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  1. I believe all the point logic is handled upon the asset being initially placed. I've rebuilt structures when the fob has zero build points before
  2. I agree completely with @Bash, and there is no "comprehension" issue, just a disagreement of opinion. I take the approach that we're all big boys/girls here, and so we don't need some subversive shitty little vote to get rid of a squad leader who we disagree with. If the SL is that crappy, announce that you'll be making a new squad because you want to do XYZ and anyone who would rather do that can join you, then you can see who would prefer to play "your" way versus who is just fine with the SL. I've done that a handful of times (maybe 3-4?) and the times that the SL was properly bad, roughly 50% or more of the squad would come join me. In other cases, it was simply a difference of opinion of the best strategy (minecrafting vs actually attacking a flag) and the rest stayed with the original squad leader.
  3. Can't be heard but can hear others

    I did some testing and the ports changed depending on what server I joined. 54689, 27015 (to local so probably meaningless), 443 54785, 54786, 27015, 80 Two points: Why are you playing at work and not at home? Are you able to use a VPN to route your squad traffic and thus bypass your company's networking restrictions?
  4. Release - Alpha 9.11

    The "three weeks" thing is a dev joke... Basically it means "it'll be ready when it's ready ". I'm on my phone so I can't search to link you to proof of that but feel free to search for yourself if you don't believe me. I was just confused because you mentioned that you had made a joke about 9.10,9.11,9.12 and implied that the devs had seen it, so I assumed that you posted it here. My apologies if I misunderstood you
  5. Discord: verification breaking [FIXED]

    Remember a few months ago you posted that their verification system was broken, I'm guessing you registered an account at that time with that original email address, so you can probably just go to the login page, put in your real email and click the Forgot Password thing and recover that account https://discordapp.com/login Best of luck
  6. Release - Alpha 9.11

    When it's ready... not before And yet you only have one post... someone running ghost accounts but forgot which they're on ?
  7. I see no servers

    Looks like the guy in the other thread uses the same modem/router and has the same problem. Probably not a coincidence
  8. I'm pretty sure it's a feature of the real world 40mm smoke grenades, not something the developers just "decided" to do Not sure though, I don't really know weapon specs at all, but I guess the arming distance is the same for the grenades regardless of the payload
  9. Grenadier's nades often buggy

    What distance are you shooting them? I think they have a minimum arming distance, so there is a chance that your grenades may not be exploding.
  10. Add a suppressing fire command

    Since the squad members would have to open their map, zoom in and try to figure out what part of the world corresponds to the marked area... wouldn't it be far easier to just say... "Suppress the attack marker area" where they can just refer to their compass and know in an instant where you want them to shoot?
  11. Without the 3-4 "frame rate issues" threads per week, I fear the forums will become a ghost town
  12. the forgotten map

    Pretty sure you mean Kohat Toi with the worst layout ever...
  13. Stat indicator for when game is cpu vs gpu capped

  14. ****************************************** v9.8 ****************************************** ****************************************** v9.9 ****************************************** Al Basrah 72-78/78 Frames: 62031 Time (ms): 741454 Min: 58 Max: 105 Avg: 83.661 (Improvements of roughly 30% over 9.8) Kokan 78/78 Frames: 56642 Time (ms): 560094 Min: 56 Max: 136 Avg: 101.129