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  1. Update: Alpha 7 Major Changes Preview

    Great preview! Got me even more hyped!! Happy to see a vehicle claiming system rather than an "honor"code. I'm sure It will need to be tweaked, but it is better than a random driving off in the logi truck. The UE 4.12 upgrade and G3s were a treat as well! It will be worth the wait, keep up the great work devs!
  2. This is a brilliant! Really got me thinking. A system like this will allow for the irregular factions to be structured and be played entirely differently then the modern factions. Some thoughts: Irregular factions are given a set amount of vehicles at start with no respawns. In return, they have a pool of 'vehicle respawn points' that the commander or SL can use to spend on reinforcement vehicles. Point income rate can be balanced/ tweaked. i.e. Add a slow trickle of points if collection is too hard. Limited role "Mechanic" kit can be given to a player by the commander, squad leader or by ammo crate (a la PR). Mechanics can use shovel / wrench to add vehicle respawn points to the team's pool. Alternatively, remove the Mechanic and just allow any soldier with a shovel the ability to right-click wrecks for points. Points can be collected from friendly/enemy wrecks. Also from environment statics or possibly random drops. The amount of points collected depends on the vehicles "value". (More points from LAV wreck than from your own techie). Points are spent on new vehicles via the radial menu while next to a deployable or in a certain area. Point cost dependent on the materials/ power. Some vehicles might require a certain vehicle to be looted before its allowed to be spawned, regardless of how many points the team has. Alternatively, the points would be used to respawn the vehicles given at the beginning of the match. New vehicles spawn at main. Or possibly at a FOB if the right deployable is constructed.
  3. Giving ammo to Team mates

    I did remember seeing a picture a while ago from the devs of the med bag that medics currently have and another one that looked similar that was for ammo.
  4. Used the 'Stat FPS' command in the console to monitor the fps. Not sure on the performance impact, if any. ^Hardware--------------- i7 3770 - stock speed GTX 980 FTW 16 GB Corsair RAM 1600 WD 2TB HD 1080p w/ 60Hz display ^Settings------------------ 120% Res Scale - 150% and 200% will lower frames by `10, `20 respectively. Shadows Low, 2k res All Post FX off VRAM 3-4GB (Playing with this setting, heard somewhere that 4GB+ was bugged.) Effects - Low/Medium ^Frames Per Second--------------------- On full 72 player count servers I get `20-60 frames. I have yet to see it become totally unplayable, even with many players and effects on screen during assaults/ defense. On lighter servers 30-50 people, it smooths out to `40-70 frames. Empty servers are `60-90+. At the Range it's `120-240.