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  1. On the overdone genre "World War Two"

    "jamming" oh gee, RNG deaths, lovely
  2. Announcement: Alpha 9 Features & Changelog

    No AT-4 for the US to combat the BTR-82?
  3. Ah, ok, fair enough. Then I gotta say that having to focus your scope is pure bullshit.
  4. Forcing the player to be out of focus for a brief period of time when scoping in or after body movements(standing up, crouching down, going prone, strafing) would be really neat to have. That way it takes just ever so slightly longer to pick up a target when in CQB, and we all know how much fractions of a second count in CQB.
  5. The Wrench - January 2017 Edition

    Too bad we don't have signatures anymore, otherwise I'd add this
  6. Project Reality, Test Airfield, PLS Help

    the map's folder has to be put in the "level"-folder iirc. Afterwards you should be able to either launch the map yourself or join one of the training servers.
  7. Rushing - The Game Changer

    Nerfing Rally Points in order to increase the focus on FOBs is probably the correct choice. That way it's not possible to create a countless stream of reinforcements.
  8. Post Scriptum : The Bloody Seventh

    @IrOnTaXi, you play a game based on gameplay, not because of the thematics. If a person is not interested in the tactical teamwork approach he will neither touch Squad nor PS, and those who are will have the option to play either of the two, going with whichever theatre of war they prefer. If 2 years ago I would've had to choose between Squad and PS I probably would've went with PS. Some people might buy both, ok. But you can't play both at the same time, causing the number of daily players to split between the two, which isn't a concern for you from a business perspective, but to me, as a player, it is. Especially since Squad isn't a mainstream game whatsoever. You can find 100s, if not 1000s of people playing CS 1.6 to this day because Counter Strike has such a ridiculously large fanbase that it can handle being split three ways(although CS: Condition Zero died out rather quickly), but Squad? No way! In the end PS may end up like Forgotten Hope 2, with the same 100 players playing it every day; I think having it integrated as part of Squad would be a better alternative, especially from a gamer's perspective, but ultimately it's the choice of Breizo and his team.
  9. Post Scriptum : The Bloody Seventh

    Can't wait to finally play the mod. The details on the map(like the greenhouse or the football goals) are awesome and give these maps a very much life-like character.
  10. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    Gib Germany. Gib MG3. You know you want to.
  11. Make the Main Bases conquerable

    Main bases should never be cappable. It's cheap gameplay wise and goes into the realm of the arcade. Just make it so that the instance the last flag is lost the round is over regardless of tickets. Being stuck in main or without a method of spawning(should the main spawns become contested) is no fun and there's no point in prolonging the game.
  12. January 2017 Monthly Recap

    The vaulting/climbing mechanic is awesome, it really has the chance to make fights three-dimensional, thus more dynamic. I remember good ol' Half-Life 2 mod Resistance and Liberation trying to employ a similar system. It was quite well done for its time and engine, don't get me wrong, but sometimes things were a bit iffy, eg. you'd get stuck in certain places due to skyboxes or whatever or it was taking ages to climb a wall 10 cm high. I hope you guys have ways to prevent buggy behaviour and inconsistencies. The Eastern European statics and map updates for Gorodok and Yeho look promising as well. I'm sure our map makers agree. Finally the vehicles. The trucks appear to be a bit too fast and agile when off-roading, I hope different underground conditions have an impact on a vehicle's top speed and handling, especially when wheeled vehicles are concerned. In PR it doesn't really matter whether or not your underground is a paved road, grass or mud, which is a bit of a bummer.
  13. [Feed+sugg] Why scoreboard isnt revelant

    Why does anyone need a score system for bullshit in the first place? I'm fully content with a simple K/D display at the end of the round due to me being curious, how well I did during that round, how much I contributed(or didn't) to the team's success I know best myself. PR uses a similar point system that awards people points for sticking together, revives, taking flags, building FOBs. Supposedly that system gives a greater incentive to play properly in theory and it could be true, on the other hand I recently had an instance of a Squad constructing 1(one!) Super FOB in an admittedly not bad position, just not relevant to the fight. When normally people would try get involved in capturing, to them manning it over the course of the entire round was more important, because only then they could boast over how many points they've gotten from just sitting there(let's face it, if you're only killing 3 people as a squad of 8 in 30 minutes you're not productive whatsoever) after the round was over. Meanwhile I ran around with my Heavy Anti-Tank Kit in the enemy's backlines, killing a Tank, an IFV and 2 APCs, one of which at full capacity. I mean, if people want to believe that these points are reflective of their impact on the match just let them in be, no point in arguing. Switch teams instead and make them cry.
  14. LMGs not lethal enough

    Yes, he is seeking for cover, but he is not hampered in any way and can relatiate effectively. In reality your hands would be shaking and your survival instinct would dictate you to keep your head down. Games however are more fluid in motion than reality(except for Arma), so a person who just prone-dove behind cover is able to sight in with perfectly aligned sights and get up to a standing position within a mere second or two whilst enjoying perfect accuracy. Try the same in reality, it takes longer, you're not accurate whatsoever and your sights are misaligned until you've caught a breath of two. How am I supposed to feel suppressed in a game when incoming fire doesn't affect me? You think people feel "suppressed" in Counter Strike or Quake? These aren't games which aren't realistic at all and that's one of the many reasons why. Suppressive fire doesn't do anything but tell your enemy where you are at exactly, a trademark of arcade shooters: "Somebody is shooting around a corner? Great, I'll just go around that corner and kill him." Which is necessary because the real threat of losing your life can not be emulated. In reality you are not EVER going to stand up from your cover when you know a ****ing MG has you pinned down. Seeing people say that it's noticeable how ineffective actual combat techniques are in the game as of right now, despite the current suppression system and despite your claim that "it works" confirms my own over a decade long experience in various types of shooters. If you don't visually hamper me or impair my aim I WILL stand up from behind cover and I WILL kill the muppet that suppresses me. Every single time. You want this game to play out in a realistic fashion but refuse to accept what is necessary to achieve that. Every other game out on the market which aims to be semi-realistically and beyond that uses such a system. So you tell me, who knows better how to design a game's aspect? Those who design the games or some random person on the internets? Which is exactly what your brain is saying in reality but ingame it's up to your confidence in reflex firing whether or not you stand up from behind cover when rounds are flying overhead. You're calling this an imitation of firepower which showcases that you're not actually scared by the incoming rounds. Again, this clearly demonstrates how a game is not reality unless you introduce workarounds to force players to behave in realistic fashion. You're not scared because you know the enemy can't penetrate the wall, you know that he is using suppressive fire because otherwise he wouldn't shoot and you know that suppressive fire ingame is not a threat so you pop up from cover. In reality you're counting on exactly NONE of that. Whoever is stupid enough to pop up from cover while an MG is roaring is as good as dead and you will not score a kill either.
  15. Yamalo 8km [WiP]

    It depends on whether or not you want create an area in the mars lands or the Taiga. In the marshlands the tree density would probably be close to what you have right now(maybe even less), the Taiga on the other hand is densely forested. The lowlands being free of trees supports the former, but it's probably justifyable to increase tree density the farther away in the inner highlands you are from the marshes, eg. in the NWern, SWern and SEern parts of the map the forest could be made noticeably more dense compared to the middle.