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  1. I think this makes a lot of sense. We see the hab and other walls etc in their built state. Would be more consistent
  2. Game needs non owned servers

    Anyone can rent a server, if you see a gap in the market, build a community and get one going where chaos resigns supreme. I think @Zylfrax791 is a proponent of similar ideals. I personally wouldn't touch a server like that in a million years because humans are selfish dicks and I get enough of that irl and don't need the stress of dealing with man babies while trying to play a heavily team based game. Tough rules filter out those who don't fit the server ethos.
  3. Physmat and vehicles

    I thought they gave a bunch of the wheeled vehicles a lot more low end torque to fix the hill issue?
  4. [WIP] Korengal Valley [Vanilla]

    So pumped to play this! Hopefully with a working insurgency mode
  5. Ranking System?

    But it does show experience level
  6. January 2019 Recap

    Nice, finally you understand the fundamental point
  7. Ninja/Squad Destruction of Radios

    No and no in my opinion
  8. If the Chinese use the same numerical system as Japan (the character is the same), then the 万 character represents 10,000 So 8.9万 is 89,000
  9. +1 Probably the best approach.. it's such a big potential market to lose out on by getting it banned because of China's government not wanting their army portrayed in any conflict where they could "lose"
  10. Future plan of expanding team size?

    +1 to Guan_Yu... I really hope we can get something like 80v80 etc for some of these massive maps that are being created. 38v38 is getting spread pretty thin these days.
  11. I think I recall it was done to stop people from checking the map of their team to see fob locations and then swapping with no penalty? I'm not sure how it worked before and maybe I'm wrong, but I thought it was a decent addition. The screen could perhaps be improved to make it more clear which team a person is currently on
  12. 4k runs like poop.

    Just FYI, super sampling renders your scene at even higher resolutions so if you're playing with 4k and super sampling 1.25, you're rendering 10,368,000 pixels instead of the native 4k 8,294,400 pixels. Try putting everything on low except lighting and run without super sampling....
  13. Alpha 12.1

    Could you explain why you think so? Squad is not updated very often and even when it is, the majority of files remain consistent.
  14. Feedback about anarchy players/servers

    What's your suggestion to fix it?