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  1. Ideally, if you play your first few games with a "mentor" from the squad forums or discord (who is willing to squad lead), your experiences should be pretty good. The squad leader can just kick the jerks from the squad and you can all enjoy the teamwork-filled experience. Good luck!
  2. The multi threading has seemingly improved lately, although a vast majority of the work is still on the primary game thread (somewhat unavoidable in certain cases)
  3. Yes and yes
  4. That cpu has an IPC similar to a 6700k from the benchmarks I've seen. Pretty sure it shouldn't be the issue
  5. I totally agree with this idea, cam easily think of it as the fog of war. You wouldn't really know where your enemy is planning to set up shop or prioritize ahead of time.
  6. It's unreal engine 4, they have access to the base source code, there's very little that isn't technically possible.
  7. Would you like every building to be unique and not any duplicates, while they're at it ? Technically possible: Yes Feasible: No Nothing stopping you from downloading the SDK and getting to work making that 5x5 km map
  8. This one looks decent
  9. Perhaps a silly question, but your monitor definitely supports 1080p right?
  10. Glad to see it worked out eventually, and thanks for updating the thread
  11. Perhaps there is a disconnect in the definition between the two parties, those giving what they believe is constructive feedback and those who believe it's aggressive whining. Hard to know which side is "right", but there's always the concept of how something will be received to be considered when engaging with another party about some issue.
  12. Well just take solace in the fact that your hardware is seemingly performing as it should, and any other games you play should reap the benefits of the fat wads of cash you've thrown at your PC retailer. The problem is that we're dealing with "in-development" software, which among other things, can be temperamental at the best of times as new features take precedence over absolute perfection/optimization.
  13. I'm not suggesting that your GPU isn't capable, what I am trying to get at is that there is some aspect in rendering a frame, perhaps specifically in gorodok, that your GPU is getting hung up on. That may be an engine issue, a driver related issue (tessellation issue?) or something else completely. But until we do isolation analysis, it's like trying to fix a car that has broken down by buying random new engine parts and replacing them in different permutations until it comes back to life, which is quite inefficient.] Edit: and please follow the steps I laid up above, the only caveat being if when you lower all the settings and the GPU time is still high, you don't have to bother doing the rest of them as that branch of testing is pointless as it is unrelated to any specific setting. If you're interested and have some time, here are some good resources regarding what I mean
  14. Ok before you start messing with BIOS settings or combing through DXDIAG outputs, you seriously need to try what @Norby and I suggested earlier. Just put everything to low, maybe even drop your res to 1/2 your regular native output. Load up your test scene (Gorodok, empty) Check your stat unit. If the GPU is now down to sub 10ms like it should be, then one at a time, raise settings to their max until you start to see Draw/Game/GPU time rise. When you find a setting that affects the GPU time, put that back to low and then go to the next one. You should be left with settings that have everything maxed except those that hurt your GPU time. Report back which settings caused your GPU time to jump, then we can start troubleshooting/hunting on forums/posts to see if that is a common problem, or if it is a config issue on your PC. Edit: or a dev might be able to shed some light as to why that setting makes such a big difference to just the GPU time, not the draw time. Without proper troubleshooting, you might as well be flinging crap at a wall and seeing what sticks [basically the theme of your previous thread and this one so far].
  15. Couldn't agree more. They're a cool addition but I can't stand how they can literally pummel a spot for the entire... freaking.... round