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  1. Bad FPS on good systems

    People have had FPS issues on low IPC cpus since 2016, but through the various optimization patches that came out even AMD FX users were able to play at reasonable fps for a short time before the next content releases. It's how software development works... when you take part in the alpha stage, it's going to be buggy and unoptimized. If you want the "best performance" version of squad (or other games), I suggest taking a break from Alphas/early access as what you have done is basically paid to be a tester. And people bitch about "oh but it's been in alpha for over 2 years already"... Different game but God of War's director said they'd been working on it for 5 years up to the release date. Good games take time to make, if anyone thinks they can do better, feel free to jump in the market and give it a go. http://www.pushsquare.com/news/2018/04/god_of_war_director_reacts_to_gushing_reviews
  2. Comms Drop?

    My friends and I who aren't even in a clan play with discord in the background almost all the time... so we can organize which server we want to go to, who is going to squad lead on a given round etc. You can't assume people will "do the right thing", so we have to cater to the lowest denominator and thus it will end up like how it is currently implemented
  3. Comms Drop?

    Gives clans/people who are on discord/teamspeak/skype etc a massive advantage over the rest of the playerbase. If we could get squad to literally mute their windows microphone device then it would work, but it doesn't generally happen that way.
  4. What are you working on?

    Would those be proper "game-ready" models, or CAD data based models? Those two things are very different and at my job I have to convert CAD building models to "game-ready" (for hololens display) and it's terrible work. Might as well just make it from scratch ourselves in many cases due to how CAD programs end up duplicating verts/faces and making overall very unoptimized models in general. If you were referring to making them in Blender/Max/Maya, then ignore the above
  5. Bad FPS on good systems

    V10 was a content/systems release, which means optimization took a hit and your FPS suffer due to it. The issue is on the CPU side. Your CPUs are by no means bad at all, and I'm actually really surprised that it dips down as far as 20-25fps... Is that only on the v10+ Basrah or all maps? As you can see, this guy also had a decently powerful PC but was getting frame drops... I think it was his Windows Power settings related (although I can't read that language, but it looks similar to the english power options menu)
  6. Performance advice

    Type "stat unit" in your console then when your FPS goes really low, take note of which of the 4 numbers is turning red (or screenshot it) and report which one was the culprit.
  7. Community Feedback Roundtable

    Please, show me where in the "statistics" it shows the game dying.
  8. Community Feedback Roundtable

    Totally agreed. The v0.8 PR deviation was insane though. I'm glad they ended up finding a good balance for it. The "end-of-days" prophets are always around, and often quote "all the people I play with think/say X", which makes sense since it's an insular bubble of like-minded people... not representative of the wider community. I also enjoy v10.x way more than the previous versions, gunplay wise and also the lack of retarded "rush the enemies' first/second flag every round and hunker down there with 90% of the team". I mean sure, now it's "rush the middle flag and hunker down", so not an ideal situation... but I'm hoping as the logistics and spawn points evolve, things will become a little less predictable in that regard (EG: PR has a 2 minute spawn block on new FOBs and non-perma rallies, making that rush to the middle much more risky).
  9. No servers in server browser

    If it was a problem with the game, the servers would all be empty

  11. Have you considered that the devs have seen your (hundreds of?) posts about the subject, considered the suggestion and decided they don't want to do it? I personally would also prefer much better suppression mechanics but you seem to have this idea that your way is the "correct" way and the devs would be foolish not to listen to you. It's not particularly endearing.
  12. CPU optimization priority? (1 thread heavy load)

    No. The priority will most likely be to reduce unnecessary CPU utilization.
  13. "Believability" of maps, realism

    Time isn't found, it's made Well in that case I would recommend going to modding discord and seeing if you can find some people who want to get into mapping and creating a little team.
  14. I don't understand the premise of this thread to be honest. I thought the above quote was a legit military strategy (I guess just from movies though... I've never been in the military)... - Suppress and flank - Fire and move The above two operate on the premise that when you shoot at people, they're unlikely to stick up their heads due to the high likelihood of copping a bullet to the face. It sounds like there might as well be no suppression system in game, or just leave it as it is, since either way (proposed system and current one) you can just stick your head out and shoot back without any drama. I've made multiple long range kills with <25% stamina if I have a scope Please let me know if I have misunderstood!
  15. Stuttering/dropped frames and tearing

    With 8GB or VRAM and 16GB of memory ?
  16. Cpu affinity

    It's not possible any more, sorry.
  17. It would be cool if the devs had an api endpoint where we could easily pull the same/similar data as the in game server browser without having to do packet inspection etc to try and hack it together.... Would probably see a lot more tools like that if server data was more accessible.
  18. A Little Update from Merlin

    The discord/reddit "thing" is just something I've come to accept over the last 2 years. From a publicity perspective, it definitely makes sense to post things to the huge potential audience at reddit versus a forum comprised of people that already own the game. Old farts like us who are stuck in our ways either have to adapt or "deal with it"... I chose the latter because I honestly don't care about squad news that much to be monitoring five different channels just to get "hot tidbits" (Forums, Discord, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook) Edit: For example, if you weren't monitoring Discord, you wouldn't have known about the pre-release 10.2 test
  19. Decent-ish rig, massive FPS problems

    I suggest you stay away from early access or other pre release versions of games if you're not keen on being part of the teething issues that come with work in progress game development
  20. Are you part of the team as well now Fuzzhead? And I do like the sound of where this is going!
  21. March 2018 Recap

    Great recap, thanks for the hard work! It looks more amazing every month.
  22. Concerned

    I don't know who that is or what he's doing on either team, sorry
  23. And in turn fobs then become much more important because they become the only really permanent frontline spawn point.
  24. Yeah it's actually getting pretty shocking lately on the Australian servers. Wish there was some kind "aura" system in the game
  25. Concerned

    There are actually pretty well defined (within software) parameters that constitute a beta vs an alpha. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/40067469/what-is-the-difference-between-alpha-and-beta-release https://gamedev.stackexchange.com/questions/75809/what-is-the-difference-between-an-alpha-and-a-beta-release https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_release_life_cycle#Alpha https://blog.codinghorror.com/alpha-beta-and-sometimes-gamma/ A beta release is when the software is "feature complete" aka all the major milestones are in the software and "settled", by which I mean they won't be going major changes before the final release. Everything before that is an alpha. Since we don't have a single tank in the game yet, but they are (as far as I know) still part of the roadmap, as well as Fallujah. I don't know if the BAF are part of it, but if so, until they're in, it'll be alpha. Once all the milestones are covered and we hit the "tweaking and optimization phase", then it's time to start complaining "why isn't it being called a beta yet?"