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  1. Thanks for reviving the thread :) Sorry for the delayed answer. Added to OP.
  2. You need an external Software for it. Since I am not a fan of this(Torrent stuff).... and it appears its the only thing avalible, I will have to wait until tomorrow. (2:30 am) Really sad guys. I waited all night for this... :/ Cya tomorrow on the Battlefield.
  3. A confusing E-Mail linked me here (In the new pre-Alpha Mail, the Changelog link brings you here)
  4. Chrome: Firefox: Auto Refresh I have mine on every 2 Minutes. Dont DDOS guys. Please I wanna download
  5. Yeah it would've been great to get the info that its only on weekends a bit earlier. I am sometimes(too often) not able to play on weekends because of my work. Now I backed a lot more then others to get in eralier but get restricted. Its frustrating sure, but I can see why you do that. Although I question if there is a better way to achieve Player peeks. And if you even want that in a Pre-Alpha? Just opening it would lead to people testing the game longer, then as a bunch on 3 days, so you more likely get Bugs then Performance tests.... Yeah nevermind its not my topic. But I hope you can see why people might get a bit pissed about it. Cant wait for "tomorrow" though
  6. Thank you for the info
  7. Yeah I guess I should pm a dev for that. Thank you.
  8. Hey guys, Sorry for the weird title. my Question is if the Key the commanders get will be split into: Pre Alpha (and all that stuff) and the final game. Or is it all just one key? Because I backed for the Commander tier with a friend. He unfourtnatly is not here (able to play) this summer, so I would like to give the early acess stuff to someone else, but still give him the final game. Is that somehow possible?
  9. +1 Would be great.
  10. I guess they once said, that there wont be destruction. The maps are just to big (performance) and it would take too much time too do it, for such an cosmetic feature. But they said there will be proper penetration regarding the materials. Would be great though
  11. Thank you for sharing, great video. Added to OP.
  12. Yeah I would like that too. Added to OP thank you. -- I also added a new section for Youtube Videos for the new Map. 2 Videos are in there, which I got from the other posts in this forum.
  13. Great video