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  1. I don't usually focus on sounds very much but I also have to say I have been very impressed with the V9 sounds! There is just one thing that bothers me every time and that is the vehicle-sounds cull distances seem very strange to me. There is sometimes a BTR/Stryker less than 200-300m away which I don't hear at all (it's moving) until it starts lighting up the squad. Is the vehicle sounds behaving strangely at distance a known thing, or am I imagining things?
  2. Seems like some of the particle effects are bending your CPU over their knee which means the game thread chokes up and therefore you get big FPS drops. At least that's what my 30 second gloss-over your log says to me.
  3. Have you every tried connecting through a VPN to check that it isn't some strange firewall/network configuration issue (it most likely is)?
  4. Thanks for the info! It was interesting, and if you do put a guide together I will read it thoroughly!
  5. Haha no worries, just checking! Will you be sharing with the class how you achieved your massive FPS savings? I know that my interest has been piqued!
  6. Is that btr sunk into the ground while it's still burning? Or is the grass just that long?
  7. It still reports high though. If I ping the servers manually I get around 110ms to Australia, but it reports 160-180 in game. Same for Japan, I should have around 5-15ms to the server (Tokyo) but it reports closer to 40-50
  8. Probably an eac server side update
  9. It's just the reported ping that changed, I assume. It was like this about a year ago in the closed pre alpha. Don't worry too much about it, your actual ping should be the same as before
  10. Yeah it happened to me too, I'm not sure if it's a setting but my squad members said they could see it. They may have misunderstood what I was talking about
  11. rasism

    Lol, please PLEASE try to take server admins to court over a ban. [emoji38]
  12. Often (not saying necessarily in this case) a user leaves out inconvenient details in their posts, and as such we can imagine that the OP was not kicked solely for not having a microphone, but his actions within the squad. If you (the OP) are a proponent for a more casual experience, I am guessing you may be one of those guys who grabs his scoped rifle or marksman kit and tries to go "snipe some bitchez", which combined with not having a mic, will be an instant kick from pretty much every SL that I know. I would like to think the above is not the case, because the OP states that he played PR, but I guess there were people like that in PR as well, so who knows. Basically, the easiest way to get a more casual squad experience is to mod it once we pass the beta phase
  13. Graphics settings can fix this. Mine doesn't look like a pixelated mess, but it does when I put AA on and such.
  14. That certainly does. Thank you for taking the time to put that together! That is a significant difference made by the RAM frequency. I learned a lot from this thread, much appreciated! I will be putting a build together in the next couple of months and while I was originally looking at 2133Mhz, I will definitely go for higher frequencies thanks to your testing.