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  1. null_value

    well at least in the long run, it currently is possible. in a BTR its not too easy, but a SOLO crow is extremely easy. Specially since they removed the reload (1 500 box)
  2. Weapons ineffective

    I would classify lone wolfing as anyone playing to their own end without any consideration to team/squad. I guy running off by himself on a "SL mission" WITH comms I would not classify as lone wolfing But I would call it something that I would not wish to see encouraged.. Now if its a situation where you are alone on a rooftop while your Squad is moving forward and your in constant communication, that is one thing. But there is also a point to be made of self efficiency. Its not too realistic to have a guy off by himself 500 ect m away doing his own thing. Personally I would rather see squads working together at least in 2 man teams (or FT) IE a squad spread out in 500m, but in groups of 2 ect, working together using communication ect. Most of those things will be more enforced with the addition of logistics/wounding penalties ect. where you are forced to interact with other players to accomplish effeciency (like for example ammo/health/respawning). I also think changes to how rallies are essentially constant instant action spawn points creates more solo wolf play. You don't need to worry about your 1 life, Its not an issue of death timers, but an issue of how quickly on death till you can be in the thick of it again. RP are to me supposed to be TEMPORARY means to change angle of attack. Skilled SL's and squads basically have "always action" spawns that put them game more on attrition rather than tactics. (which is beacuse of lacking logistics and other mehanics) You usually see this less on larger maps, (you see natural breaths in combat) which is very refreshing when "resolving" combat. As for the points and counter points on marksmans, its hard to tell as many of those changes are based on assumptions about changes based on yet more assumptions so its hard to say. We definitively all agree that we look to see more coordination and teamwork the specifics can get messy, but I assume once the game is more fleshed out we will see natural solutions clearer than at present.
  3. Weapons ineffective

    I think the issue isn't to STOP lone wolfing, but rather make those who play lone wolf create engaging experiences. To me this is done via suppression. Once a system like suppression is in (not a mind game as it is now) when a lone wolf struts up a hill and opens fire, he will be quickly met with indirect fire as a response. This fire can be sustained through teamwork, (It feels good to suppress a target in a meaningful way) while the medics are able to revive a downed target/smoke withdraw. You now have a lone wolf, that created a teamwork situation response that is rewarding to both sides. (but how is it rewarding to the lone wolf) okay okay so maybe the lone wolf wishes to sit on a hill shooting without ever being shot at, but the interaction of suppression forcing him to reallocate, is engaging, Its creating good situations that can be resolved by teamwork. So in effect, the bad play of "running off solo no mic marksman" now creates an rewarding experiences that are easily resolved through teamwork. (suppression naturally creates teamwork). Changes to animation help too. Jumping up and down from prone with high accuracy doesn't help. (but it does not help equally to both sides) Obviously this is a "best case" situations, but I still feel like its valid based on varies tests and game states (exp 1 life vs CFN vs pugs) Probably typing this response too fast (as I try to run out the door) but hopefully I am making some sense. TLDR I think the issue of lone wolf play goes away when increased value of life, and suppression are added. coupled with tangible logistics (no more magic bag full respawn of ammo) ect, and you will naturally see less lone wolf and more teamwork focused solutions.
  4. A good point, I know its been talked about before. I guess I am assuming they do know about those issues.
  5. Extended Briefing Time

    I've always like the idea of spawning in and THEN game starting 2 minutes later.
  6. Difference Between Cover and Concealment

    Currently there is a engine issue that can be easily exploited with the CROW system, There have been videos and posts made about it. It involves using the optic to see AND ENGAGE at ranges where all objects cease to render - terrain, except player assets (model/fob/vehicles) ect. its been posted about many many times. Secondly terrain has rendering/hitbox issues currently, where someone at a top of a hill is fully behind the hill but can be seen visible at long range the "tip" of the ground won't render but the hitbox remains. Its being addressed soon, just takes time. The foliage specific exploits/nonrendering is much much less in recent patches since they were mostly fixed but There are many many situations where players "pop out" from behind soft cover, more than they should OR the foliage doesn't render. I assume a system is in the works like ARMA where the foliage doesn't render but neither does the player model. Its an ongoing issue, but its gotten better and will be addressed/fixed.
  7. I do kinda like the idea of "zone" control. Its basically the same as the current flag system, but focuses more on "area" instead of "X building" to focus around. Its interesting, Not sure how much its changes or benefits game play.
  8. Knockdown, Body Armor, Killing

    There have been games that have done things like this. Intruder was one that was mechanically funny, but had some amazing gameplay derived from those mechanics. I know one of the armas had it when shot your aim would "knock" in a random direction. It is a viable mechanic when done correctly. However the user experience with such a mechanic can be problematic. Although I doubt we will see things like that in squad at least for the time being.
  9. Personally I would love to see Ridable spiders in squad.
  10. Yea, but its more to it than that, we can't see at what point you can return fire. Also when considering tick rates with animations ect, you may fix one problem but see another. But yes Fully agree that new animations look like they will fix many of the min/max gimicks with animations! Very exciting to see!
  11. They should really put it back to 2 mags 250, the 1 mag 500 took away a lot of the balancing and micro decisions a crow needed to make regarding ammo/positioning. Specially for early rounds. It would be okay if they accumulated heat of the barrel was equally lowered (basically moving the reload time into bursting for long term pressure), but it still feels like you can just hammer down rounds without needing to burst too often. I would enjoy seeing this 1 mag of 500 put on the weaker vehicles like Humvee's ect. Not so much on BTR/Crows. (it might be already havn't used a non crow/btr in a long time) But I assume that will all be more fleshed out in later patches.
  12. Spin diving, prone dodgding, ect. are issues, are a problem, and hopefully are fixed with new animation system
  13. Weapons ineffective

    the issues of being shot but not taking damage have definitively increased on both sending and receiving, its because they are using some kind of dynamic system? So I know there are many "lost" shots. That or they changed damage calculations (which is equally likely)
  14. I'm not too keen how more hitbox movement with flicking/180 and current tick rates ect. But I'm sure the animation system as a whole will fix more problems than it adds.
  15. Marksman role...

    I would assume any penalties would be removable by a medic or at least lessened greatly by a medic. The point of it would be to put more emphasis on falling back and utilizing the medic. Or at least that would be a goal.