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  1. Squad: Block warfare

    Don't you just love the field of blocks? Ironically, now i can get 100fps...
  2. How do you feel when you lose?

    Lmao i dont give a **** about losing or winning whats wrong with ur EGO :D:D:D
  3. This bug happens when you have your gun at automatic mode, but still just click single shots. Other people in your team will think that you just mindlessly keep shooting as it sounds like automatic fire. I think its a bug worth fixing cause it caused some wtf moments last game Edit: oops maybe wrong thread?
  4. How long does a ban hold?

    ok.. thanks!
  5. I've been banned from one server due to an argument with a squadleader i had.. propably two months ago (resulted in teamkilling). Then there is another server that i am banned from, and I have absolutely no idea why. Seems like people are really easily kicking/banning people, how long does it hold?
  6. Its the CPU. Not that you have a bad one, but this game has alot of performance issues having to do with CPU. They are fixable so just wait. Same as above.
  7. Cpu intensive tasks dont necessarily create 100% cpu usage, especially if all of those actions are called on the exact same core and every pawn goes through the same intensive tasks, creates a huge overhead and cpu usage drops down to 30% etc... Thus bad performance.
  8. Alpha 7.7 Released

    I have i7 4770k and gtx 970. On medium settings i can manage 170 fps in Rainbow six Siege. Squad, everything low I get 20fps. This game is literally the worst performing game i have ever own. Unreal Engine 4 was a bad idea.
  9. Unreal Engine was very wrong game engine for this type of gameplay because of the way it handles pawns and calls animations. Those actions are really CPU intensive on this game engine, and 60 players on one server = disaster. They should've went with something else, maybe even Unity 5?
  10. 35% CPU usage, how to get it higher?

    Thanx for the input guys! Though i have tried to disable hyperthreading, it did nothing for me for gaming expecially for squad, but i lost rendering power with for example Blender. This computer is used for other tasks aswell that need that feature, and disabling it does nothing for the gameplay. I'll try what unparking cores would do.
  11. My CPU is i7 4770k, I have huge FPS problems when over 60 player servers. I dropped everything low, also the resolution scale to 50%, no change to the fps its still around 30-40. GTX 970. The fps problems are all CPU related. Why is the CPU usage so bad (35%) and is it possible to get higher somehow? EDIT: Oh and its not about power settings All other games work just fine.
  12. I signed up for Friday! Really awesome idea Steam ID Killmore53
  13. Bad internet = bad fps? You seem to know pretty much about gaming not really. And BTW my up and down both are 100mb/s so my internet is pretty "high end" too.
  14. I have i7 4770k and the same thing happens to me.. 72 player servers are 30-40fps. i7 4770k is a pretty high end processor and still isnt enough
  15. Nowadays hyperthreading doesnt force game logic to the "virtual cores" so having hyperthreading turned off makes no difference. It used to be a problem but it has been ironed out.