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  1. in 2013 (I think) nametags were removed from PR, and, they even added night maps to make it worse... people were screaming of the forum to change that, saying all sorts of things... and I was fighting against it, to leave it like that people adapted, and became better players, I knew how to recognise enemy by all means: weapon sound fire, direction of where he was heading,, type of skin, tank/apc and all vehicles type of sounds. Also, checking the map. Squad is so "meh" compared to that
  2. that actually makes the game look great and plays much better, but like you said, it disables the compass there should be a way to play like that, but with the compass on the screen, just like PR, then it'd be perfect, and image that being a server-side thing... oh boy, that's a dream come true
  3. you mean like Project Reality? yeah, that's how this game should be also, the messages in UI: a vehicle has been picked up a vehicle has been dropped off a vehicle has been destroyed player has entered the game suicide player player has left the game US have captured DC please give me a way to disable this nonsense
  4. I am also getting this error in one of my computers... need to check it later
  5. LAN Support

    THX, OFC, just gimme LAN, I will take it... at anytime
  6. Release: Alpha 9.10

    thanks for fixing "local"
  7. [Poll] What is the most wanted mod by the community?

    Project Reality Mod Mod (a mod withing a mod)
  8. LAN Support

    hey DEVs, according to a former DEV LAN support should be right around the corner, is that still correct?
  9. Health should be showns

    there's already too much information on the screen
  10. Rally Point

    rallies need some serious nerfing
  11. Name tag distance selection/toggle

    there should be a way to turn off nametags, I already suggested that, btw, is this thread a duplicate?
  12. I think they might add a shader effect later, to make it look like in PR
  13. Movement problems

    yes, it's bugged
  14. REALLY slow motion movement with 9.9

    it's not firing range only, it's in every map that you try to play on local
  15. LAN Support

    hey DEVs, have you ever played on a LAN with friends, and had so much fun with the following protocols? IPX/SPX, TCP/IP, NetBEUI, serial communication Well, I have... too bad I can't do that in Squad... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serial_cable#/media/File:Serial_cable_(blue).jpg
  16. Able to hide your teammate's tag

    DEVs, please, give us a way to disable nametags... either a option in the main menu like I suggested before, or you can implement that in the "streamer mode"... or even a console option which disables it, like "AdminHideTags 1" thanks!
  17. Squad vs. Project reality: discussion

    PR took 12 years to be what it is today, Squad should follow in the same direction, of being something good as PR is...
  18. Suggestion about the game

    this game is indeed way too fast, at least if we compare it to PR.. I heard two years ago that infantry would be slowed down when vehicles were to be added... that was a long time, but it is still way too fast... I'd say this game is about 50% faster than PR (or a little more) edit: I also think it is (finally) going to be slowed after the new animation come in, looking forward to it! edit2: just gotta done watching the August Animation update... it is still too fast
  19. LAN Support

    DEVs, is there going to be LAN support? I want to relive 1995 all over again, please give us LAN support so we can have LAN parties like in the good old days come on, even doom which was released in 1993, which was even before the Internet, has TCP/IP protocol support and a million stuff for it please give us a response! Thanks
  20. Able to hide your teammate's tag

    totally agree, I'd like to see an option in the game menu, to toogle nametags ON/OFF coming from PR, I hate nametags in general, and hate the fact that I can see them even behind solid concrete walls, looks like I have X-Ray vision, pretty silly and breaks totally the immersion they even render from great distances, so annoying, no skill required to distinguish between friendly or foe, just look for nametags and shoot whatever has no nametag, easy mode when there are many people on a vehicle, it's just a mess, nametags on top of nametags... and more nametags please add a toggle nametags ON/OFF Devs, it's not hard, you already have the code done in the admin camera, just copy and paste into the main menu
  21. Bots for Training - WIP

    good job sir
  22. being shot by APCs, tanks, etc also should be insta-kill
  23. Will squad ever come to console?

    I hope it gets released for consoles, so I can play it on my ColecoVision
  24. Squad on ps4/xbox

  25. Squad on ps4/xbox

    I wanna play Squad on my Atari 2600 and my Tiger Eletronic Wrist Game