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  1. you had a bad team, or the enemy team was too good besides, this map is small, so you cant expect that (enemy close to main) its not always like this
  2. Suppression

    true... I also would like to see my screen "shake" when I get hit, so I cant fire back so easily
  3. A13 came out bringing so many bad features, making the game even more arcade that what it already was then on the same week I played the new version of Sandstorm, which included a new gamemode called Hardcore, and I had this idea, we need something like this in Squad too... a new gamemode called Hardcore, or whatever in this gamemode, you will be kicked on the balls and punched to the face with these changes: - suppression works both ways <==> | >==< - no nametags rendering through walls, no nametags or friendly icons above heads beyond 50 meters - no ZOOM for nonscoped guns, only weapon steadiness when pressed SHIFT (but make it last longer, 10 secs?) - rework of stamina system, because now its unrealistic - greatly decrease max sprint speed (around 25% slower that current speed, much more realistic) - bring back INSTA-DEATH (why devs?), and make it 3 minutes cooldown - remove the magical buddy rally these features shoundnt use much "dev time" to put in the game, and if you do so, and the mode is well accepted, we can have more sophisticated stuff in later releases cant wait to play on something like this...
  4. Low FPS on High-end PC

    op, you need to upgrade your CPU, the FX series is notorious for being bad at Squad
  5. why not make the turret so it stops moving, like in PR devs?
  6. High VRAM usage crash

    it won't help I think, I play on SSD I have a 1080 and my game uses all 8GB of VRAM but I play on 4k
  7. Jensen's Range Reset

    its been broken for a while, they need to fix it
  8. I noticed this way back in V10, and reported it, but now it works for me
  9. "I dont like voice lines, therefore nobody should have fun with it"
  10. Suppression

    I think it should supress friendly too...
  11. Alpha 14 Patch Notes

    fast update, thanks
  12. Surrender Role

    Although it has no use now, I think it will have in the future... we need to wait and see well, for now, I'd like the unnarmed class to do more: - be able to punch, so we can make rings and fight each other (PR feelings) - be able to exercise, because its important to be in shape, you know - salute - raise one hand only, to greet people around please add you wish list too, this class needs new addition *not trolling btw, all this would be much fun
  13. Alpha 13 Survey Review

    I was thinking the same, after I played Sandstorm's new gamemode: hardcore, it`s pretty cool
  14. Alpha 13 Survey Review

    I am not surprised, as most players are not Squad or PR vets unless you want to make your game more and more like Battlfield or even CoD, you should stop trying to base your game on surveys
  15. Voice Lines?

    Negative I dont play PR anymore, I play Squad voice lines give me PR feelings, they are here to stay, because those feelings are so good