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  1. using blender to put custom gun in the game

  2. Sorry your initial post seemed to indicate fights that were not cqb but mid range where you were getting killed without really knowing where from. The cqb stuff is more about twitch reflexes and pre-firing if someone is known or expected around a corner... Don't have much good advice for that stuff
  3. How are those curtains coming along?
  4. I lost #3 to age or lack of play time 1. Map and game familiarity 2. Positioning during firefight (the stationary person usually wins against the one who was moving and has to stop to engage) 3. Highly accurate FPS skills
  5. SVD ammo is a little bugged

    Magazine has 9 but when you reload before expending the whole mag you get an extra shot from one being in the chamber already... Isn't that what happened?
  6. destructible environment

    What has changed since the consensus in the last 50 threads on this topic?
  7. V13 Steam Download Corrupted

    Yes, because if their files were corrupt as the op claimed then every single person would have the same issue and the forums would be flooded with reports about it. The issue with mods is in the first section of the release notes, in bold. It's very different from the devs publishing corrupt files to steam.
  8. V13 Steam Download Corrupted

    Bullshit. Hundreds / thousands playing v13 without issue https://squad-servers.com/servers/players/
  9. Yup, my squad rule would be join my discord channel and talk there. If you talk using the game voip while near enemies you're out of the squad
  10. Game needs non owned servers

    Thanks for your input, you clearly put a bunch of time into answering. I notice many (some?) of your suggestions are not centered around the devs simply providing "official" servers, but also changing the game mechanics, much in line with what Zylfrax suggests which is to have a self-policing rule set built into the game. I think that kind of thing would potentially work, but I still maintain that this elusive "non corrupted Squad experience" is entirely possible right now, today. The reason being if the players who want a "pure" squad experience would take the time/effort to seed those "pure" servers, then they would be populated and potentially more popular than the oppressive clan servers, because as you said: So my point is... be the change you want to see. Take it upon yourself to do the shit work which is seeding the servers that you believe are worth playing on... just like the clan guys seed their servers that they believe are worth playing on Because I am very certain that you're right, even if there were "official" servers, if no one seeded them (you expect the devs to seed them?) then the situation will end up just like it is now.
  11. Game needs non owned servers

    I'm still really confused as to why this isn't possible right now? So none of the 550+ squad servers offer a "vanilla" experience as of now? If those ones aren't currently being populated, why would "official" ones suddenly be different? Edit: To be clear, I'm totally on board with vanilla (no extra rules servers) I just am looking for the justification why the devs paying for them makes more sense than community members who want that kind of experience.
  12. Computer specs

    I'm legitimately curious... What was the thought process of buying a laptop first and then asking if it can run the games / programs you're going to use? I could understand receiving the laptop and finding out it can't run it and then asking for performance boosting tips, but the flow outlined in this thread is confusing to me It seems like a deathly allergic person taking a big bite of a snickers bar, and as they swallow, casually asking "this doesn't have nuts in it, right?"
  13. I think this makes a lot of sense. We see the hab and other walls etc in their built state. Would be more consistent
  14. Game needs non owned servers

    Anyone can rent a server, if you see a gap in the market, build a community and get one going where chaos resigns supreme. I think @Zylfrax791 is a proponent of similar ideals. I personally wouldn't touch a server like that in a million years because humans are selfish dicks and I get enough of that irl and don't need the stress of dealing with man babies while trying to play a heavily team based game. Tough rules filter out those who don't fit the server ethos.
  15. Physmat and vehicles

    I thought they gave a bunch of the wheeled vehicles a lot more low end torque to fix the hill issue?