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  1. AC-130

    No. What a boring position to play, stats would look crazy Kill: 45,494 Time played: 6 Hours Kit's played: c130 call sign spooky Times in command: 0 Friends: 0 Friends: 0 FRIENDS ZEEEEEEEEROOOOOO.

    Possibly remove the Stamina/Health bar, apart from that it looks good.
  3. How to deal with Team killers.

    Be upset, its squad humour. LIGAF
  4. How to deal with Team killers.

    There's threads here that go above and beyond jokes and are extremely racist considering I worked among various religions and ethnicities for years and continue to do so now I don't think anyone has the right to call anyone racist. Granted the jokes were a little tight there's worse threads on the forum. If its bothered you that much, im sorry you clicked the thread and had to reply but if you want to delve in the minutiae of what's posted here on the forums be my guest. Last thing I want is to upset guys who's never served nor left their house or office to experience the world and what racism actually is. That is all.
  5. So here's an idea on how to deal with team killers. As per some Arma 3 servers, when you die during the game because of various User interface mods you can't just quickly tap ESC and respawn it's almost somewhat mandatory to wait for a revive. My Idea is that when a excessive amount of Team kills has taken place by one individual said individual is not kicked from the server and banned instead the Team killer is sent to do remedial duties on some far corner of the map, the only way the Team killer is able to escape is either by waiting for a 20 minute timer to count down, or complete the remedial duties set in front of him. This wouldn't be some general punishment, but the punishments they do undertake will instill a ethos of team work which hopefully corrects the defunct part of their brain. The remedial duties could include Blufor Painting coal: this means the Team killer can roam a small area of the map which is laden with hundreds of coal bits and when he approaches a coal piece they have to hold Q Select Paint Coal and select Paint Coal white. the positive reinforcement that could be used here is for every piece of coal painted is a 0.05% point to his team. Running laps: Again, two randomly generated waypoints at different distances and direction could appear, the offender has to run to each waypoint and its successor, whilst doing this text or a voice could pop up saying - ''congratulations, every mile you run you reduce the Digging time on a fortification for your team, keep up the good work'' Shit burning: The offender is placed in front of four latrines with barrels underneath, the offender has to approach each barrel and repeatedly click until a bar is filled up, this will simulate the stirring of the shit, once that is done it then starts to smoke, the offender needs to stir all the shit barrels and not let the smoke go out, or they have to restart the barrels. the more shit burnt the less sin bin times. Opfor: Suicide IED: Offender is respawned with nothing but a suicide belt on, he has 5 minutes to get at least one kill, if he succeeds he can rejoin his guys, if he fails he then has to.... Weapon maintenance: Offender has to approach 4/5 weapons and click repeatedly to satisfy his squads needs, should he fail the time regains 1 minute. Hot box: Offender is placed in a box with 1 hole to see out of release could come between 0:01 second at 19:59. Let me know what you think or better still, add your own punishment!!!! TL:DR - Punishments are issued to excessive and repeated team kills, offenders are placed in a section of the map to do hard labour which will improve certain squad abilities i.e Build objects quicker, Heal slightly faster. The offender has no choice but to do the duties and learn from his mistakes, wait out a 20 minute timer (can be changed by admin) or to ALT F4, should the offender ALT F4 said offender is banned from the server for ##Days. EDIT: Should the admin deem the team kill to be accidental they can 'FORCE RESPAWN' the offender and no punishment has to be undertaken. Further EDIT: To remove some jokes made so as to stop the pointless aggressive messages and PM's - Lighten up.
  6. Share a mag with your buddy

    Is this a potential for a new class? i.e the ammo barer? One dedicated unit to supplying the squad with ammo, he could carry a couple 203's, couple 100rnd belts, and a few 5.56 mags.
  7. Assault gamemode

    I like this idea, it would be epic if it was set at FOB Inkerman in Sangin Afghanistan

    Hello all, Hello Spec, I am able to post. Spammer? that's a new one. thought you spelt wa**er wrong. haha Thanks all.
  9. Show Us Your Rig for Squad!

    The CPU is brand new merely 7 days old, the GPU is a year old and so is the Mobo, it will come with a brand new 600wt PSU and 8gig corsair RAM and a old Nvidia case, its a little dusty ect. but it all works
  10. Movement System

    I like this idea. It's what I love about Arma at times, the way you see guys moving ect can make you feel like your ARE the guy on the field. Look forward to the changes when they come Sgt Ross
  11. Someone didn't play PR. All the vehicles you want/Need and use it anyway you want/need, less the server stipulates otherwise.
  12. VR Headsets

    Any news on Track IR guys? Just got my self a new PC and x2 monitors, possibly 3 if i get greedy and have TrackIR.
  13. Alternative Skin for M4 leaked!!!

    fucking Bluedrake. If thats the extra skin, I'll be asking for my cash back, Hopefully the extra skin is just a spray cammo.
  14. Share your TIER!

    I'll have 1 Close PRE A, 1 A, and 1 game key up for grabs.
  15. Please no raised weapon as default

    I once tried carrying my SA80 like a FPS game on a patrol, 20 minutes in and my fists felt like concrete and were falling off from the shoulder lol then I made a career move and tried it with a M4, after 35minutes the same detail.