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  1. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    China, Iran, USMC I really like India too. They're not too close with NATO, nor are they completely in bed with any eastern powers. 3rd largest army in the world, they're as uniform as your average conventional force, but still maintain diverse equipment of eastern, western, and domestic origins.
  2. Some fun with acog scope.

    this is called scope shadow A lot of people buy fancy optics and wonder why they still suck at shooting...
  3. Breach & Clear

    Why have a specific gamemode or special forces? These are all capabilites that us infantry platoons have at their disposal. Maybe add hooligan tools, gerbers, demolitions, and improvised breaching/demo/ap charges to the sandbox with a breacher class? (Those battering rams are stupid heavy and not worth lugging around compared to a few lengths of detcord) Sent from my LG-D631 using Tapatalk
  4. Kit & Weapon Exchanging

    Idk about other armed forces, but every marine learned how to use at4s and laws in 0300. If my buddy went down and a btr rolled up, i wouldnt just sit there and think "well that was HIS job", id prioritize killing that threat, then getting the casualty to safety. This all seem more like common sense than anything else. Id say PR had it right. Polish, that last statement you made actually held a grain of truth. Some people are just better. Humping gear is still very important to winning, even if the poor mule happens to be an uncoordinated bulletsponge noob. Sent from my LG-D631 using Tapatalk
  5. Goodbye Humvees :'(

    Great choice for the Army at least. I don't think they're practical for conventional warfare, but definitely good for troop survivability against insurgencies. As for the Marines, the JLTV is twice as heavy as the humvee and isn't practical for storage on ships. The Marines aren't going to be using many of them either, and will just use upgraded humvees until they find something more suitable to their interests to replace them with. Humvees are already a crap vehicle, and were never really intended for combat in the first place. The corps needs light, fast, modular vehicles to compliment their roles as shock infantry, not a bulky lumbering steel microwave to draw extra fire.
  6. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    Marines vs China should definitely be done when the opportunity arises. I mean you can make any number of arguments argument for (x) faction, but the big players here are really just the US army/USMC, China, and Russia, along with whichever various insurgent factions are unlucky enough to find their way into the mix. So this is only my humble opinion: (By priority) 1: USMC- Relevant literally anywhere on the planet. Thrown into any and every situation where uncle Sam wants something blown up, broken, torn apart, pulverized, incinerated, and riddled with lead. The Army can come too. 2: China- Global superpower and threat to US might in the Pacific. Would mostly involve island/pacific/coastal battles- a good conventional opfor for the USMC. 3: Russia- Big bear putin flexing those oily muscles of his. Would mostly involve land based battles with plenty of tanks and armor- a good conventional opfor for the US Army. 4: Secular Militia/Rebels/Insurgents- your standard "f*ck the man" faction. Crud guns and IEDs for a variety of skirmishes against a superior conventional army 5: Generic Islamists ("hardcore" terrorists with guns)- Better equipped and slightly more organized than average insurgents, an ok faction for any recent middle-eastern conflict 6: India- BLUFOR and possibly even OPFOR, India is hugely relevant in the case of a large scale conflict in central Asia or worldwide for that matter 7: Iran- Tense foreign relations with the US, regional power, stands up to NATO 8: UK- America's best war-buddy. Iraq, Afghanistan, and independently relevant for just about anywhere else in the former British empire (so actually anywhere if you think about it) 9: Syria+Rebels- well balanced low-tech warfare against insurgents 10: IDF+Hamas- relevant contemporary conflict with some unique settings and weaponry Honorable mentions: 1: France- Interesting Euro faction as it has a strong international presence and remains more involved outside of Europe than most other EU states 2: AU+African Insurgents/Rebels- Often overlooked, some of the most gritty and unfortunately all too common warfare on the planet 3: Ukraine+Rebels- relevant contemporary conflict 4: Peshmerga- well balanced low-tech warfare against insurgents 5: Australia- Apart from contribution to Afghanistan, also supplements NATO power projection in the Pacific 6: Pakistan- Works great for BLUFOR and OPFOR alike. Could go up against almost anyone else on this list. 7: Germany- Strong force, apart from Afghanistan, DE would be a heavy contributor in a hypothetical NATO war effort against Russia alongside the French. Otherwise Germany doesn't like to play outside as much as the French or Brits do... This is taking into account current warzones and more interesting/likely potential conflicts between more relevant forces. I think a huge issue with PR was the imbalance in community support towards a plethora of (statistically speaking) less significant blufor factions. If you look at the funding, logistics, numbers, history, and capabilities, these make a lot more sense than having 1 or 2 maps to show off a faction that wouldn't really be as pivotal in a major conflict (not to draw away from the awesomeness or well-deserved respect for most of these Armies).
  7. I know choppers are probably a long way off but...

    You said it yourself. Its not a flight sim. PR had the best balance of arcade and realism in the flight mechanics.
  8. I know choppers are probably a long way off but...

    The PR mechanics are more or less perfect. Most good mechanics are easy to learn and hard to master, but for the sake of authenticity and tactful piloting, air-supports in Squad should be challenging to learn and difficult to master. Considering there's asset training of course...
  9. Have the ability to play as your country's military

    Exactly. Community modders should handle that stuff. Skinpacks are too hard to regulate, and if we're using pr logic, this probably wont be a burger king "have it your way" kind of game.
  10. Development Diary #1 [video]

    awesome stuff. Thanks for the update
  11. Public Alpha In December?

    Actually, you'd be surprised. How many of these people even know there's an alternative? Before PRbf2, I used to play a lot of COD and Halo simply because I didn't really know there was more to the FPS genre. There are a lot more people that Squad could appeal to, but I think that the key towards attracting these players is to focus on what PR has done right: Communication and authenticity.
  12. This is an interesting proposition.In the short-term I don't see the devs putting time into VR, but they're very capable from what I've seen, and I definitely think they should look into this. I guess the relationship would be kind of like that between Bohemia's Arma and VBS (splitting to develop games and practical software)I'm not sure if PR would be the most 'realistic' platform, but I think it could bring something valuable to the table. I like the idea.
  13. Asset And Resource System

    The more power you give a single player to dictate the game's outcome/pace. The easier it will be for people to grief or simply screw up the game through incompetence.That being said, this feature would be amazing for organized events and clan wars
  14. Taliban Soldiers Camouflage

    Afghanistan has a fair bit of terrain that woodland patterns can compliment
  15. Art Update #1 - Insurgent Weapons [Image Heavy]

    Nice work. I love the feeling of weight you get from the animations. Also the way he seemingly puts his mags into the pouches. Very cool.