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  1. Medic bug?

    I got that several times too I will try to explain, probably there was another downed body next to this guy (or close), and that body was the one that got patched... sometimes it`s close, other times it`s far, the game does not register the correct body and that confuses us its a bug
  2. Squad Trailers Removed?

    that explains...
  3. Squad Trailers Removed?

    DEVS, whats the meaning of this?
  4. I dont like nametags in general, at least I can turn them off now to answer your question, I dont think they found a way not to make them render behind walls/objects yet...
  5. Give ammo bags to the riflemen

    they will add it, I am sure
  6. also, uncheck AMBIENT OCCLUSION, since it also kills FPS a lot
  7. Will I run it decently

    I have a 2600X
  8. Will I run it decently

    I have similar rig for one of my PCs, it does run well in 1080p on medium settings
  9. 530mb steam workshop update today.

    NICE, new SDK hoping to see mods being updated and new ones
  10. Current Priority #1

    thanks for the info
  11. 530mb steam workshop update today.

    if they update something you are subscribed to, you will get the update too... also, if you unsubscribed it will give you the update, in that case, it will erase from you computer the mod
  12. 530mb steam workshop update today.

    if it`s workshop, how can we know? check what you have subscribed to...
  13. Upgrade from gtx950 to 1060 6G?

    definitely, I own one 6GB and one 3GB model, they are good
  14. May 2018 Recap