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  1. As others have said servers are hosted by those who pay for them. If you want more server space then rent it yourself or band together with a group of people to rent it. Currently Squad servers are extremely expensive so I would suggest a group of people as your best solution.
  2. Well done @SpinCrash
  3. Mortars are awesome. If you have a team using them they are deadly, if you have a lone wolf playing with one he or she will be largely useless. I love when tactics win instead of troll weapons and quick reflexes.
  4. OWI doesn't give a heads up for how long it will be until the next update unless they are teasing something that is coming right away. Don't expect it to be quick. Not to get preachy but enjoy what we have right now because the game is going to get more and more challenging as they near the finish line.
  5. The strength of Squad is the ability to have clan-like playing with pub players. The weakness of Squad is expecting clan-like playing with pub players. Squad's potential is realized when you have a small but dedicated group of players to enjoy the game with. There is nothing like it then. No other game on the market can compete with that experience. PR had/has the advantage of a very small very dedicated community. It is not overly welcoming to new people and new ideas because it is so specialized. Squad is new and trying to welcome the masses. The experience will be different in general, but it can be even better if you realize that you need to play with people who are dedicated.
  6. Glad you asked! Glad you got lots of people giving the correct answer. Welcome to the community! Shoot ya later.
  7. As written above by others you can't. However, once you have done it a couple of times re-doing your controls doesn't take very long and you can confidently know that your game is working as intended. It would be great of OWI to separate the control settings from all the other settings so we didn't have to re-do them.
  8. Anders says not to switch unless you're getting over 120FPS as you won't see a difference. When I switch to it the only difference I see is I get FPS in the low 50's.
  9. Your 980TI isn't what is holding you back. Go into the Game Settings and toggle performance data on. You'll see your CPU is taking longer than your video card to render frames. You've got an impressive overclock going on that 2600K but that CPU is what is holding you back. BF1 is much less CPU intensive. The games don't compare well. BF1 is a console game with a PC port. It is very pretty but there is much less required of the CPU while playing it compared to while playing Squad. My system is a 4670K at 4.5GHz 16GB of DDR3 at 2,000MHz and a 1070. I'm seldom below 70FPS at 1080P with all effects turned to max except Cinematic.
  10. Mortars are terrifying and beautiful. 9.4 is a major gameplay update. There are no safe places in Squad any more.
  11. What I dislike about Squad is actually tied to what is best about Squad. My experience in game is greatly affected by the SL and other people I play with. This means that when it is good it is the best game I've ever played. However, when it is bad there is no escaping it except to leave. I wish I were able to play as SL effectively but I can't separate the global game from my immediate surroundings so I get overwhelmed which is no fun for anyone in my squad. I'm not at all interested in making people have a less fun game. If I am on with people I'm familiar with, or if I manage to find a random good squad the game is awesome. If not it is all but unplayable. Since there is no path for an individual my experience is extremely dependant on who I'm playing with. No lone wolfing is a good thing, but it comes at a cost.
  12. Does anyone even read reviews of games on Steam before they buy them? The only people I ever hear about reading them is owners of a game. I've never read steam review comments prior to buying a game ever. I've probably only read 5 max comments on there. Why would you take the word of some random person on Steam? In other words I don't think there's anything to be concerned about.
  13. Just upgraded from a GTX 770 to a GTX 1070 G1 Gaming. System: i5 4670K @ 4.5 GHz GTX 1070 (Gigabyte G1 Gaming) 16GB of RAM @ 2000MHz SSD Drives Windows 10 64 Bit.
  14. If you look straight down while bandaging your head will go down a fair amount. It isn't perfect but it is a work around for now.
  15. There are lots of things that "could" be added to any game. One of the reasons I backed Squad on Kickstarter was because they had an end goal in mind. They knew what the finished product would be before they started, or at least before they started asking for money. I want helicopters in the game, but we were not promised them. For the most part land vehicles are done. The system they have developed means they can add whatever vehicles they want fairly easily. Air and water vehicles are different. I'm not aware of any promise ever about boats. Material penetration is great but it is also something that goes beyond what we were promised in the game's description. We'd all like more maps, but let's be honest here they are a lot of effort and since OWI is pushing MODs so hard we're going to have lots of community developed maps to play on. Mortars, air vehicles, the animation system, these are things which are new code which are still to be finished. Anyone aware of anything else that was actually promised not just something we'd like?