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  1. Now Testing Alpha 15

    Hmm yeah maybe they should make an "event" of it on US/EA servers to at least fill up a server to make sure everything's working as expected. Hard to test when you haven't even got a full squad on each side
  2. Now Testing Alpha 15

    Logistics squad with two members, making fobs / re-supplying the team with two logistics trucks
  3. Headset audio reversed/inverted

    What model headphones are they?
  4. why we cant destory trees ?

    It's the unreal engine, where your imagination is the limit. Implementing destructible foliage does not entail an overhaul of the "entire game"... Not sure where you got that idea
  5. Mic imput

    Have you tried it without the voice mod program to do isolation testing?
  6. Request: Trigger Volume for each vehicle

    If they work out could you post the gist of the work around in the thread, I'd be fascinated to know how you got around the issue since my brother had a similar issue and the best I could do for him was create level logic that added child components to anything that spawned as a inherited class of sqvehicle. Messy but it got the job done, but not repeatable. I really wish it was possible to create a blueprint override of the c++ classes like sqvehicle or sqclass or sqweapon etc. Would make things so much simpler from what I understand
  7. AK for Milita medic?

    +1 on this for sure
  8. Man up and seed one of the empty servers then. If all the people in line did some server seeding, you'd have had a 40% full server in no time
  9. We need a new gamemode... HARDCORE

    Just slowly purring away and creating new pr releases. It's slowed down not only because a good chunk of devs moved over to squad, but because as time took its toll on the player count and the community shrunk it has led to a smaller pool of R-CONS to promote to devs. For some history, there were at least three separate attempts to create a PR2 equivalent over the years under the same premise as PR (non commercial or at least the dev team was unpaid) and they failed. - ARMA2 - CryEngine - one more that I forget the details about Maybe you can call it failure fatigue, but the devs that remain on the PR team don't have the interest in making something from scratch on a new engine, since virtually all the assets are from a different Era and couldn't just be plopped into a new engine. I personally think having a PR mod for squad makes perfect sense because the heavy lifting has been done by the OWI devs. That way the people who want a pretty version of PR can do their thing with the other 300-500 people who want it, and the OWI devs can keep taking their game in whatever direction they want
  10. We need a new gamemode... HARDCORE

    I assume that you might have seen this before, but in case you haven't, hopefully this will help you at least empathize with the PR players who came over to squad with certain expectations and then feel a little butthurt when they see / feel things going in a different direction. Specifically referring to the "why not PR2?" section. https://www.realitymod.com/forum/showthread.php?t=131654
  11. We need a new gamemode... HARDCORE

    To me it sounds way more fun than the current squad mechanics, but my definition of fun is definitely not the norm
  12. What do you think i should do ?

    - Decent at playing games - Laptop - reasonably priced You can only have two of the above at any time
  13. using blender to put custom gun in the game

  14. Sorry your initial post seemed to indicate fights that were not cqb but mid range where you were getting killed without really knowing where from. The cqb stuff is more about twitch reflexes and pre-firing if someone is known or expected around a corner... Don't have much good advice for that stuff
  15. How are those curtains coming along?