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  1. No, it's not enough for full loading textures, especially at high settings.
  2. Just so I understand properly, this doesn't actually stop the model going into the wall (from a 3rd person perspective, for example), it simply changes the perspective so that from first-person it seems like your gun hasn't hit/intersected the wall? Impressive nonetheless!
  3. When helicopters and/or tanks make it into the game, the colored smoke will be a lot more useful. I used it in PR to mark targets for those long range bombardments to great effect. Looking forward to that iteration of squad As madcat mentions, right now they're basically superfluous, but it's good that they're in already so people get used to them for when they'll actually be useful.
  4. Devblog: Squad Motion Capture Session

    Yeah the running up the ladders like in half life/cs from back in the day has always kind of bothered me
  5. How far do bullets travel?

    I'm not sure about the exact implementation in squad but often in games, projectiles like bullets are given a time to live, which is basically an expiration time where they will be despawned. So it's less about how far they travel (as that would spend on the angle you shoot them), but rather how long they exist in the world. They could do it differently in squad though (just keep ticking until it hits something or goes out of bounds) or distance based as in your question
  6. Release: Alpha Version 9.6

    I agree with this as well. If the game's direction was to have a minimal hud that required as much "use your eyes" as possible, I wouldn't mind switching seats or getting out the vehicle to check supply levels, but since we have the stance indicators and the "repairing" symbol as well as the engine "life" indicator, having the supplies count loaded would be great to see... especially for example with the insurgents' logistics technical that can dump 2x 500 supplies, right?
  7. AMD is worst for Squad

    Are they? PR had a ballistics model and penetration as well... If you wouldn't mind fleshing out that information I'm happy to be corrected. Edit: As a devil's advocate, you might even argue that the hitscan that is occurring at <50m (not sure about the exact distance) in squad means that its model is more simplistic The only animation related issue I've heard of is that the current system is inefficient, not that it's in any way "more complex"? What do you mean by "more complex"? I'm happy to be corrected here. GPU performance impact for LODs, and cull distances definitely do reduce load for the GPU and CPU, but both squad and PR have very large cull distances. They play a role, but are they any more complex than PR/BF2's? I personally don't know, but I think we can surmise that yes, they are potentially more complex. The tick rate falls when the CPU on the server becomes a bottleneck, and I've seen reports of servers getting down to tick rates of 30 or below when full. It's like saying that setting the max FPS cap higher on your game (max 300FPS -> max 1000FPS) when you're only getting 60FPS to begin with will have a performance impact (it's actually not a 1:1 analogy but the closest I could think of... perhaps I shouldn't even bother putting such a thing in ). What often happens is that because developers have access to higher spec hardware, they focus less on optimized design from the start and systems snowball into inefficient messes. This then has to be retroactively refactored to be more efficient which takes considerable effort, depending on how intertwined various systems are (for example, optimizing one thing by culling some data that it may not need at all times may break another system that depends on that data). I am a developer (not specifically games) but on a UE4 project that I was briefly a part of, we had a budding artist who proposed that every static in our game be modular, but not necessarily from a small set of modular pieces, from a diverse set to make every building unique. Great idea in artistic theory, but doing so largely precludes doing efficient instancing and pushes the draw calls way up. When I brought that to his attention, he says "well Vulcan/DX12 will make draw calls an issue of the past". Here we are in mid 2017, no relief in sight for that issue yet. That's the kind of attitude I am talking about. As I mentioned a few posts above, I fully support the OWI devs in what they're doing (and their optimization timeline), but I don't like seeing people making excuses for things especially when those excuses are not based in fact.
  8. AMD is worst for Squad

    The age of the engine is of little consequence when examining efficient/optimized code. I'll ask you a question then, can you name the reasons why you think a game on a 15 year old engine should be able to perform better doing almost exactly the same things as squad (100 players, vehicles, huge draw distances, combined arms, similar deployables, objective based gameplay that is very similar), given all the advances in technology and hardware in that period? In other words, what do you consider different about squad's processing workload that you feel justifies the relatively bad performance?
  9. The shared ban list is garbage.

    I assume he means the forum of the server which his friend was originally banned from
  10. The shared ban list is garbage.

    Oh that's a fantastic idea! Even a two strike system would be great. Banned on one server, you go on the list as a "watch" entry, then if banned again from a separate operator (completely different server) it would lead to the global ban
  11. The shared ban list is garbage.

    I don't think that the concept of shared ban lists is inherently bad, but there should be checks and balances and proper oversight info these kinds of things. If the situation is exactly as how you describe it, that's rather unacceptable, especially since your friend's appeal is being ignored
  12. AMD is worst for Squad

    Project Reality, 100 players, up to 200 on events Much better performance than Squad, save for a few select maps that were built badly causing massive draw call CPU bottlenecks. And the engine was built in the early 2000s when the multi-core market was not nearly as mature as it is now. You keep using the word "fact"(s), therefore may I ask (genuinely curious) what your specific qualifications are regarding this topic such that I may decide for myself what your level of authority is regarding determining whether PC components are at the end of their various lifespans? Do you work in the gaming industry? At a CPU/hardware manufacturer? I don't even necessarily disagree with you because the 8350 has similar performance to my ancient i7 920, however the fact that squad is IPC bound when other games in the industry (FPS) manage to not be, means that the onus does fall on squad to improve, not necessarily the player base to throw money at the problem just for a single game. I am well versed in why squad is currently bottlenecked in the way it is I think the word "crap" is inappropriate in this thread (applied to squad), I just think that everyone should realize the following facts: Squad is in its alpha phase, optimization is not a priority There is definite room for improvement in the CPU bound performance area Further optimization passes will occur, bringing better performance
  13. Release: Alpha Version 9.6

    Totally agree with this one... I would much rather see the basic rifleman carry ammo if the problem was lack of ammo in the field. I'm assuming it's a placeholder for now, so not a huge deal, but I will feel kind of weird deploying a radio (instant) then deploying ammo (instant), rearming 3-4 people, digging both up, doing it again, then making our way to the next objective... Aside from that though, great changes!
  14. Rocket Artillery

    I'm not sure I understand that determination. Does that mean that you class something like an SPG-technical as "not useful" as well due to the low ammo capacity and lack of sustained fire?