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  1. Admin command for insta spawn

    no, just testing by myself, I mean, learning stuff, and a command to insta spawn would be good, but I am using adminslomo 30 for now
  2. We need more Skirmish

    yeahhh, thx, it will be better for seeding
  3. just like on the firing range, there should be an admin command that would remove the necessity to wait (for being killed or suicide) for the spawn timer to reach 0 came across this idea now that I am testing something and needed to kill myself So I am using the adminslomo right now to make the time go faster, and I have to undo this action every time, so an AdminInstaSpawn command is appreciated
  4. why only few maps have skirmish? all maps should have at least one skirmish layout avaliable for seeding also, you forgot to turn the lights on on sumari skirmish
  5. SquadChat - 10 - ft. Drav

    will watch on youtube when its avaliable
  6. well, maybe nerf a little then maximum speed: 15km/h (instead of 18km/h right now) the fully stamina regeneration while stopped would remanin the same as it is now: 20 seconds and then you could buff a little the stamina while jogging, right now it takes 60 seconds to fully regenerate, and it could be 45 seconds Those numbers are a little more realistic and wouldn't break the game I think it'd a good balance
  7. sprinting needs a nerf the sprinting speed in-game is 5mt/s (or 18km/h) thats basically what a professional marathon runner goes, which is incredibly fast for a soldier in gear then the stamina will fully regenerate in only 20 seconds (if stopped) you can sprint almost 200mts with a full stamina, stop for 20 seconds, then sprint more 200mts I used to run and I'd sprint 150 mts in 25 seconds (or a little less), then I would rest (jogging) for 20-30 seconds, and sprint more 150 mts and I would do that 20 times I was not at professional level, but I'd train with a professional guy this game is so fast-paced in so many ways
  8. I want to be able to shoot "from inside" (or close) the MB without having the projectiles destroyed I am testing localy by myself ATM and that admin command would help me, thx
  9. please give us an admin command to be able to turn off the Main Base Projectile Protection in other words, to be able to shoot in and out Main Base without having the projectiles destroyed... for practing reasons thx
  10. game is already too fast-paced as it is right now
  11. Fuel, Food & Water

    interesting idea at least, they could also be persistent
  12. vehicle sounds are bad in general
  13. SquadChat - 9 - ft. StrangeZak (Modding)

    will listen later on youtube
  14. right now, in console there is no text color difference between vanilla maps and mod maps: there should be, would be good and helpful to spot vanilla maps from mods maps
  15. Tank Interiors addition

    some day in 2019 after release