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  1. What I dislike about Squad is actually tied to what is best about Squad. My experience in game is greatly affected by the SL and other people I play with. This means that when it is good it is the best game I've ever played. However, when it is bad there is no escaping it except to leave. I wish I were able to play as SL effectively but I can't separate the global game from my immediate surroundings so I get overwhelmed which is no fun for anyone in my squad. I'm not at all interested in making people have a less fun game. If I am on with people I'm familiar with, or if I manage to find a random good squad the game is awesome. If not it is all but unplayable. Since there is no path for an individual my experience is extremely dependant on who I'm playing with. No lone wolfing is a good thing, but it comes at a cost.
  2. Does anyone even read reviews of games on Steam before they buy them? The only people I ever hear about reading them is owners of a game. I've never read steam review comments prior to buying a game ever. I've probably only read 5 max comments on there. Why would you take the word of some random person on Steam? In other words I don't think there's anything to be concerned about.
  3. Just upgraded from a GTX 770 to a GTX 1070 G1 Gaming. System: i5 4670K @ 4.5 GHz GTX 1070 (Gigabyte G1 Gaming) 16GB of RAM @ 2000MHz SSD Drives Windows 10 64 Bit.
  4. If you look straight down while bandaging your head will go down a fair amount. It isn't perfect but it is a work around for now.
  5. There are lots of things that "could" be added to any game. One of the reasons I backed Squad on Kickstarter was because they had an end goal in mind. They knew what the finished product would be before they started, or at least before they started asking for money. I want helicopters in the game, but we were not promised them. For the most part land vehicles are done. The system they have developed means they can add whatever vehicles they want fairly easily. Air and water vehicles are different. I'm not aware of any promise ever about boats. Material penetration is great but it is also something that goes beyond what we were promised in the game's description. We'd all like more maps, but let's be honest here they are a lot of effort and since OWI is pushing MODs so hard we're going to have lots of community developed maps to play on. Mortars, air vehicles, the animation system, these are things which are new code which are still to be finished. Anyone aware of anything else that was actually promised not just something we'd like?
  6. Nice to see you back Para.
  7. Looking at how far Squad has come I've started wondering how close we are to having a "mostly feature complete" version of the game. Helicopters were the farthest stretch goal on Kickstarter. With the exception of mortars and IEDs I'm not sure what is left to be added to the game. I want Helicopters but if that has to come from a mod I'm fine with that. So what do you think? Beta soon?
  8. Jump in SexyJeep's squad. If I'm online that's where I'll be. We play on TG's server almost exclusively; good pings and good players. I have dropped my graphics settings down so that I'm always getting over 60FPS now. It has made it SO MUCH easier to get kills so I'm branching out beyond just playing medic a bit more. I've got a GTX1070 coming later this week so I'll be able to have the pretty stuff and the frames. I think OWI needs to put some feedback in the game for when your gun barrel is stuck into something instead of over it. This is a game introduced frustration that doesn't exist in real life. The mechanic needs to be in the game so that we don't have people glitching but it should be obvious to the shooter that their weapon is not pointing over the obstacle.
  9. I remember. We did OK on that round. I'm getting better with keeping my own butt alive on that map but sometimes I still rush in where angels fear to tread. This version is a milestone because many things have come together to produce gameplay that IS Squad no matter what kind of player you try to be. As some have pointed out above while lonewolfing was shunned before and unhelpful as the game is coming together it is simply becoming impossible. Squads that use all their players together will dominate on maps like this, and as the game mechanics mature on all the maps, and squads that rely on twitch reflexes instead of tactics will get burned to the ground.
  10. Got wrecked on it again yesterday. Had times of epic advances and times of utter defeat. I haven't been able to play it with a truly organized and tight squad yet. I've played it with great players but not as a tight unit. Every time I get on that map I just see everyone scatter and get eaten alive. Once we stop playing BF on this map we're going to have some intense gameplay on it.
  11. If you want to keep Squad to a few dedicated players who play the way you're happy to have the game played then please please please rent a password protected server and only issue the password to players who meet your standards. If you don't like other people playing in the sandbox with you, online multiplayer might not be the best option for you. Hope this helps!
  12. Disclosure: I'm a Squad fanboy. I clashed with the Devs early in development because I hadn't yet learned to trust they would stay on course. OWI has proven to be a unique development team and so I have a unique view of them. I now give them the benefit of the doubt on everything. The popup info panels, and something about the way player names now come into view just looked polished to me. I can imagine new players this weekend finding these to feel like a finished product. Lastnight I played Squad on @ChanceBrahh's map and suddenly everything I knew Squad could be just was. We were a fairly well organized squad with some great players. On any other map we would have been unstoppable, and we had been up until this map. On Al Basrah we were being defeated constantly. I was a Medic, which is a role I'm very familiar with and generally excel at. When playing medic you simply have to trust the rest of your squad to keep you safe while you get other people up. Smoke, and clearing the area yourself only goes so far. Well our squad of very good players was scattered and overwhelmed by the long sight paths and vertical positions. We stopped moving like a squad and started moving like a pack of individuals. The squad leader who is a good SL started changing priorities constantly. We were overwhelmed and we were not taking control. The other team didn't have better players (well better than me, but not better than the rest of my squad) they used tactics and beat us in our heads. It was astounding as it was happening. I hated it but I was also delighted at the same time. I did eventually rage quit because it was getting ridiculous and it was nearly 11:30pm my time. My wife was sleeping 10 feet away and so my urge to yell explicatives was not going to serve me well. On Al Basrah the old saying "Slow is clean, and clean is fast" needs to ring in the minds of every player and most importantly in the head of every SL. Conceal, cover, move. Distract & flank. This is not Battlefield and Al Basrah proves it. I hated every minute of it, but I love it. Excellent job everyone.
  13. The RX 580 will be released on April 11th. It's a refresh of the 480 but should be a better value. It is even expected to be slightly cheaper. Also RAM make sure you get a kit with Samsung RAM in it. The G. Skill Flare X which was just announced is hand picked for compatibility with Ryzen. It's a tad expensive. Any kit with Samsung RAM in it will be good. The network Ryzen uses for the cores to communicate with each other is memory speed dependant so faster RAM is important for multi-thread performance.
  14. That's a great start @SgtHerhi I sure hope a lot of people read this thread before the weekend is over.
  15. I won't be being a Squad Leader but I'll definitely be around to answer questions and encourage players.