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  1. (ads/zoom) + (steady/zoom) = :-{

    yeah, thx, will be happy if this is implemented on release or next year after release
  2. I dislike so much the "forced zoom" that was introduced in v10, please allow us to not be forced to zoom in when all I want is simply ADS no need for the zoom, it's annoying, make it like PR please then again, when I want is to "focus" for a clear shot, I have even more zoom, please, all I want is to be steady, not to zoom in 1x in the target there is no scope in the gun, then I dont want the zoom my suggestion, is to unbind the "forced zoom" from the "focus" (gun steadiness), maybe in the menu we can choose, so we can disable it then, when disable, it would be like this: Right click: ads (no zoom) Shift: steady (no zoom) please, you fixed the nametags, maybe you can do this too? give the hardcore players this... thx edit: also, having the screen moving forwards and backwards everytime is horrible for CQB
  3. (ads/zoom) + (steady/zoom) = :-{

    just played the zombie mod for the first time last night, what a great mod... however my experience was a bit frustrating, and guess why? the zoom how am I supposed to hit 4 jumping zombies in the air when everytime I ADS my screen keeps going back and forth? I also loose about 20% peripheral view and it drives me nuts! If I zoom/foucs, its even worse, there goes another 30% making it about 50% lost. I dont need no zoom, allow me to disable the zoom as I said in OP. THAt would be perfect heres a perfect illustration of wat I am talking about: those zombies are pretty fast, I need 100% (normal screen) WITHOUT the zoom DEVs, whats the answer? is it coming as a menu feature in V12?
  4. (ads/zoom) + (steady/zoom) = :-{

    have you seen/played Ground Branch DEVs? no forced unrealistic zoom in there Insurgency (2014) also offers the same possibility with the console command "cl_ads_fov_scale 0.0 "
  5. devs we need an option to be able to toggle on or off global chat I dont think I need to elaborate on this one...
  6. Global Chat option: ON/OFF

  7. yes, Squad right now is like PR on steroids, need some slow down
  8. Co-op PR style?

    Will there be Co-op, like we have in PR? I know it's not a priority right now, but it would be cool to have just like in PR... everyday a whole bunch of people play co-operative in PR... it would hurt not to have AI bots to play with and against hope you guys add this in the future, so we can have Co-op servers to play online or even offline
  9. Co-op PR style?

    for me its the opposite, I have had fun playing with friends over LAN since the 90s wish Squad would add LAN support + bots (AI), so much better playing with friends than online most here are too young to understand that, when there was no internet I was already LAN partying
  10. Co-op PR style?

    I only played coop buring the beta1 and I liked the bots very much
  11. Co-op PR style?

  12. What is the purpose of modding?

    mods have been around for a long time, first game I remember was doom (1993)... which you can still buy today on steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2300/DOOM_II/ mods are never a bad thing, only greedy companies dont allow their games to be modded squad will be much better with modding
  13. Squad vs Insurgency

    since this is sandstorm vs squad, might aswel post here: why is sandstorm using some os squad's sounds?
  14. Squad vs Insurgency

    nah, sandstorm is not using proper LoDs, thats why, will be fixed for next beta I believe
  15. Battlefield 3 Project Reality mod

    I saw this a couple of years ago, tbh I dont think its going to be a thing, I hope I am wrong
  16. Ryzen 5 2600 for Squad ?

    I own a 2600x in one of my pcs and it runs fine, CPU is never the bottleneck in Squad for me, but the GTX 1060 is
  17. Co-op PR style?

    there is a chance of putting AI in the game by them... but only in 2019 after release
  18. Global Chat option: ON/OFF

    if they say they will implement it in 2019 after release, i'd be happy
  19. Global Chat option: ON/OFF

    should I start posting pics here of how bad all chat is? like 99% useless? why cant we disable it?
  20. Co-op PR style?

    *bump* because its been almost four years now so, coop in 2019 after release or not? AI is the future and you guys still ignoring it
  21. June 2018 Recap

    July recap within 24h or riot
  22. Squad v11.2 BAND OF BROTHERS by Rock

    Can I have some shoes? Ok, Ok, I'll work Does it have to be so far? This hammer is heavy Thank you for the new shoes
  23. air assets??

    by the end of the year proly
  24. Alpha 11.2

    they are crushing bugs now, so not months away, more like weeks away I'd say in about 2-4 weeks from now