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  1. Pretty sure the devs disabled the ability to do that several versions ago.
  2. I'm not a big fan of political correctness, but given the German player base here and in pr I just felt it falls a bit into the "too soon" category. It's well written for sure, but I dunno, maybe I'm being unreasonable
  3. I assume this is supposed to be funny? [emoji19]
  4. Bf2 is most certainly not open source... PR just includes some of the basic dll and exe files from bf2 which allows to pr to run, they don't package the full game in with pr
  5. I've seen you post something like this several times on the forums, so I'd just like to clarify... With my my years of programming, and experience with game implementation, I can't fathom that a programmer would link client rendering performance to IO. To put it simply, I cannot understand how a low performing server could affect the actual client's performance. All your client side computer gets is a bunch of packet data sent by the server, with instructions about things to update (positions, status etc). If the server is performing badly, it takes much longer than usual to send that data, but since IO/networking is asynchronous to the actual game processing (it doesn't wait to get data from the server to render the next frame... if it did, then the higher your ping, the lower your FPS would be). If the server is struggling to keep a decent replication rate (server FPS), you will experience things like rubber banding or very jerky updates, but under no (normal) circumstances should that limit your FPS. You're right in the sense that more players = lower fps, but that just has to do with your client having to process more things for each frame. For example, the server sends the replicated data: Player 24 has a position (P) of (x, y, z) with a velocity of (V) and a direction of (D). Your client then takes what it knows about Player 24's current P, V, D and processes the necessary client side steps to interpolate between those two states (playing an animation and sound, for example). It then has to do that for every single piece of information that the server sent, so yes, as player numbers (and other networkables too), the game thread has more and more processing to do, thus it puts an increasing burden on the CPU. This is one of the reasons the devs are culling down update rates for certain objects and I'm sure they are trying to (Or have already) found some optimizations in the network relevancy field. If you have any evidence that the server performance directly impacts client side FPS, I do love learning new things and would be very happy if you could share the information such that I may be more informed in future.
  6. Have you tried that thing where you delete the app data folder for squad? Seems to help with really random issues
  7. Are you able to play in the "Firing range" (single player)?
  8. Glad hear you sorted the issue out, but why was the instant replay thing making your keys not work?
  9. Random question, but do you ever type in any non-english languages? The windows IME keyboard function can screw up game keypresses sometimes, but if you don't use the multilingual keyboards...関係ないなー
  10. Depends heavily on the situation. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. In the case you have highlighted, my response would be: Me: Well this fob is already down and supplied, so getting rid of it would be inefficient... but why do you think so? Backseat: Reasons Me: Ok well I put it down because ... [my reasons] If he has good reasons for thinking it's not a good spot, I would say that next time I'll take his advice if I'm conflicted. If the backseat had said "this is a stupid fob location" first, I would just reply "well then you should make your own squad and you can place all the perfect fobs that you'd like". Basically I'm reasonable to reasonable people (even if they are backseat squadleading), and an asshole to assholes. Something else that I find is pretty much gold is this line: I appreciate that you're trying to help with your input, but it's getting to the point of backseat squad leading which is quite annoying. Would you mind taking it down a couple of notches? If you'd rather lead, you can take over or you can make a new squad and I'll send any volunteers over to your squad. This is all kind of off topic though, sorry
  11. vac ? Please contact via that link. 请通过链接与他们联系。
  12. Too true. Lately I've just been taking their advice a little, being friendly, but if they start criticizing, I let them know I am happy to give them the SL position if they want it. If not, could they let me lead the squad and if they don't like my method, to find another squad that they prefer. So far it's about just under half that have taken up the offer to SL, which I thought was decent enough of them. Takes a lot of pressure off my shoulders, I like to shoot stuff too.
  13. That's why I believe squad leaders should divide "boring" tasks up equally. I usually tell my squad members that the only people who don't have to do boring stuff are the medics, because their jobs are hard enough as it is. So when player 1 gets back from his supply run, I'll call out player 2 to do the next one. If they complain about having a valuable kit, I just get them to swap kits for the duration of the supply run If they still complain, I offer them the option of finding a new squad.
  14. They could have asked you to stop, but the TK was ridiculous and that person should have received a kick from the server, if not a 24 hour holiday.
  15. If a server disappears for a couple of refreshes, it could be because it was changing map. But the server browser is indeed quite buggy, and can often times return outdated information. I had two friends in a server and after it changed maps, it went from 70/70 to around 50/70, and even though I had friends on discord saying "join, there are 20 slots", every time I tried to join it would just spit me back to the browser screen saying "the server is full". So I closed down squad and started it up again, and magically the correct numbers were shown and I could join without issues.