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  1. Squad trailers .

    Yeah but I would posit that most people are too lazy to refund unless the game is really terrible, so those people get bored of squad and leave the servers but OWI still gets their revenue, thus pushing the profits (and theoretically development) that bit further
  2. Vehicles Constantly Getting Stuck

    Good explanation. I learned my lesson a while ago. http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/31035-where-did-my-fps-go/?tab=comments#comment-319483
  3. Missing HUD elements

    The original post may be because it seems like the UI devs assumed that everyone uses 16:9 and it doesn't scale well outside of those, and you seem to be on 1920x1200 (16:10).
  4. Squad freezing to a complete halt.

    Could you take note of exactly the time (of day) where the game freezes and then upload the relevant parts of the squad log files? It might point to it getting hung up on a specific resource or give some clue as to why it would completely stop processing for more than 60 seconds (which in computer terms is like a lifetime)
  5. This is almost identical to what I was thinking about the other day! Love the idea and the attention to detail in the proposal!
  6. Squad freezing to a complete halt.

    As far as I understood, the game is freezing (or the whole PC?)... it's not so much a performance problem with the CPU as it is something fundamentally wrong with the hardware/software combo that's on the OP's PC. I know there are other 83xx users here on the forum and I haven't seen other reports like this yet.
  7. Post Scriptum Keys

    Haha uninstalls a game because he couldn't get another free game. What a pathetic time we live in
  8. My Suggestions

    Unless they change the whole VOIP system to be selectable-channels based as you mentioned, I wouldn't keep your hopes up for #1. You can actually solve it yourself if you're willing to put in a bit of effort. Here would be my suggestion: Research and learn a bit about AutoHotKey Unbind your Mouse 4 button from the game Create a script that emulates the various channel button pushes on Mouse 4 when you cycle (or use hot keys for simplicity) through the channels on your AHK script. You would literally have the solution detailed in #1 but wouldn't have to wait for the devs, and you could customize it as much as you want . #2 already exists, it is a double-tap function found in the gameplay options if I'm not mistaken. You could also easily accomplish the same with another AHK script if you don't like to double tap keys.
  9. Why cannot my game start

    Show screen shots of the error or errors that you're getting so people can help you more.
  10. Rounds are too long.

    I want longer rounds! More dynamic gameplay
  11. Armored technical armor broken

    Haha yeah that has to be a bug! A single 30mm HE round seems stupid
  12. Personally, I think the next faction should be China

    I'd really like to see China in as well TBH, they give the US and Russia a run for their money (and spend twice what Russia does annually on their military).
  13. Coms through Headset? SFX Through Speakers?

    Can I just say how terrible it is on the other squad members to have someone's game sounds feeding back into the communications.
  14. High temp while playing

    Is the inside of your PC caked in dust...? Is the fan on your GTX980ti perhaps also full of dust? That will hurt its thermal tolerance significantly.
  15. Invisible/Low LOD terrain up close

    There is one thing (that I can't test as I don't have a relevant GPU) which is maybe... your 1GB of vram is being eaten up by the other scene assets and therefore it only can hold the lowest LOD in memory for the terrain, causing what you're seeing? It's pretty unlikely because as far as I know, all MIPS for textures and all LODs for a model are held in memory if the model is visible, so it's hard to imagine that this would be the cause, unless UE4 does things quite differently from other engines.