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  1. I was thinking I do like leveling up in games, but in Squad there is no point in leveling up because it wouldn't really suit Squad. So I thought why doesn't Squad have some sort of recommendation system like CSGO. For example you may have a really good squad leader and you want to reward him, you look at his profile and give him a leader recommendation, then when he gets a certain number of recommendation he levels up in leadership, so when people look at his profile they can see he has a high leadership level or something like that. The same can be said for medics the better they do the more people recommend them the higher level they have, you could also have a category of team players and others. The leveling up system serves no real purpose, its just so you can see someones profile and see how much of a team player they are, this may increase team play because people may want to perform well so someone recommends them. What do you guys think?
  2. Possible playstation release?

    Okay thanks for the link
  3. Possible playstation release?

    Now I know I will probably get a lot of hate for this, but is there any chance of Squad coming to PS4. The game would obviously have to be completed and various other things but the PS4 being the most powerful console, I believe it might just handle it. The reason I ask this is because most of my friends own a PS4 and some of them own PC's which are not powerful enough to run the game, I will definitely be buying this game on PC, its just I would rather play with my friends on PS4. Any feedback would be nice, just don't hate. Hail Lord Gaben.