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  1. Rome wasn't built in a day

    As a new guy to PR a few months back (after hearing about Squad I jumped into PR), my best tip to people who have been playing is don't be an a-hole. xD. I got in PR and I tested being a squad leader as I usually am. It seemed fine, but as people asked to put a way point up, or put a rally down, I asked them how and informed them I was new. I was literally doing fine other than that. I knew about the functions, but didn't know "exactly" what was needed or what keys to press. The answer I got from 99% of people? "Read the F***KING manual" Oh... So I did a google search, and what I asked required what... 1 or 2 keys to be pressed? It'd been faster to tell me the 2 keys than saying "read the ** manual." Well then lol. I didn't know a game that has "mature" players tell people off like a-holes lol. Almost ANY other game I play, people have helped. Sorry PR players, don't get your panties in a bunch when a "new" player comes. The game isn't for you and only you. I just think it's funny how a game with a huge "mature" audience is far from it. haha. ANYWAY, squad seems better. Keep it up. Don't be a-holes otherwise you make your community look terrible xD. It was funny having that happen in PR. Now one may think my panties are in a bunch over this.. not really. Just telling the reality of it for new players to watch out, and don't take it personal haha. Can't wait for mods. I'm imagining a zombie mod of some sort!
  2. Picking up kits

    Desmo, I think your suggestion is very important to be in the game of Squad. I would hope a human would be able to pick up another gun if necessary and use it to defend their life. I wouldn't NOT pick up another gun if my life depended on it. Hopefully that gets added in eventually.
  3. Any options for smaller squads? [2-4 man/women squad]

    I just think there should be both options (large/small) with the same features, but balanced. There wouldn't be 20 small squads. Most players will be in larger squads. Even in games like BF2 people were in large squads with few small squads. We need small squad support. If you play games with all squads of 2-4 then you're playing the wrong game or with the wrong people/community lol. There won't be a logistical nightmare in any hands unless you lack a brain or are wanting to troll. Lol. One of my degrees are in logistics/supply chain. I understand logistics. I explained multiple times already that what I've done works, if done correctly, and works most of the time with serious players or SL's. I can be in my small squad and voice to Squad #4 that I'll be flanking around with my squad and work together in that aspect as well as more scenarios. Or I can let a Squad# know I'm coming over with a vehicle as a distraction so their squad can move up and take the enemy out. Any situation you can think of. I don't see the problem in wanting a smaller squad for better maneuverability and being more hidden. It's worked most of my time doing it this way as long as the person is willing to cooperate. If there are already players willing to play serious, then small squads shouldn't be an issue because those too should take it serious. If not, then it can be claimed that ANY player, may or may not take the game serious. That's in any game, who cares. Give the options though. I honestly don't see an issue yet lol. It's worked before so I don't see why it wouldn't, as long as it's implemented/balanced correctly. Players shouldn't be forced to play in large squads, but more so make it a choice for if you join a larger squad, then you get more resources and that entails a lot. If you're in a smaller squad, you get little, so you best work your tail off in flanks and large squad support. This game is coming along great. Keep up the great work developers! Developers, can you give your thoughts? I need someone who will actually give me a justifiable explanation.
  4. Any options for smaller squads? [2-4 man/women squad]

    Night, squads require X amount of players to be in the squad to be able to build and spawn. If you're squad is to small, you can't place any spawn point or have any access to building, which seems a little unfair. What I'm curious about is if a smaller squad can still have access to some of those features, without being forced to have a large squad when wanting to remain small for many reasons as I've listed prior. I'm saying to balance having a small squad would be making building cost more resources, but you can still do it. If you have a larger squad, you get more resources or stuff costs less, whichever way to balance it. So an incentive to be in larger squads can be to have better mechanics, but I personally am more into strategy in flanking and covering other squads with 2 others give or take. What's in it for smaller squads to be able to run flanks and cover other squads without hearing every 10 people in the squad chatting at once? I could just Voice to the other squad leader letting them know I am taking my small team around a flank. It's worked very well before, so I don't see why it would be put in the shadows in this game. There should be both large and small squads, and they should have similar mechanics/features, but obviously balance it. A small squad shouldn't get a crapload of resources as a larger squad would need. So that would be a tradeoff for running a small squad. Idk, I guess the hardcore PR players won't like this, but I've ran like this in many games and is my play style and would love to incorporate it into a beautiful game like Squad. EDIT: Like, at least let smaller squads place rally points down, and allow them to build the same, but make it more costly or take more time in that sense so if players choose to be in a small squad, they have to deal with more difficulty building so they're forced more into combat. Stuff like that. Idk. argh.
  5. Any options for smaller squads? [2-4 man/women squad]

    Cheesy, like I said, as a small squad person, we work with the whole team in terms of support, flanking, and even communicating between squads. So I think that would be fine. Para, I don't think the core of the game would get ruined, as in PR or even BF2, there were rarely small squads. I feel that with teams of 50, there'll be enough groups playing together to be in large squads. So to bounce off that, Nightingale, has a point. Some small squads are necessary in terms of flanking. I don't always want to be in a LARGE squad ALWAYS being noticed. It's harder to flank and be more discrete with a larger squad. Hence why I choose smaller squads, it's eaiser to communicate and have more options in terms of flanking and helping the team out, or providing cover for large squads in vehicles and so forth. I think it would provide a good mix. Maybe limit the amount of small squads that can be on a team? I'm pretty sure this game wouldn't turn into "all squads of 2-3 people" considering many are PR players and will group up, and already many people are welcoming. I'm just simply looking for an option for smaller squads to be allowed some features without being to overpowered as if they were a large squad. Hence the maybe a smaller squad has to use more resources to build rather than if you have a larger squad, resources won't be a toll. And yes, I get servers will have options in terms of squad locking, or squad amounts, but I'm curious if there'll be any FEATURES, or options, for smaller squads similar to if they were a larger squad. I don't think it's fair that a smaller squad who does a LOT for the team and other squads gets nothing. So developers, can this be addressed? I'd think you guys are stuck on large squads, but look at the big picture, there are players out there that run small squads that are as efficient as a large squad in terms of what they're capable of because of their smaller size and the different angles of support they can bring. Thanks for the nice feedback so far!
  6. Alright, I feel that many will bash on this, but I'll stand up to the plate. I am a player whose mainly played games in smaller squads. This is usually with closer friends that you have known and make a GREAT team. Always covering each other, AS WELL as other Squads, defending, attacking properly, or even flanking around (since it's a smaller squad, it can be done easier) the enemy to help another squad move forward, or to simply help clear up the area, or even their base. I have also ran larger or normal size squads in other games and it was alright, but sometimes many people use the mics and it's harder to communicate properly, as well as hearing the in game effects. I have used the squad leader chats (talking from squad leader to squad leader) in some games, and it works. I'll mention I can take my SMALL squad around for a flank, for the larger squad just suppressing the enemy, and it works well (most the time ). But because of some of the issues, I choose to play in smaller squads with closer friends. Our squad still becomes a team squad in sense of helping the team out and other squads, no matter what size they are. Now, you may be thinking "Oh, he must be a sniper" or "Oh a squad full of snipers" False. I'm usually a class relating to engineer or support, my friends are usually medic or a standard rifle class, and RARELY, we'll have a sniper. It just depends on the situation NEEDED. Now, I know this game is HUGE on squad play, I get that. But what about smaller sized squads that actually contribute very positively to the overall team, as well as their well-being? The team can have large or small squads all contributing in many ways, as long as it's done properly. Can a smaller size squad get SOME sort of options? Anything relating to spawning, or minor base building, or maybe just everything costs more resources since it's a smaller squad? Anything would help. I'll let the bashing begin lol especially from the "hardcore" PR players whom when I played last wouldn't tell me how to press ONE key , but instead yelled at me to look at the manual. xD Developers, I'm more looking for a response from you guys. I just hope there are some options to cover a wider player base.
  7. Transportation - ETA ?

    I really hope they can give a LITTLE bit of information relating to vehicle implementation with where they're at now. I know things can change and get pushed back, but we haven't heard in awhile about anything with vehicles. Developers, at this point in time, can you let us know where you're at with vehicles? Not asking for an ETA, but where we're headed and what's currently being tested and what you're trying to figure out. I'm sure it's a big task to figure out HOW the vehicles will operate in terms of spawning and all that. Please let us know what you're working on though. The running and what not is getting really old and takes so long and has pushed me and some other players away from playing for the time being. It's a great game, but the running takes so long when it's literally only limited to running on the large maps. Can't wait to see the future features of the game and supporting it through it's development! Hoping for some modding tools or mapping tools soon as well to pitch in on that. Keep up the great work developers, hope to hear back with some tid bit of information on vehicles!
  8. Will this game get a Conquest mode?

    Well, I hope the developers could make a conquest mode just like it was in BF2. That game and conquest was so fun. It'd be neat to see that gamemode appear in Squad for that style, it's fairly popular I'd say, unless times have changed but I think there'd be a good amount if it were made well. Mods should be awesome! Can't wait.
  9. Mouse Sensitivity, more options.

    This has been answered already in my topic I posted here: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/2970-hip-fire-aim-sensitivity-to-aim-down-sight-sensitivity/ Please use the search feature before posting. SgtRoss replied saying it is part of the QoL list for EA. So I'm glad for that, it'll allow players to have a good feel for the game and will keep them coming back since they'll have those type of settings. Yay.
  10. Ingame Moderation Team Roster

    Litoralis, I have a question. One of those players on the roster was intentionally mic spamming loud music non stop (to the point where I had to TK him so the mic would cut out) and I could not find a way around his mic spamming. Is there anywhere we can report any moderators if they persist on ruining the game experience for others? If needed, I can get a video recording of it as well just in case for proof next time. I just think it would be stupid for a moderator to mic spam to ruin the experience for others, and since he's a "moderator" he can claim I was doing something wrong and then I would get the penalty. That wouldn't make sense.
  11. Tales from the Front - Tell your stories

    (read it like a Dr Suess book) Title: The Boom Box Soldier I had a team mate who would not stop spamming loud music into the local VOIP... Oh how naughty he was. I could not hear anything else, but his music, it was deafening, I was about to lose it! I was scared, scared that I could not hear the enemy, confused, confused why this soldier brought a boom box to a battlefield, and I was itching.. itching for it to stop.. I found myself pointing my gun at him.. my own gun at my own team mate.. I just wanted it to stop, I wanted to be safe, able to hear, I wanted the music to stop banging in my ear! And so... sadly... I HAD to put him down. The music came to a drown. I shot him, shot him until he hit the ground. Then his squad mates team-killed me. -1001 Publishing Obviously I don't write books, just thought this would be a more joyful way of showing my hatred for spammers lol. I hope a mute button will be added in for individual players, unless I missed that must needed feature.
  12. Searched "sensitivity" and nothing came up about this. So some games have a sensitivity option for regular hip fire, as well as aiming down sight, and even scoped sensitivity. I understand it's pre-alpha, but I was wondering will that be implemented in? I tried snooping through the config files but didn't find anything that useful. I would like to have the same sensitivity all around, or at least have the option for it, as others may like a lower sensitivity aiming down site. But I think this should be able to be customized for the player because some people like it one way, some like it another. Or, is there a multiplier used for the main sensitivity that multiples it into the scoped sensitivity? Because if that's there, allow us to change the multiplier if we don't want any change in sensitivity between ADS, and hip fire, or if you want .5 of your main sensitivity, so it'd half it when you ADS, and so on. So main question, will this be implemented eventually? Oh, this is mainly a suggestion to add into the game, but also a question because it's alpha and it may already be planned. Thanks!
  13. New Game Mode: Capture & Control

    The hex's look similar to Planetside 2 where you have to capture a base to be able to move on to the next. Maybe your suggestion is a bit different, but I think Planetside 2 has a fun mode too for capturing bases. Always wanted to play a "modern day" planetside 2 game, rather than futuristic.
  14. Weapons Raised/Lowered Suggestion

    I think if the weapon is lowered, you would run at a faster pace, but when your weapon is up and ready, you'd walk at a slight slower pace. This gives reasons for people who are running far to lower their weapon to get there faster, but then once near combat they would want their gun up and not able to run fast. So maybe keep the raised gun run speed where it is at now, but add in lowering the gun and increase the run speed just slightly.