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  1. Performance reasons. Game is still in development, devs have said they will address these issues in time
  2. The most likely reason is that you saw a hit client side but the actual position of the vehicle was different on the server and thus your rocket actually missed but due to the way networking works, you saw a bit but no one else did
  3. Ask the developers About Ragdoll physics

    Also, they don't owe you an answer, just in case you were confused about the matter.
  4. Rally Point

    I don't share that viewpoint. Why do you think so? Personally, I think fortifying an objective that was captured from the enemy makes a lot of sense (putting a fob on it etc)
  5. Rally Point

    Yeah, I think that would be a nice evolution. If you're within the white circle of the FOB, your rally will not despawn, but if you are outside a fob radius, the rally lasts a minute
  6. CAF Patch and Alpha 16 Status

    @Gatzby If you're doing any meet and greets around Tokyo please let us know, you have at least a few squad fans over here who'd love to say hi, myself included!
  7. https://gameflip.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/212477968-How-to-activate-Steam-Game-Key-Code
  8. Massive desync

    The amount of trading is a little high..
  9. Wow.... People bitch when there are gaps between patches... Other people bitch when the devs release regular patches. It's almost like they should just do whatever they want because no matter what, there's gonna be some guy bitching
  10. Insane update hassle

    Yeah it would be really nice if OWI could figure out the patching thing... None of my other steam games have so much drama updating
  11. Whats the Deal with the DLC/CAF Mod?

    Agreed on all points except this one!
  12. Losing my access

    Not a problem for me... but I use a password manager to input all my passwords for me
  13. Now Testing Alpha 15

    Hmm yeah maybe they should make an "event" of it on US/EA servers to at least fill up a server to make sure everything's working as expected. Hard to test when you haven't even got a full squad on each side
  14. Now Testing Alpha 15

    Logistics squad with two members, making fobs / re-supplying the team with two logistics trucks
  15. Headset audio reversed/inverted

    What model headphones are they?