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  1. Concurred. It's not about what we say, it's often about how we say it
  2. Poor framerate

    Unless it's an i7 920 from 2009, you should have much, much higher FPS. My weaker system gets roughly 60fps without AA and sometimes 1.25xSS
  3. Admin scramble command

    It would be cool if @Skul's idea of a skill rating (SR) was incorporated into squad and scrambling could take into account: Leaving clan members on the same team (same tag) Leaving squad members together from the last round With the above in mind, trying to balance the two team's overall SR as closely as possible.
  4. Smoke animation

    I think making a few comparison videos after testing these kinds of changes in the SDK would be the easiest way for this idea to gain traction.
  5. Games occur sequentially (time progresses forward in real time) and thus there are many inter-dependencies within the code, meaning that while some things can be offloaded to other threads (for example audio processing, UI, local timers, networking/IO?), a good portion have to interact within (in squad's case) the game thread. For this reason, brute force IPCxGhz will almost always be the winner in games. That being said, I am just speaking from my limited knowledge as a programmer, there are millions of far more intelligent people/programmers around the world who may prove me wrong, but for now that's kind of how it is to the best of my knowledge. For the foreseeable future, I (and I think most people) will continue to recommend the highest IPCxGHZ combo CPUs (>= 2 cores) for people who gaming performance is tantamount. For people who do other things like streaming while gaming, making video montages, 3d modeling etc, a different balance of priorities has to be looked at... but for just gaming, brute force power still wins.
  6. Timeline and deadlines.

    No, it shows the number of "owners" (people who have it in their inventory). Just to prove to you again that it is not based on downloads, now that the free weekend has ended and the free copies have been removed from inventories, the number has fallen back down to about 580,000: https://steamdb.info/app/393380/graphs/ Did those ~100,000 people... "un-download" it? As to your question regarding "where is everyone?", I feel that the answer is pretty simple... they're playing other games. I have bought 4 different multiplayer games this year (BF1, COD:IW, PoE, Destiny 2) and yet have around or less than 20 hours on each of them because I got bored. If you don't believe that squad could have sold that many units, I think you underestimate the appeal that a teamwork based shooter has in the market. A year ago it was on the steam top sellers (global) after one of the free weekends (conversion from trial to sale) Squad is a kind of "love it or hate it" kind of game, largely contingent less on the actual game but the environment. For example, how you hate servers with rules in place, other people don't like bossy squad leaders, or hate insurgency mode... or figure out that they can't deal with the early access dev cycle... basically it results in low player engagement. I am personally surprised at such high numbers for squad as well, although given the incredible amounts of copies of things like mincraft and pubg that have been sold, it's not out of the realm of possibility for Squad to have surpassed 500k sales. I would venture that at least half of those have been at discounted prices.
  7. I totally agree with your points about segregating players by skill level, except the issue of squad's low player population. If squad had 10x the average daily players, I would probably beg the devs to implement some of the systems you listed above... but I just don't think it would work out with squad having total global players of less than 1000 daily. Splitting people up by skills would result in too many 30/80 player servers IMHO. Or if you consider the "top tier" (such as yourself), it would be hard to ever fill a server because you state that 90% of the population sucks at the game, meaning even at the average daily peak of 2-3000 players, there would only be ~3-4 servers worth of good players worldwide.
  8. I assume that as a squad leader, you don't give orders to your squad members, just information and light suggestions?
  9. Share Your Free Weekend Experiences Here

    I found the new players very receptive to orders and willing to learn. I admit that games that I joined midway and then went into a new-SL's squad were quite frustrating and I must have annoyed them with my "suggestions" because I was offered the SL role in a less than friendly manner I was trying to educate them about the merits of falling back to the next flag before it goes white (neutral) but I guess it was presented a bit too pessimistically.
  10. Suggestion for SKS partial reload

    It has been suggested before to my knowledge, and even just typing "SKS reload" into the search bar brought up these threads: Apologies if those threads don't address your issue, but they seemed very similar upon skimming.
  11. Timeline and deadlines.

    @Zylfrax791 I have no idea why you're so defensive about the issue, no one claimed the numbers to be facts, and my response to you initially was just an attempt to see what kind of math could come up with his stated figures. Until a time where a better source is available for units sold, I'll unashamedly continue to use the SteamSpy statistics as it is the best baseline we have, whether you agree with it or not. Also, you continue to claim that it is based off downloads when this is patently false, as I linked above to the creators page... as well as the logical point that if it were based on downloads, the number could only ever increase (you can't... un-download something) so it would be inconceivable that the graph would have any negative dips... but here we are Your objections are duly noted though
  12. Timeline and deadlines.

    Well I'm glad we could bring some joy and laughter into your day, I guess? Not everything in this world has to be 100% accurate to have a discussion based on transparent assumptions, and so you feel free to chuckle away while the rest of us enjoy the discourse.
  13. Timeline and deadlines.

    Do you have a more accurate source? Edit: and according to the creator of SteamSpy, your assertion that it is based on "downloads" only is flawed. I'll quote the relevant parts below: And since you enjoy sources so much: http://steamspy.com/about
  14. Turtle Beaches

    Have you confirmed it's the headset by taking your headset to his house and testing it there? Sorry if I missed that, I'm on a smartphone so I skimmed the thread
  15. Timeline and deadlines.

    Apologies, I thought that steamdb was a commonly known resource. It uses the steam api to grab data as far as I know, so it's basically the closest you can get without asking the devs directly https://steamdb.info/app/393380/graphs/