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  1. Modding Update 2.0, #1

    noice job
  2. Modding Update 2.0, #1

    my guess = will not come out before A12
  3. Share same zeroing grenadier

    LATs and HATs too...
  4. Modding 2.0

    I guess its not ready yet maybe three weeks?
  5. How Long...

    they started working on squad in 2013 and they showed us the game they were making in 2014 for the first time I know the pain, I`ve been waiting for PR2 for along time too and squad is the closest game we get in comparison overall, I am happy with the progress made in the last months and I think things will speed up (still this year)
  6. Official Squad Forum Alert Level

    agree, as I myself am not sure about the medic change... new release must be very close
  7. June 2018 Recap

    not sure I like the medic change, will have to wait and see here's my initial thought on the matter, please devs consider, very important: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbAoITuMqg4&feature=youtu.be&t=640
  8. May 2018 Recap

    because I prefer a big update, like they did before
  9. May 2018 Recap

    I hope we get an update this month instead of the re

    if you change your GPU you will have better framerates, the 1050ti is not very good for squad thats the first thing I would change, I think you will like the results just in changing the GPU I own the 1050ti aswell and the 1060, and the second runs squad much better
  11. tag system and teamkill

    I've been playing with no tags = win
  12. BFV Closed Alpha

    I am too busy playing Squad
  13. Beautiful New Map!

    crysis 2006
  14. AdminChangeMap = Helos + a surprise!

    I am corcerned about that headless guy
  15. Medic bug?

    I got that several times too I will try to explain, probably there was another downed body next to this guy (or close), and that body was the one that got patched... sometimes it`s close, other times it`s far, the game does not register the correct body and that confuses us its a bug
  16. Squad Trailers Removed?

    that explains...
  17. Squad Trailers Removed?

    DEVS, whats the meaning of this?
  18. I dont like nametags in general, at least I can turn them off now to answer your question, I dont think they found a way not to make them render behind walls/objects yet...
  19. Give ammo bags to the riflemen

    they will add it, I am sure
  20. also, uncheck AMBIENT OCCLUSION, since it also kills FPS a lot
  21. Will I run it decently

    I have a 2600X
  22. Will I run it decently

    I have similar rig for one of my PCs, it does run well in 1080p on medium settings