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  1. Angel Dust

    nice work!
  2. this is interesting indeed, +1
  3. Are there any bot mods yet?

    oh, there is a free game called Digital Paintball 2, I recommend playing it with friends with you can, it's fun and has AI to play with and against. It's a cool game, although I didn't play much of it, and last time I played what like 7 years ago, but I remember playing with friends at home, there is a ton of maps avaliable I remember that well too I think it runs of the Quake3 engine, or something like that, so it's not CPU nor GPU intense... here's the link if anyone wants to check it out: http://digitalpaint.org/ but one more recent game I look forward to is Ground Branch, they are doing an amazing job with the AI... also waiting for this since it was announced 2 or 3 years ago btw, I watched this some time ago, and it came to my mind now, you must watch this, it's awesome:
  4. yes, it's the fire extinguisher. I dont know if the vehicle needs to be on for this to work. My guess is that it doesn't matter and it will work wether it's on or off...
  5. Are there any bot mods yet?

    That will depend on how they are programmed to behave. But as I said, I would be happy with bots like in BF2/PR, with just a little improvement But in BF2/PR they don't depend on each other (or the player), you can have 1 bot or you can have 96 bots, it doesn't matter. They even fight each other without any player on the teams. I kind skipped Verdun, I will take a look into that... edit: yeah, it sucks
  6. I think you mean "if it is ON"? right?
  7. Are there any bot mods yet?

    I am not aware of how it plays on Win10, last time I checked I was on Win7 and it was just fine... bots can't be dumb, they are programmed only to do certain tasks, but I see what you mean with that... Also, I saw some AI works on UE, and I was amazed by how well it can can be done (yes, a lot of work included there) well, last time I played doom I had fun, the levels were huge, the monster waves were gigantic, there was even a level-up system. It was just for fun really. I might get into that again... commanding bots would be cool, like I said, I could command Zeus to my follow my orders in Quake, also in Operation Flashpoint there were bots to follow commands, and other games, but even If they included simple bots to walk around, cap and defend flags, shoot me, take cover, do the basic stuff, I'd be take that and be happy with it. I might get into UE and give it a try since it's very friendly, problem is that I lack time and the last time I programmed something was in Delphi, but that was 20 years ago
  8. Are there any bot mods yet?

    No, you got it wrong, I am not planning to host a server and play on the same machine Yes, I have good and fast Internet connection and I have already seen that configuration page, it's interesting, thanks But yes I think I can host and play on the same machine if I wanted too, I just won't do it (maybe? :D). It also depends on the DEVs. And if I do in the future, it will only be for LAN with friends (I mean, host and play on the same machine, I've done it many times before). And hosting a server online, ehn, I probably won't do it (unless there are coop support like in PR/BF2? :D) You can turn it off with a small trick: post some text, hit enter twice of three times but don't post the link yet, then type some more text, go back and post the link, then finally keep typing until you are done. I have plenty of cakes to go around . I will eat some and save others in the refrigerator for later when I am really hungry. edit: also, I was like more talking about other games that don't even offer the option of hosting offline, and when they do, you need to rent a server, no mod support (just the stock game or take their one billion DLCs). I wasn't talking about Squad, it was a more a rant, Squad isn't even in beta.
  9. Are there any bot mods yet?

    @ctbear in OP, I remember some time ago, in a monthly recap or something there was something about a guy working on bots, here's the footage he recorded at the time: this reminds of the last time I played doom in 2014 (the 1992/1993 versions) and fighting a horde of one thousand demons and monsters, there are so many game-modes for doom, I think ID also gave away the source code of doom, because the amount of insanity I've seen for this game is out of this world. also, and looking at his channel, he made these, which are super cool IMO: so, yeah, we can expect bots for sure, I look forward to the new release and hopes it comes with the super awesome updated mod tools, but really waiting for the DEVs to give us something "cool"
  10. Are there any bot mods yet?

    I am with you ctbear, I started playing coop back in 92 (I think), can't say precisely, but as far as I remember I played doom, warcraft2, duke nukem 3D, heretic, hexen, hexen2 and the list goes on and on.... so many games, so much. back then, there was no Internet, so I used all kind of network protocols many here have no idea they exist: NeBUI, IPX/SPX, serial-link cable (not really protocol), TCP then finally TCP/IP in late 90's (1995 and on I believe) with the internet. Also used a modem to dial up my friends and play. With a modem or serial-link cable, I was limited to only two players, but still somewhat fun. Then came the Internet around 1995, and in 1996 and I got addicted to Quake. On weekends it was 12 hours or more just on Quake. I used to play CTF (capture the flag) for the most part, and it was one of the best shooters I have played till this very day. Quake was the first real 3D shooter I played, it was the first shooter to allow multiple players over IPX/SPX and TCP/IP protocols I played (up to 16). ID certainly did a great job on this masterpiece and if we can play online today like we do, they sure helped to start it. In 1996 I also made my first "virtual friends", then after some time we started to join together in LAN parties, many times that happened in my house. On those parties we did not play coop, we wanted to play PvP with a lower latency. With modems and a phone line the latency (ping) was around 300ms and on LAN parties with coaxial cable (yes, no RJ-45 cables yet) the ping was around 30ms. Then I finally bought a HUB and changed my network to RJ-45 (star topology). Two years later (me thinks) ID releases the source code, and Quake was soon flooded with lots of content: maps, mods, total conversions, partial conversions, bots (yes!) and so many things. There are so many things for Quake till this day that it makes it look like a different game, like HI-RES textures, effects, lightning, etc. It even requires a modern PC to run with these on, believe or not Well, I happened to have played pretty much against (or in coop) every quake bot that there is, unless there are some I am not aware of. I won't be able to remember their names from the top of my head, and I think the first one I played was the Zeus bot, it was a bot that would help me against the enemies in Quake. I remember I could give orders to the bot and he would help me like a loyal pet, pretty cool idea. But the awesome part was when I started to play against the bots, to practice first and then just for fun. I would test every bot and see which one would have the best behavior, similar to a human being. As I said, I can't remember now their names now, but in the video I posted a player fights a deathmatch against the Omicron bot. Having played Quake for so many years, I can say that this bot is awesome and behaves pretty much like a quake player. Actually bots in Quake were so good that I myself got shocked when played my first deatchmatch against one. It just looked like a human being, and a skilled one. It didn't feel "cheap" or anything like that. And in all honesty, it didn't feel like the bot was "cheating". I know this was 20 years ago, and bots in Squad would be totally different, but I am telling this from a personal experience. Also, I know bots in Quake were pretty simple due to the nature of the game, and with today's games it would take more work to program AI (or bots) to behave like or similar a human. Also, the source code was avaliable, so that also helped. I liked this game so much that I started backing up all the free content I could find on the Internet and burn it to DVDs. I own a huge collection and can come back to it till this day. Well (again), in 97 or 98 I was so much addicted to CTF. Clan matches and tournaments were becoming a thing. Still no broadband and the phone bill up the sky. The ping was really a issue, and there were so many disconnections due to modems and phone lines not being reliable. I remember when I was playing, and someone would call me, my game would stop and disconnect. So, the coolest experience was to invite friends to LAN parties. 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 sometimes. It was a hard task back then. Most of us had to live in the same city, but there were some people who would travel (yes, carrying a PC on a bus or car) just for a few days of gaming in LANs. OFC these people had to be hosted. I myself hosted them sometimes. In 1999 I got ADSL (256k or something) and it was such an improvement over my 56k modem. I could finally play Quake online with 80ms latency, however I still prefered to have friends over at parties. With more and more people getting online, this habit started dying. Also, there were now LAN houses, so people would go to these places, but it just wasn't the same experience as LAN parties at someone's house. Games also started to become boring in so many ways (I explain later, a little) So, I started building another computer and I got one as a gift or something from the company. Now I could invite people and we could have a small parties and they didn't need to bring PCs. So we played some games, PvP or against bots. I liked to play CTF against bots, but bots in CTF weren't good, because in CTF we have the "grappling hook", and they just don't know how to use it properly. So I put lots of bots to compesate for that, and humans only on the other team :D. I never had so much fun in a game, playing with people you know and are in the same room as you is next level, even with mediocre CTF bots. I also played sometimes PvP (online) but my friend was on my team and sitting next to me :D. So we could communicate easily (Quake is a fast-paced game) and there was no Skype back then, just MIRC and ICQ. Like ctbear said, I also like milsim and I L-O-V-E Squad (despite somethings DEVs put in Squad I hate :D). I started BF2 in 2006 and PR in the same year. Pretty much being around since the begining and also being part of the team for sometime. Also being an admin in PR and helped spread the word on Squad in 2014-2015, doing some small jobs with Litorallis. But I got tired in so many ways and for so many reasons, it even detiriorate my health, so I went away for some time and just came back, but now with a different approach. So, to wrap it up now and come back to the topic, here are somethings I fell/believe or have experienced and some of my rants: - I love coop and I am amazed by AI, I like to be in control and play things my way. And I like to do that with friends (people I know). - I hate the fact that so many games today don't offer bot/AI support anymore. Thank UE it does! - I hate the fact that so many games today don't offer mod support. Thank DEVs Squad does! - I hate the fact that so many games don't even give me the option of creating a server. Why? What happened? I was able to create a server (sort of) back in 1992 but in 2017 I can't? I need to use special programs in order to do that or "rent a server". Come on! I can play a 21-year old game today if I wan't, host it, make it go online, mod the heck out of it, but I can't do that in 2017! And those DLCs are out of control nowadays! - I am sick of cancerous people and even communities. No details. - I hate the fact tha people come here to bash this thread. They have absolutly nothing to add and come quickly to talk non-sense. There is a simple question in OP and title, but people come angry. Like adding bots in going to ruin Squad somehow. I don't know what these people think. Thanks moderator thread is cleaner now. - I understand Squad is focused in PvP, otherwise it wouldn't even go greenlit. But why the hostility against people like me? I have been around since the 80's following the computer and network evolution, and seeing the how the gaming industry is going downhill again. Know about the 1983 game crash? I forsee it will happen again (for different reasons now) in the near future. Or maybe it won't, INDIEs may have the day in the end, but changes are coming. Having mod support and bot/AI is a great way to keep the game alive. Why is PR still played today? It all started 12 years ago, that's crazy. All thanks to mod suport, dedicated DEVs and a faithful community. It's a great game (mod, whatever) and if it stops being developed today, I can still play it! I can make a server, I can play offline, I can play with bots and friends at home. Guess what, I can't do any of that with more recent versions of BF. And I know why... I know why... Hey, did you know that I can play doom online today? No, I am not talking about the game that got released recently, I am talking about the 1992 version! Yes, that is avaliable to be played, there is mod support (well, sort of :D), there is AI to play against and so many possibilities. That's a 25-year-old game!!! And it's still great. Thanks again ID, another masterpiece they put out. I can also play Warcraft3 online today, Blizzard is still working on the game and releasing patches after 15 years! Thanks them, there is a variety of content for WC3 made by the community, and my beloved AI support. They will probably release a HD version of the game soon, can't wait! Blizzard rocks So, you are not old enough, much of I wrote here won't make too much sense and will be hard to understand, I could write so many more things and that's enough I think. Bots won't steal or harm any of the players from PvP. It will actually add more players in the to the game (specially in the longrun) and make Squad even better (and DEVs richer :D). Please DEVs consider adding bot to this great game you are making. People like to say it's not a priority and all that, but honestly, how long would take a skilled DEV to add it? I can't really say since I am no programmer, nor I have knowledge of current Squad development, but I believe it would take a week or less for a skilled Squad DEV to add this feature. At least in the current state of Squad. We don't want advanved bots, with similar behavior to humans, but just give us something to shoot at and that shoots back at us, will you? I strongly believe they could add this in a week or less, and these bots would be way better than the ones in PR and other games. UE is so powerful. There is an AI folder in the SDK, does it mean DEVs are adding bot support or is it standerd UE? Come on DEVs you can make it! Go, go, go! Will come back later for more ranting if DEVs don't answer me why? why are we joking? just lost a subscriber son nah just kidding, I like your content
  11. Are there any bot mods yet?

    where is Melon Muncher when we need him?
  12. Are there any bot mods yet?

    released in 1996, played the heck out of this game:
  13. Are there any bot mods yet?

    come on DEVs, no bots in Squad yet? time to hire an AI programmer then
  14. having nametags showing up when teammates are behind 3 or 4 wall blocks, smoke, etc, is also pretty lame, specially when they are a mile way from me, and the nametags just pop up, it's crazy I can this feature X-RAY VISION TBH I don't know what they were thinking... We need a PR MOD into Squad, or hardcore servers to "fix" (remove, delete, erase, etc) these kind of things
  15. Project Reality: v1.4 Released!

    awesome, 20 "new" maps in total cool! very nostalgic