having to go on a business trip, but from what I saw I completely agree!
  9. PC upgrade suggestion

    I have a 7600k + GTX1060 6GB + 16GB ram. If you wait until next week I can give you some performance numbers from benchmarking on v12. I am on a business trip until Saturday evening so it will take a while before I can get to my PC to benchmark it. My gut reaction would be to recommend the Ryzen system, but probably for the foreseeable future, the Intel system will have better performance in squad.
  10. Alpha 12 Release and Free Weekend

    The same things were said about PR when thermals were added to vehicles and aircraft, but they turned out just fine
  11. This update is very bad, devs pls fix this

    Welcome to early access gaming. See you in a future patch!
  12. Mandatory tutorial on the shooting range

    On the contrary, if new players know the basic mechanics, they will arguably be able to enjoy their initial rounds much more rather than have some jaded squad leader/members giving them sarcastic answers when they ask the same questions that have been asked before... or they actually know how to prone/talk to the squad/get in a vehicle rather than just dying and maybe figuring it out on their own.
  13. Glad to hear it worked out! One clarification is that I meant you set the page file to the same amount as your ram... So in your case 16 gb. Page file is used to emulate ram basically (there's a much deeper explanation which I won't go into on my phone) and that's why with 16gb ram and 16 gb page file I referred to as "doubling your ram"

    A quick suggestion is if a squad or fob is burning through ammo that fast, let them know there is a second logi truck and they need to pick up the slack. A logistics squad should be focused on setting up supply lines and spawn points for the whole team, not just a single fob in my opinion.
  15. How can i paint my gun?

    Go back in time to 2015, back the game on Kickstarter for $70 or more and then wait three years until the skins bug is fixed
  16. How can i paint my gun?

  17. System managed should be totally fine as far as I have heard, but a good rule of thumb is as much paging file space as you have ram. So basically doubling your ram...
  18. If you're getting out of memory exceptions, make sure your page file is properly set up
  19. World Origin Rebasing

    @Hooves I think you are somewhat overestimating what client-side origin rebasing is capable of. The server, which is still the authority for the majority of things, and is in charge of some movement and I assume physics/movement replication, is still bound by FP16 (single point) precision (and a fixed "origin") which means that when you exceed WORLD_MAX (about 20KM from origin I believe) things will start to act funky again. It gets better with the client side origin rebasing because it won't be as noticeable but if you read the thread posted by beginna above, some of the limitations are listed in the later posts. Edit: That being said, if I'm wrong and this opens up the chance for >20x20km maps that operate properly (no meaningful loss of precision on physics etc) I would be super happy.
  20. People who played v12 !?

    If that's your attitude regarding things/software/games that in currently WIP and in development, then probably the uninstall option is best for you.
  21. Squad Trailer v10/v11 "Directors Cut"

    Really nice editing work!
  22. Suggestion for the the marksman

    I don't think a bipod is unreasonable for a marksman, although I do hope weapon resting comes for everyone sometime in the future It's pretty easy to encourage people to play the marksman role properly, just tell them you don't mind but they have to stay with the squad or else they lose access to any of the kits in the squad
  23. I wonder how much performance hit the PIP rendering for the Apache camera in this video creates (seen from 2:00 in the video):
  24. I don't really understand this but if you say "enemy north of you" and someone looks south, I reckon the problems are way deeper than "in front" and "behind"