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  1. Alpha 11.1

  2. why can't i run squad??

    the problem is indeed the cpu
  3. staging phase = no vehicle startup

    also people flipping vehicles...
  4. please disable being able to turn on vehicles during staging phase way too many people driving in circles and running people down, plus it would be more organized and add more to adrenaline during the initial battle
  5. it does look like descent, great game, great soundtrack I hope they dont mess it up, descent is still great today:
  6. staging phase = no vehicle startup

    thats not what I want dude
  7. staging phase = no vehicle startup

    how is this punishing anyone? you can still claim vehicles and enter them, just not start the engine, thats my idea
  8. Modding Update 2.0, #1

  9. Rounds are too long.

    there were some PR rounds I played some years ago which lasted 2-3 hours... and I enjoyed it...
  10. would it be possible to zero the gun on the go? without having to aim first? sometimes I am moving, and just want to zero it without having to aim first could do it simply pressing X, instead of aiming then pressing X
  11. (ads/zoom) + (steady/zoom) = :-{

    like this DEVs, ADS = no forced zoom
  12. I dislike so much the "forced zoom" that was introduced in v10, please allow us to not be forced to zoom in when all I want is simply ADS no need for the zoom, it's annoying, make it like PR please then again, when I want is to "focus" for a clear shot, I have even more zoom, please, all I want is to be steady, not to zoom in 1x in the target there is no scope in the gun, then I dont want the zoom my suggestion, is to unbind the "forced zoom" from the "focus" (gun steadiness), maybe in the menu we can choose, so we can disable it then, when disable, it would be like this: Right click: ads (no zoom) Shift: steady (no zoom) please, you fixed the nametags, maybe you can do this too? give the hardcore players this... thx edit: also, having the screen moving forwards and backwards everytime is horrible for CQB
  13. I would like vehicles not be able to be turned on
  14. SquadChat - 3 - ft. Chuc and Fuzzhead

    wil listen to this on weekend, thanks
  15. Is there a memory leak in V11?

    problem still persists for me, after one or two hours I get the 16gb used... I dont believe I will have to reinstall Squad
  16. Is there a memory leak in V11?

    is there a memory leak in A11? Ever since I started playing A11 a few days ago I noticed a problem: it starts using 6gb, then 8gb, then it eats all of my 16gb, it`s so bad I cant get to play unless I restart the game (usually after 1 hour of gaming) is anyone else having this issue? I ask because I suspect the problem may be in my computer, since I havent played lately A10
  17. Has Anyone Else Attempted Work With AI/Bots?

    he is the guy who made Dust2, I am waiting for him to add bots for offline play, but he's been busy lately last time I checked but he also made a mod two days ago, so I dunno

    Squad is shaping up very nicely, so many cool things we couldnt thank for just one thing What a great game it is
  19. New V11 name tags?

  20. What moves Squad into Beta?

    proly will be alpha untill next year, when it should move to beta... I woulndt expect a beta for the next months
  21. Alpha 11

    I feel the same... better fps, better "graphics" and more similar to PR, just a little more fast paced
  22. yes, its always visible which sucks also, why need a SL number if I can just check the compass and know the direction he is always
  23. devs we need an option to be able to toggle on or off global chat I dont think I need to elaborate on this one...