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  1. Came back for v10 TAGS/SPAWN opinion

    what you want (nametags fixing and respawn time adjustments) will be fixed very soon
  2. March 2018 Recap

    they are going to include an option to turn them off for me that = fixed annoying nametags, they have been around for almost 4 years now
  3. March 2018 Recap

    I knew back in 2015 nametags would be fixed someday, finally
  4. How long till it die ?

    I am right here watching buddy... well, I play old games a lot: doom and doom2 (1993), duke nukem (1995), quake (1996), medal of honor: AA (2001), warcraft3 (2002), PR (2005), Command and Conquer: RA (2008) and others, as well as being fan of old arcade games: 70s, 80s and 90s and currently the only new game that I play a lot is Squad (for the most time, sometimes I play Day of Infamy, etc) and what makes me play older games is the fact that new games (since the mid 2000s) suck so much I will not explain all the problems I see in them, in comparison to games of the past, but I like the fact that Squad is most going in the wrong direction in comparison the every major game that is released today so I know Squad will not die soon, but I still want to see LAN support DEVs
  5. after playing the weekend I changed my mind, nametags were made worse than before
  6. Immediate loss of a fire support kit

    you sure you weren't kicked from the squad? because if you were, that happens
  7. GPU hitting 90C after 10.1 update

    that's quite hot temp for the gpu, mine runs 80c and processor 82c
  8. LAN Support

    bump, any progress on LAN?
  9. after playing a little more I am still annoyed by nametags... you guys should make them NOT render when: - friendlies are down (injured) - behind walls, smoke (if possible) or too far way - when inside vehicles (transport truck and APC are a cluster when many ppl are inside them, it just doesn`t look right)
  10. yes they are big, I think they changed the font type, so they seem bigger on the other hand, when inside vehicles, the names that show when entering them or changing seats on the lower right hand side is tiny I can barely read them and I use a 48 inch TV dont know why it was changed, it was good before now it`s horrible so yeah, make nametags smaller, give option to choose transparency, and revert the changes to player names inside vehicles so we can read it
  11. Alpha 10.1

    thanks, played a little and liked the fixes/changes so far
  12. the update in nametags was a nice touch, however I still think you guys should give players the ability to disable them I suggested it a long time ago, but now I had a different (kinda) idea since the updated changed the transparency in nametags, why not also give us the ability to choose how much we want it on the screen? like 100% the way it is now, and 0% would be totally invisible coming from PR, nametags are such a distraction for me, they do more harm than good for me I can mention other problems I see in nametags, but just this is enough for now thanks
  13. So 10.1 another update is out and...

    havent tried it yet but thanks for the update it seems that the stamina system will be much better now
  14. [WIP] Korengal Valley [Vanilla]

    my guess is either in three weeks or soon
  15. [WIP] Korengal Valley [Vanilla]

    will done when you are