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  1. Alpha 10 Released

    Love the upgraded GUI. Kept getting kicked from TacticalGamer.com's server for EAC problems. Didn't experience this in any of the many other servers I joined. One time while playing the sound and the minimap were out of sync with the players in the game. The map would show a dead person beside me but he was not there. There would be weapon fire sounds coming from right in front of me but there was no one there. It was absolutely bizarre.
  2. Hey thanks for this helpful reply! I did get the 1070 a couple of months ago. Have been very happy with it. I think our CPU model is at end of life, but it does pair well with a 1070. Thanks, RaT
  3. WTF with the cheating over?

    I'm glad to see that most people in this thread haven't had any issues with hackers. I have absolutely zero doubt that there were one or more people hacking in the games I played that night. It is very easy to get killed in Squad I was no confusing normal game mechanics or a loss of situational awareness with hacking by the opposing players. It doesn't take many hackers to ruin a game.
  4. I hate to be a crybaby but wtf? I'm getting shot by small arms through walls constantly, effective fire through smoke, people seeing me INSTANTLY when I come out of cover... gettting effing tired of it. What is going on OWI?
  5. Devblog: Squad Motion Capture Session

    We like your game and all, but none of us want to see you get busy guys.
  6. AMD is worst for Squad

    Bah just read @Major Trouble's comments and the replies he received. I'm out of the thread. Those who do, can hate Squad all they want. I'm going to go load it up and have fun!! I remember what BF4 was like for the first two years. Squad ran better than that in Pre-Alpha. #JustSay'n
  7. AMD is worst for Squad

    @PadrePadre BF4 is a console port to PC. Google is your friend. I stopped reading when you wrote the following: Besides the grammar which is hopefully the result of English being a second language for you, you've got some homework to do about what these games are doing.
  8. AMD is worst for Squad

    LOL I've been hand building PC's since the mid 1990's. I was a 20 year veteran Avionics Technician in the Canadian Air Force. I'm a technologist. I've worked as a consultant for defence contract technology companies. I've also been playing video games since I had to type them in from Compute! magazine into a VIC-20 in Machine Code. You'll have to take my word for all of that. However, exhibit B is you complaining about the performance of your computer in a modern game thinking it should perform the same as a game that was released in 2005. I think the evidence is clear. Exhibit A was given in one of the comments you are replying to. See the screenshot attached. Both of our CPUs are at the end of their lives for gaming. The fact that mine runs stable at 4.6GHz has extended the life a bit for me. See I don't have to have any "authority", nor do I claim any. If you want to run games from 2005 a CPU from 2012 is probably going to rock for you. If you want to play games from 2017 with the same performance as you get from 12 year old games, or games designed to run on consoles... we'll you're surely going to need hardware that isn't 5 years old. Not sure why this is controversial or how this is the "fault" of Squad... but whatever.
  9. AMD is worst for Squad

    Somehow I doubt your CPU can run BF4 with 64 players at 120FPS. Even if I give that to you, BF4 is a console game with lots of almost free overlay effects and short view distances. They control how much you can see and how much space there is for people so that the game can run on ancient consoles. I'm glad you think it is pretty. I think so too. It however doesn't compare to what Squad is doing. It's not Squad's "fault" that it is doing 30X more stuff than BF4 is, it's what Squad is about. If you don't think that is worth having a CPU that can handle it then that's a choice you've made and also not the "fault" of Squad. Go play PR then. It's built on BF2. If you think it compares to Squad go for it! Enjoy. LOL
  10. AMD is worst for Squad

    Padre, (and Psyrus) I hear what you're trying to say here but your facts are a little off. Here is a game performance comparison between your 8350 and my 4670K. If you look at the right side mid way down you'll see some percentages that show how well your CPU will do in current games. https://www.game-debate.com/cpu/index.php?pid=1192&pid2=1140&compare=Intel Core i5-4670K 3.4GHz-vs-AMD FX-8350 The fact is that your CPU is at the end of its gaming lifespan. Based on your expressed praise for it I suspect it doesn't owe you a thing as it has served your needs well. Squad isn't crap and neither is the Unreal Engine 4 it runs on. Show me another FPS game with 80 players all in the same instance and massive maps with deployable assets, vehicles that your CPU can run "great". You can't. Mostly what is on the market right now are console ports. They are designed to run on hardware only slightly better than what you have and so they run pretty OK for you. Squad is a massive game running on a next gen engine. It's OK that your FX8350 can't run it well. When Squad was in Pre-Alpha it was mentioned every single game how well it ran compared to AAA titles that had been on the market for a long time already like BF4 at the time. Squad isn't perfect, it doesn't have to be. Pretending like it is "crap" because our ancient CPUs can't run it like butter is just not wise. *Edit* with regard to Planetside 2, it may have "hundreds of players" on the same server but not in the same instance. I've played PS2 since the Beta. When attacking a Biolab in an ESF you can often only see 1/3rd of the people who are standing on the landing pad even though you are only 50M from them. You can't see people more than 300M away. Your weapons do no damage to anything that is not rendered for you. Vehicles only show up 650-700M away. The server puts you in instances for every location and gives you rough updates of what is happening in other areas. When you're in a big fight, ie more than 20 people, the game scales back what you can see and interact with. In Squad you can see everything all the time no matter how far away it is and everyone is in the same instance. If a bullet leaves my gun and travels down range to someone I didn't even know was there and hits them they will take damage. Squad is a completely different animal than PS2.
  11. AMD is worst for Squad

    I think it says a lot about the whole consumer CPU industry. There's not even an Intel CPU that makes sense for me to upgrade to. At least not on a price to performance gain basis. I've been buying parts as I go. It would have been better to spend everything on a GTX 1080 Ti instead of the 1070 and saving for new CPU/Mobo/RAM. Lesson learned. I mean look 5 years and this is what Intel has done... https://www.game-debate.com/cpu/index.php?pid=2449&pid2=1192&compare=core-i5-7600k-3-8ghz-vs-core-i5-4670k-3-4ghz
  12. AMD is worst for Squad

    Unreal Engine is an extremely capable engine. There isn't another engine on the market that could work with Squad that I know of, at least not while having the graphics look better than Minecraft. I can't find any detailed benchmarks with Ryzen running Squad. My nearly 5 year old 4670K which is currently running at 4.6GHz still keeps up with current CPUs for gaming. I guess I can keep my money for now.
  13. AMD is worst for Squad

    Any links to detailed benchmarks with Ryzen 5 running Squad?
  14. June 2017 Monthly Recap

    Beautiful stuff OWI. We need a snowy location. Europe has lots of snow and I want to look at my enemy's bloody tracks as he runs away from my advance.