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  1. Servers Unavailable (Aug 6)

    I just watched this video, no joke: the future sucks and I am too old already
  2. PR oldie, Squad newbie

    PR vet here, since 2006 forget Squad at its current state, it looks more like battlefield than anything else the only thing that will save this game is a mod, or if they introduce a gamemode completely different from the ones we have now I am almost uninstalling squad.... not much time to play plus dont enjoy it anymore, so why play it? I'd rather play something else just waiting V16 drop, if nothing changes, I will uninstall it... but my expectations are low at this point
  3. did not play the map, just quickly checked it... I liked it, it has a PR feeling to it... maybe because its desert
  4. just gives players extra oppoturnity to TK or get TKed, just because round in ending I can tell this is a pain in the admins butt also, just because others game do it, does not mean Squad has to copy it not every feature is a good feature, sometimes simple things work better
  5. Whats the Deal with the DLC/CAF Mod?

    I dont like it man, DLCs on Squad? pretty soon we will have to pay to play them... I woundnt be surprised, I mean, look what they did to Squad, right?
  6. Feedback on current development.

    this game is having an identity crisis, it does not know what it wants to be (or does it?)
  7. yes, its becoming casual, with no turning back now sad but true
  8. ROADMAP - but why?

    my guess would be in: BETA 1 (after or with opitimization)
  9. Post about Squad’s vision/direction by Merlin

    true, although I'd love a PR mod, thats not how to do things
  10. Post about Squad’s vision/direction by Merlin

    what about a new gamemode called PR? that would be a "mod" "within a game", disguised as a "gamemode"
  11. Squad on Console

    these days, who knows... but I doubt, if they do release it on consoles, it will be a "butchered" version of Squad...
  12. because there is intense files activity when updating... this happens to me too (I am on SSD) its very shitty, but they might fix/change this in the future, for now, I dont think there is much to be done from us but live with it
  13. ROADMAP - but why?

    http://joinsquad.com/roadmap/ finally a roadmap... but I wish this was released, hum, 3 years ago? anyway, this roadmap is so mediocre, sorry to say, so little information that might aswell not give us a roadmap at all besides, I could predict that choppers would come soon (V16/V17) and that the BETA/commander was close to be released too so.. nothing new there, unless they will detail the roadmap at anytime with more info, because right now, nothing new/or almost no info the only thing that I wasnt sure was about new factions, good to see, we need them just for comparison, Sandstorm's roadmap, thats a roadmap: http://newworldinteractive.com/sandstorm-roadmap/ I didnt catch the chat live today, but will listen to it on weekend... I hope for good news!
  14. Flashbang

    I think he means cheaper in real life?