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  1. Ok, i need help :(

    I don't know for sure if it's the PSU did the computer crash or restart? if it restarted it's more likely to be the PSU if it just crashed, then it can be CPU/motherboard etc... also, testing Prime95 will only make your processor heat up a lot and live less and why do you test furmark together with prime? no good... that it expected to crash anyway you need to test each component by itself, don't you have another PC to do that? or a friend's PC? if the computer is restarting it may be the PSU that is not providing enough power the the components are stressed, or your PSU may be overheating and making the PC restart, which model is the PSU?
  2. Ok, i need help :(

    looks like your PSU is defective to me... but have you tested the memory with memtest already? forget about prime95 and gpu benchmark, they are useless for testing PC hardware also, no need to test for 17 hours straight, it doesn't mean anything
  3. looking forward to the LAN mode so we can play with friends, right?
  4. +1 for offline (aka LAN - Local Area Network)
  5. How can run more 43fps....

    I believe the problem is the GPU, since that proc and RAM are ok
  6. How can run more 43fps....

    lower game settings bth that GPU is not that good anymore
  7. put down a COOP gamemode in there, just for the pressure
  8. EAC Launch error "untrusted system file

    I get same error (or similar) on one of my computers... I guess you have some Adobe software installed?
  9. How would you feel about a FOB build timer?

    not bad... also, make players wait 2 minutes before being able to spawn on FOBs, just like good old PR DEVs...
  10. Any update on AI development?

    AWESOME, thanks!
  11. Too many games?

    I noticed that too... but 10+ years ago
  12. Lan

    yeah, I brought this up back in 2014, I asked for LAN support and bot support as soon as Squad was announced in the PR forums
  13. Radio silence toggle key

    I like this idea... before mumble was integrated in PR I had problems with people using mumble to say useless information while I was trying to hear enemies close to me... that pissed me off until I started telling them to shut up, which I don't think is a nice thing to do So I started muting and unmuting mumble whenever I needed to...
  14. Turn off enemy vehicles

    I think he means turn off parked enemy vehicles that were left with the engine on...
  15. allow me to play tetris while I wait, much better