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  1. Infrared for Vehicles

    And a bunch of bomb cars.
  2. Rally points like in proyect reality

    Sorry, the way you worded your response it seemed like you didn't believe that it was a "tried and true system". What it means in English is that the system being proposed has been used in another place/time, and has proven itself to be reliable/good/fit for purpose. Squad leaders in PR have access to helicopter supplies on some maps, but it requires two large supply crates or four small supply crates, taking up to 4 separate helicopter drops just to be able to deploy the FOB (although I have a feeling that it was changed to just one large crate sometime after v1.0...? My numbers could be off). Fobs get overrun (unspawnable) when just two enemies are within a grid square of it, none of this kind "timer goes up slightly" business. The commander rally point is useless and is almost never used as the commander is better served in the UAV/command station.
  3. Rally points like in proyect reality

    Used in project reality for years, without issue.
  4. Surround Sound?

    My Xonar DG ($30 ish) works flawlessly in squad
  5. It's the former. His rig "pulls off" squad no problem, as evidenced multiple times in his posts. It's when squad decides to break thanks to EAC issues or resolution scaling that he cannot play.
  6. FOB placement

    I do when I'm the person telling people to run a search
  7. FOB placement

    While not necessary, on other forums I frequent, when we tell people to try a search, we usually run a search ourselves and link them to a few relevant threads, to show how easy it was.
  8. Updated Ryzen FPS (overclocked)

    Because the forums are fundamentally broken but are apparently low priority as "better" communication channels (discord, reddit) are available
  9. Marker restriction is absurd

    Why not just tell your squad leader what to mark... and have them mark it for you...? Like it's supposed to be. Ya know... communication... teamwork, all that jazz?
  10. This thread has nothing to do with performance.
  11. Could everyone please stop suggesting people buy hardware to solve problems that exist on Squad's software side... ****'s sake
  12. Why aren't you playing Squad?

    My biggest take-away from that was... wow Squad is doing pretty amazingly to be more niche than RS2:V but having the same or a few more daily players
  13. Why aren't you playing Squad?

    For me, it's because the rush meta is craptasticly boring, and after experiencing the other wonders of v10 (vaulting and gunplay changes), I literally can't even be bothered to boot up v9. The one game I played post v10's weekend was just disappointing, so I'm holding out for the next release, at which I'll probably sink another few hundred hours into it. Edit: For the record, I would love more punishing suppression effects as well.
  14. my give up button has disappeared

    Even if he's already in the incapacitated state?
  15. my give up button has disappeared

    Do you use a strange resolution on your monitor? The easiest way would be to type "respawn" in the console when you want to give up, it should automatically do the give up for you.