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  1. Thank you!

    only problem, when moving if TXAA is selected, looks very blury the screen but standing still gives the best quality of all options avaliable
  2. Please Fix the visibility.

    2005 game actually, and the BF2 engine is from 2001, lol
  3. PR Vets, vote here.

    yes, it will be fun once there are tanks and choppers btw map looks very good
  4. Please Fix the visibility.

    well, might as well give scopes to all weapons I guess, including pistols
  5. Please Fix the visibility.

    even more zoom? dont kid, they need to remove all the zoom from all nonscoped guns
  6. Disable ALL chat! PLEASE!

    +1 disable all chat also disable messages that show who entered or left the server, it pops on the screen all the time on populated server, very annoying
  7. V10 - Whats next?

    probably fix patches
  8. if we did, there would be a Squad full of ARs, LATs, etc... it did not work in PR
  9. Dead player tag/nickname

    also, let us disable nametags if we wish
  10. NameTags in the way

    and to realism and more immersion and to better players who will have to learn the hard way also, teamkills will happen with or without nametags I already explained all my reasons back in 2013 when nametags were removed from PR and people were freaking out for nothing
  11. this is a feedback: another reason why nametags whould be disabled all together I mean, is it too hard to differintiate beteween enemy and friendly vehicles? As I said, probably years ago, they can only distanguish by the nametags, if it has nametags dont shoot, if it doesnt, shoot it there is zero skill required in there this hardly happens in PR, since nametags are off, I can even recognize all the sounds in the game, so I know easily what vehicle is coming my way and all gun sounds but in Squad, all we shoot is "things" that dont have nametags on it, so thats when the TKs you mentioned happen if there were no nametags, people would have to learn (skill required), check the map before shooting, etc nametags render behind walls, smoke, when players are down, it`s a mess, cant say otherwise sadly, it removes so much of the immersion Id like to see an option to toggle nametags ON or OFF Id like to see a hardcore server where there are no nametags at all and all of this I already said years ago
  12. Self-Destruct on Vehicles

    maybe if they didn't behave so strangely sometimes and had better physics, but again, it's an alpha
  13. NameTags in the way

    nametags, are you going to let us disable it devs? make a server side thing? it is still a mess since you changed nothing on it yet
  14. Shift zoom in v10

    the permanent zoom is terrible it it so annoyning to have the screen going forward and backwards every time I look down sights in CQB it's even worse, I feel like my eyes are glued to the screen when in close combat why did you do this to us? I mean, you are going to put it in the game, at least put an option in the menu where we can turn if off, just leave the weapon steadiness when pressing shift, nothing else please, make it like in PR, no scope = no zoom, at least give us the option to choose, don't force us to play with it help veterans who one day helped you
  15. Self-Destruct on Vehicles

    maybe they should self-destroy if they are upside down, on its sideways... taking some damage over time? like in PR
  16. Alpha 10

    Squad A10 and PR 1.5 on the same day
  17. Co-op Games of 2018

    Squad, if DEVs add LAN support and bots...
  18. Join us on Discord

    link works for me, first post
  19. not true I heard the same thing in 2012 during the beta of PR 1.0, and nametags are still off
  20. name tags so broken disable = profit
  21. Meu PC roda squad?

  22. Squad on consoles (ps4 and xbox one)

    more platforms would be nice
  23. been around playing PR since 2006, I am used to it
  24. Open test V10 feedback, bugs

    HAPPENS with militia gun too