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  1. This could be related to your freezes, but not sure. Your game crashed after that last line. Seems like for some reason your game thread is choking on creating the particles for some effects. It might be totally normal and not related, but that's the only thing in the log that jumped out at me.
  2. Optimal Intel Network Adapter Settings

    Squad's displayed ping includes the processing time on the server for game data. That means that as the server FPS drops (the server gets more and more loaded and processing gets queued up, taking longer) everyone's ping will rise. So if you have an actual "ping" to the server of 30ms, but the server is taking 40ms to process your data and return an ACK packet or the rest of the game update data (dunno which one it uses), your displayed ping will be 70-80ms. ... At least that is what I understood from a OWI dev post somewhere years ago that I can no longer find. It may be wrong.
  3. Will we see jets in the future?

    Something important to note is that it is almost all conjecture at this point. Nothing definitive has been said by the devs to my knowledge (at least I've never seen a post to say specifically "no"), and since it was part of the original design guidelines they set out... there is always still a chance to see them in squad.
  4. Will we see jets in the future?

    You missed out man... in its heyday it was incredible (with about the same daily players as squad has now) I personally feel like jets would work just fine in squad, especially since they could be much more flexible with surrounding terrain etc in squad. They didn't look ridiculous in PR to me at least. Edit: Oops video was already posted above
  5. Ah well, squad isn't for everyone. At least you gave it a try! If you do ever come back, the way to make your experience much smoother: *** As soon as you join the squad, announce that you're new to the game and ask everyone to go easy on you. *** 9/10 times your SL and squad mates will take a totally different approach to you than if you just stayed silent to: That was basically your only real mistake. I wouldn't blame you for TKs... people with thousands of hours still TK sometimes. The game is all about communication, so announce you're new, and immediately apologize if you TK someone, and you'll be fine. Oh and now you know the SL can kick people from the squad, so definitely listen to their orders if you enjoy the way they lead. I have squad lead for years and I'll tell you, it's much more stressful than it seems... you're juggling two totally separate communication channels (3 if you count local chat), trying to micromanage your squad because 50% of the time people don't follow orders properly, while trying to macro with keeping enough spawn points up for the squad and team, all while making sure that the squad is making a positive impact on the game. So cut them some slack when they freak out over something trivial like being shot in the face by their squad member when the medic is down and their rally got overrun
  6. Teaser Trailer - More SDK ACTION!

    Wow that was really well done! Very nice
  7. Why am I stuttering?!

    I assume this is your laptop: https://www.asus.com/ROG-Republic-Of-Gamers/ROG-G750JW/specifications/ If you want to throw money at the problem, the two biggest pieces would be a second stick of 8GB ram in there, and then changing that 5400rpm HDD to a SSD. The latter will make your PC feel much more responsive in general, and if it is a memory paging issue, it will help reduce those stutters while it waits for the IO to complete. Your PC also supports dual storage drives so you could even keep the 1TB drive in there for large files or games that don't need fast response times. For non-monetary solutions: I assume your "Full texture loading" is off? Are all your settings set to low/off? Monitor your VRAM/RAM usage during the gameplay to see if you're hitting any limits there Use the "toggle performance stats" and reference this guide to see what thread is spiking when you have those slow downs
  8. Yeah this one is starting to get on my nerves lately. There is like 1+ second delays in the animation updates, it would seem (character's direction... movement always seems to be rather accurate)
  9. [Solved] Game will not start

    If you remember, it would be great if you could list up the programs that you uninstalled so we can cross check it with any people in the future who are having similar issues. MSI Afterburner Rivatuner SS Those definitely do seem like the likely culprits though! Congrats on getting it working
  10. That doesn't make sense... they're not "copying", they licensed OWI's UE4 engine changes to build their game. So since OWI is updating the animation system, PS's team reaps those benefits. That's like saying squad is just "copying" everything that the UE4 devs worked tirelessly to create (besides those pieces that have been custom developed by OWI) and therefore they aren't really doing anything themselves. Why should developers have to reinvent the wheel every time if someone has already done the hard-yards and is willing to license their work? Edit: Why use jQuery when I could build every edge case in myself with raw JS ?
  11. I believe that is incorrect. This is a myth that people made up based on their desires and have run with for years because they wanted squad to be PR2. Here is what was stated: ******************************** Source: http://www.realitymod.com/forum/f11-off-topic-discussion/131654-squad-commercial-game-made-developers-inspired-pr-bf2.html Source: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/offworldindustries/squad/description ******************************** If you can point me to a developer quote that said "PR in everything but name" I am happy to retract what I said, but everything I've read since 2014 has been that they would use their developer experience with PR to design a great tactical shooter that centers around teamwork. That is not the same thing as making PRv2 on UE4.
  12. [Solved] textures flashing black!

    Well that's great to hear! May I ask what GPU driver version you were using before you updated (if you remember or know)?
  13. classic fps issue

    The only last thing that you could do is set your sound quality to low as this takes some load off the cpu. I doubt it will make more than 1-2 fps difference though. The optimization patches are usually pretty good (my old i7 920 went from unplayable in v7 to reasonable after v8) so if under 50 is unacceptable for you then I'd suggest taking a break from squad until the next round of optimizations.
  14. Hardcore mode = just make a "PR" mod of squad. If it's good, people will play that instead of the base game
  15. classic fps issue

    https://www.cpubenchmark.net/singleThread.html As LaughingJack has pointed out, you are most likely bottlenecked by your CPU's single threaded performance (sometimes referenced as IPC) which is quite low in the CPU hierarchy. The CPU is fine, it's just that squad's current coding is still heavily reliant on brute-force power to do the calculations on the game thread. It seems like you have already overclocked your CPU... so if it can't go any higher (that's the easiest way to overcome a IPC deficiency... throw more Ghz at it) then the only thing you can realistically do is wait for more optimization in the game. It will come, but you'll need to be patient if 40-50fps isn't good enough for you. Since your CPU is the likely culprit and as you said, changing graphics settings doesn't really affect anything, you might as well bump your settings up and play the game with pretty graphics at 40-50 fps I use the same GPU (1060 6GB) but my CPU has almost 40% better single threaded performance (7600k) and therefore my FPS tend to be much higher than yours
  16. FPS test

    Thanks for posting up these results. If I can make a couple of suggestions... Fraps allows you to set a time limit on your benchmark, which I think you should do because it is also recording FPS when you alt-tab (0) which is messing up your averages etc. My suggestion would be a 5-10 minute benchmark standard, and benchmark only when going into heavy combat areas on the map (no one cares if they have 500 fps at main base ). With this, you'll get a better baseline for how your PC performs at the most demanding points of gameplay, which is the metric that in my opinion is the most meaningful metric. Also, do you record at low population servers, or is it always generally quite full when you benchmark? Edit: Also this thread might be more appropriate:
  17. [WIP] Korengal Valley [Vanilla]

    Oh awesome, I thought you had given up on this! Really looking forward to enjoying some tough korengal fighting in Squad!
  18. The Doctor's Office | New York - Server Rules

    Did you a favor and formatted it so that people might actually bother to read it.
  19. [Solved] textures flashing black!

    Seems like it might be a UE4 issue If it isn't a v-ram issue, I am stumped as to anything it could be on "your" side (PC issue). Edit: Also seems similar - https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/577963/black-flicker-in-viewport-and-pie-mac-os-1012.html
  20. Invisible bug

    I assume your windows install is french, though?
  21. Dragging your allies

    Woah nice idea! I can't believe it hasn't been suggested before... Please use the very easy-to-use search functionality on the forums in the future
  22. Invisible bug

    I just noticed that both your error log and the original video are (what seems to be) in French... maybe the language setting/unicode characters are breaking something
  23. [Solved] textures flashing black!

    VRAM failing? http://ozone3d.net/benchmarks/fur/ Edit: Any issues when running furmark?
  24. Another really dumb question from me... but assuming that you cleared your user data as recommended by the devs... have you been using the correct keybinds to talk since they were reset? I have all mine on custom keys which I have to rebind every time I update and clear the user data : Squad VOIP: C Command Channel: V Local: Mouse button 3