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  1. That's not up to the Devs to decide, if the PS team wants to charge for their content, that's their prerogative. People are free to create free mods as well.
  2. I can't attest to their accuracy, but by all counts it would seem that your results make sense, since the 3770k is still a much better processor for gaming on squad (due to single core/thread performance): But as mentioned above, future optimizations may bring playability to your laptop as well.
  3. Or just this in your "Run" windows command:
  4. Yeah I just tested. It does diddly squat
  5. Honestly, I'll take what I can get. 80-130fps on a full multiplayer server is basically impossible by all reports I've read (from people with top of the line hardware), so if I can see that video I'll be most of the way to believing that something gave Arduras a boost (perhaps it was the command line, maybe it was unrelated)
  6. You can already play exactly what you're describing: What would be different about the squad version?
  7. Yeah I'm stilll waiting on a full server proof video.
  8. Nice! Was there much of a drop in visual fidelity?
  9. I'm in total agreement, I really hope v9 or a v9 hotfix patch fixes that wallhax issue (I believe it was an unfortunate workaround to some other issue)
  10. unreal engine

    So it crashes with a video error but only happens when you have a microphone plugged in? That's some pretty trippy stuff
  11. This is definitely a decent strategy if you have the time to set it up nicely. I would lose it if some randoms just started undigging my thought-out defensive structures. That's not their place
  12. Functionally they worked well as waypoints, and as you might remember they actually served the dual purpose as "informants" for the insurgent commanders. I don't know why but I can't find the thread on realitymod but I found it on various other sites:
  13. They don't have unlimited resources so that's a moot point. Their development does not seem particularly slow given how much has been accomplished in a year and a half. Have you done any game development or project management? The method you're proposing sounds like a great way to alienate the majority of the player base by pumping out bug riddled features and gameplay elements, purely to keep up the tempo. I assume you'd be one of the first players making long rant posts about how everything is broken and that "it's an alpha" would not suffice as an answer for you. If I've misjudged you and you do have actual dev experience or large scale project management experience, I apologize... But assuming I'm right, this lady wants to have a word with you :
  14. I think this makes sense but like in pr, have it so the commander can set special marks as orders. I used to use the yellow landing zone markers in pr to great effect as a commander as they were labeled A-H I believe, so you could easily tell a squad "squad two I want you to set up a patrol or spread out along lz a,b and c. As Matt said though, between squad leaders I don't think it's that much of a good idea due to potential map clutter
  15. Yeah it's very hard to make an apples to apples comparison due to the myriad of variables that are different between the projects, but as players it can be easy to forget just how many fundamental systems had to be put in place just to get to the early access point, and then subsequently to get this far. Do they really have 25 full time developers? I thought a bunch of the artists and programmers were still doing squad part time (since giving up their careers for a potential one-off game production wouldn't make great financial sense to them, or other reasons). I haven't really looked into it though