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  1. Vehicles - manual gear switch?

  2. holding shift allows us to control the vehicle speed a little, but how about allowing us to manually do it? like any racing game? anders would have a lot work to do
  3. the speed of animations

    the game is still too fast IMO
  4. Limited Alpha 12 Test Oct 10th

    when is the next one gonna be?
  5. Melee Weapons

  6. Losing Patience

  7. Suggestion about weapon sway

    tried pressing shift? it lasts 7 seconds
  8. Regarding V.12

  9. Losing Patience


    I also think the smoke could be better, has anyone noticed how quickly the smoke grenade moves? it's like the weather is all windy and always moving in the same direction they also go through walls a little (and other effects too)
  11. September 2018 Recap

    I liked the vehicle changes, can we get a sample of the new sounds? Anders?
  12. (ads/zoom) + (steady/zoom) = :-{

    thats wat I want to see, no zoom at all will we see it in A13? (if not in A12): please
  13. Belaya's graphics bug

    its a problem with the map, we need to wait for a fix (v12?)
  14. Recap = September

    I think there will be no recap this month, instead V12 very soon
  15. Regarding V.12

    I feel so much better now