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  1. Graphic settings bug

    Hello I noticed if you set graphic settings to low and then manually change each setting for best performance then AA will not work at all. I have a video uploading once fished processing i'll post it.
  2. High Bandwidth Cache Controller FTW Squad fully maxed out 1440p 40v40 players benefits quite abit from HBCC Highest I seen Vram went to was 9.2GB I set HBC to only use 13.5GBHeads up for people also wanting to monitor GPU the New Task manager GPU is supposed to be the most accurate software we have available for monitoring Vram and Usages!
  3. Virtual Surround Sound

    Poor sound quality though, little tiny drivers in each cup just sound poor against a decent set of headphones.. I using Philips Fidelio X1 with Sennheiser's new GSX 1000 7.1 virtual surround sound... Its the best surround sound I have ever used todate, I have used them all and even owned the Roccat kave for almost a year so I have my fair share of experience. I will give you that the kave do a decent job with surround sound though, connected to my asus sound card... Its just the tiny drivers make audio quality not enjoyable. https://www.amazon.co.uk/d/Headphones-Earphones/Philips-Fidelio-X1-00-Headphones-discontinued-manufacturer/B008ZW2T7M http://en-uk.sennheiser.com/audio-amplifier-gsx-1000
  4. Hello Squad community. I think seeing has its free weekend they will be loads of new players to the game that have not seen what is up and coming etc I think you guys should release a new monthly recap even if it's showcasing what we already know just too update the new guys. The new animation system will go down very well with new players for example.
  5. AMD 1800X OMG!!

    Not being funny but all that recording was hardly engaging, YOu just drive around not even overlooking mass parts of the map, and then when you do get out very little action and also inside a closed compound!! Not much of a Performance bench test that tbh Do some more recording while in a big fire fight and on maps that over look massive amounts of the map this is where the FPS and CPU gets tested.
  6. After-blurr/shadow?

    Its TXAA its bugged in this game. FXAA fixes it
  7. Q: 1440p and RX 480 8GB - anyone?

    Freesync is an excellent feature, it smooths out Frame rates and also removes screen tear. But its not GOD like that some people on the internet claim. Like you hear people say Gsync/Freesync 30fps is like 60fps === LOAD of Rubbish or another one it will completely remove game stutter === Rubbish if a game drops its FPS hard no Sync tech can smooth that out. If you ignore all the Bullcrap around the internet and understand what you buying into then Gsync/Freesync is one of the best buys a gamer can do, I rate it close to SSD in terms of benefits for the gamer.
  8. Q: 1440p and RX 480 8GB - anyone?

    Rubbish I use a dated AMD 290 and get decent frame rate @1440p more than playable and will only get better once the games CPU bottlenecks are ironed out. A RX480 is faster than my 290 and comes with improved DX11 Rendering and other Architecture benefits.
  9. AMD 1800X OMG!!

    Wait until the full Player Animation is redone in Version 10 this will take alot of stress from the CPU resulting in higher GPU performance = higher FPS Squad at its current state should not be used for hardware performance on what is better etc because all that can change when a game is in development.
  10. AMD 1800X OMG!!

    Guys its down to Unreal Engine 4 to Optimise for Ryzen! Once game Engines and Developers start taking advantage of this new Chip game performance will only get better. Its not just about Gaming either! Ryzen already offers better Application support from Media creation like recording or streaming, to Rendering.. The CPU offers so much more for its Price point! Keep that in mind. Here is an excellent Youtube Review that goes into detail
  11. AMD 1800X OMG!!

    The Ryzen platform is a future platform, once Game engines start using the extra core to its advantage the 1700x and 1800x will become better CPUs than Intels current offering. Dont forget the past guys, remember when Dual Core and Single Core was King! Everyone said i7 Was pointless for Gaming and disable Hyper-Threading etc Now see the difference in modern title i5 vs i7 I would be interested in what Unreal 4 can do with Ryzen tbh seeing its a new engine you would expect decent core scaling.
  12. OP this is your issue GeForce 9800 GT 512mb vram This GPU is far too old for modern gaming.
  13. "BUG" TXAA making image Ghost

    Sorry if already been reported I been away from Squad for couple months.. I have sent a bug report form for this. Am just wondering do anyone else here have this ? Here is a video showcasing it.
  14. Squad not support 7.1 Audio?

    Are you basing this comparison solely on Positional Audio or Sound Quality also? Because if you say sound Quality AM DONE!