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  1. I want to be able to shoot "from inside" (or close) the MB without having the projectiles destroyed I am testing localy by myself ATM and that admin command would help me, thx
  2. please give us an admin command to be able to turn off the Main Base Projectile Protection in other words, to be able to shoot in and out Main Base without having the projectiles destroyed... for practing reasons thx
  3. game is already too fast-paced as it is right now
  4. Fuel, Food & Water

    interesting idea at least, they could also be persistent
  5. devs we need an option to be able to toggle on or off global chat I dont think I need to elaborate on this one...
  6. vehicle sounds are bad in general
  7. SquadChat - 9 - ft. StrangeZak (Modding)

    will listen later on youtube
  8. right now, in console there is no text color difference between vanilla maps and mod maps: there should be, would be good and helpful to spot vanilla maps from mods maps
  9. Tank Interiors addition

    some day in 2019 after release
  10. please add this option so I can turn off/on passworded servers
  11. dont remember, but it was a DEV, red tag, sorry I tried to search for it but couldnt find it anymore
  12. How well would this game perform with my PC specs?

    Squad will go heavy on the GPU, your processor is fine
  13. Shorter Animations in Battle/General

    you being shot? looks like you are being too careless in the field paitience is the key too success in this game
  14. Map visible unbuilt emplacements

    no, SL already has build marker, no more stuff on the map
  15. a key bind, that will mute/unmute the chat radio (can make it set to volume zero when pressed) so I can hear and focus on near enemies. I am having the same problem in Squad as I had for many years in PR, when people talk when I need to focus on hearing whats close to me, so a temporary key would help me on those situations, thx
  16. New interface is bad

    I like it now, however I would prefer the square icons (teammates), please allow us to choose, I know some people prefer as it is now, but I liked the squares one better
  17. two things I noticed: when I go to "settings - game - general - maximum FPS" and set a value, say 60, I click "apply" and it works, but next time I restart the game it still says "60" but it doesn't work anymore, unless I change to another value (59 or 61, then 60 again) to make it work. when I go to the "command menu" or "deployment menu" I toggle "viewing roles as player icons" ON, and it works, but on the next map although it is still ON, it doesn't work unless I switch it off and on again also, please, make clicking on the HAB to respawn more responsive, I always end up having to zoom in to click on it because I click on someone else or something else, I know I can use the menu on the left side to click on it, but I like to clicking on the map
  18. Mark Rifleman Ammo Bags on Map

    no please, not another icon on the map
  19. Squad - Public Testing now available on Steam

    thanks, will join it for certain
  20. Is there a memory leak in V11?

    is there a memory leak in A11? Ever since I started playing A11 a few days ago I noticed a problem: it starts using 6gb, then 8gb, then it eats all of my 16gb, it`s so bad I cant get to play unless I restart the game (usually after 1 hour of gaming) is anyone else having this issue? I ask because I suspect the problem may be in my computer, since I havent played lately A10
  21. Vehicles - manual gear switch?