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  1. Released?

    yes, 5 years 2014-10-10 was when I first saw images/footage of Squad, source: https://www.realitymod.com/forum/showthread.php?t=131654 I was much hypped then, now I am not, and I advise you not to be, because you can be let down
  2. [WIP] Ramiel (Black Hawk Down) PR Maps Remastered

    very impressive!
  3. Alpha 16.1 Released

    my game was updated to V16... maybe yours wasn't
  4. Alpha 16.1 Released

    120.5MB here

    dont try to make the game badder than what it already is, and already too bad!
  6. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    looks like there is still hope for the veterans afterall, thx fuzz
  7. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    OWI used the PR fanbase to get the kickstarter going, now they dont need us anymore, so they turned their game into BF style to make more money, sad but true
  8. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    No, you see, PR devs do not have access to the source code of the game, so they did what they could...besides, PR engine is 18 years old I believe despite this, I am almost reinstalling PR after 4 years... Squad is such a disappointment
  9. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    PR was actually born in 2004 (before the release of BF2 in 2005), when footage/demo of BF2 was shown in that year
  10. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    it is not because of the alpha thats the road they are going to, and there is no turning back... they want a wider audience (more money ofc), and for us, that sucks Squad is indeed the BF2 sucessor, I even made a thread about it, so if we want to make this game less stupid, we are going to have to mod it ourselves
  11. staging phase = no vehicle startup

    good job, finally they added it too bad it took +1 year to realize this
  12. Vehicle H.U.D. to a minimum

    I wish there was an option to turn those icons off, but devs keep stacking stuff on my HUD with every update its getting ridiculous why does it have to tell me how to bandage every time I get shot? I mean, its nice to see it a couple of times if you are new to the game, but why no option to turn it off after you learned? jeez, I have +10 years of PR, almost 4+ in Squad and I feel retarded seeing a message telling me I have no bandages and I am bleeding what are they gonna do next? make a message pop up telling you to reload your gun when your empty? at least give an option to turn it off, or are you trying to compete with Battledfield here and thats why the game gets more and more arcade with every patch? have mercy
  13. I updated my BIOS change NVIDIA driver one more time tested on V16 (local) problem seems to be fixed, you may close this now, thanks!
  14. Alpha 16 Test + OISC Kickoff

    I think it does not matter much, people who already have it downloaded will probably receive just a patch, or if you dont (like me), you will have to download the whole thing, its up to you the choice maybe next year, I still remember when choppers were close to be releases back in 2015
  15. Building is useless

    yes, you totally have a point, the game plays very fast, so its kinda useless if you played PR it made sense in there, because PR is way slower in Squad you just run, run, die, run some more, so no point in holding an area well protected