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  1. Discussing binoculars focus mechanics

    In my Opinion Laser Rangefinders like Vector IV or anything like it should be only available to specific classes. Most Military and Maritime Binoculars have a reticle that can be used to determine the distance of a Target. What do you think of the internal reticle of binoculars? Is it to Powerful?
  2. Original Soundtrack Vol. 1 Released

    Thanks Spectral, I reveved my key. I really should be more patient. Sorry to bother you.
  3. Original Soundtrack Vol. 1 Released

    Hey Guys, Hey Dev’s, I have got a Problem I backed the Game in the Kickstarter (Squad Leader) but I didn't receive the Soundtrack files in may Steam Squad Folder. I although did not receive my key for the in game badge and forum tag. Where can I ask for help? I had to cange my e-mail adress in the forums and on paypal can that be the reason? Issue was Resolved.
  4. US Army Air drop Fail

    US Forces air dropped M998 HMMWVs in an Exercise in Hohenfels, Germany. And apparently several Parachutes failed. It is Hilarious. Sorry for your taxpayers money wasted though.
  5. Heavy Vehicles, View Distance

    And it is actually not labeled as footage of the Gulf war, wither the first nor second or third. It is at least by its description is footage from the Houthi insurgency in Yemen. It started in 2004. I got the exactly same footage in this video her tat states it is not a 9M133 Kornet but a 1970ties 9K111 Fagot. The launcer seen later in the Video is in fact a 9K111 launcher. The Poor guy passing by on the street with his car must have bin scared like shit.
  6. Heavy Vehicles, View Distance

    The Problem basically on a large map with large open areas is hat the MBT can engage Infantry over long distances with very precise fire but the Infantry has no way of shooting back. On limiting factor for the tank should be awareness and visibility. The MBT crew has no 360 degree awarnaess du to bad visabilty out of the Preiscopes and are operating in a very loud vehicle witch will limit their ability to hear enemy’s. Infantry on the other hand can hear even far away MBT very easily. the only possibility for Infantry to kill a MBT is to get closer to the tank on his flanks or back if he is busy with engaging or distracted by another element. And then use Explosives or with ever HAT (Heavy Anti-tank) kit we are getting in squad. This will be obviously not being very easy. So it would be no surprise to me if it turns out like in PR with Infantry almost always avoid getting in to a fight with an MBT and just communicating it to a own MBT squad or CAS squad.
  7. Scale on Maps

    I totally agree with 7CavParsons. It would be nice to have a metric Scale on the right bottom of the map that scales with to zoom level of the Map, just like the grid reference dose on the corners. It will be especially important for indirect fire weapons like mortars or under barrel grenade launchers when adjustable sights are available. Although it would be useful for longer distance shoots with shoulder fired anti-tank launchers.
  8. On the topic of SVBIEDs

    I would like to have SVBIEDs but in my opinion they are not strictly relevant for balancing reasons. ATGM Emplacements or Technicals with ZU-23-2 or probably SPG-9 (I am not shure if the SPG-9 can breach modern APC armor.) can be an effective APC killer. In my opinion there shouldn’t be any MBTs on Maps against asymmetric Foes.
  9. FOBs on Flags

    Fobs on Flags are a bad idea. If your Flag is taken from you, and your next fob is far out you have no way of taking it back. I personally like to place fobs in flanking positions for Flags on a position the enemy normally don’t approaches the Flag. In my opinion that is near perfect FOB placement on Fool's Road (Photo taken from Squad Reddit)
  10. Communities opinion on VOIP Mute

    I Voted no. because I agree with everything Karm said. Communication is the essence of Squad and what it sets apart from other games.
  11. New forum format

    Guys this is not the final look of the Forum. It will change soon. Please have a look inside this topic everything is explaiend in there.
  12. AMD Performance after Update

  13. I agree! Strike Back (especially season 2 - 5) its definitely the best depiction of military tactics and procedures I have seen so far. The Characters good and the show is funny at times. But the story is normaly very flat. But tactics wise ist top notch! Realy advise you to watch it!