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  1. Your biggest fault with your argument is that arma 3 does not develop a multiplayer game or game modes, they rely on their community to develop the game further beyond their own aspirations of coop and a single player campaign.Also i know for a fact that King of the hill as a mission is still prevalent in arma 3, so I don't know how you aren't finding servers with base game assets? Unless your being semantic about things. And comparing mods to your daughters ball or graduation makes no sense, for a start if you purchased the game you have access to everything it has to offer, so mods are free as far as I am concerned. The ability to install mods and having slow internet connections is not a factor anyone can control, if the masses are okay the one or two people who can't do it will have to find help. Also you can clearly see that Squad is not a blank slate, otherwise it would not have multiple maps and factions, and it would have some form of implementation of mods. This means the developers want to develop their game to a certain standard before they allow mods to be implemented, unlike arma 3 or skyrim which had mods within the first few days. My final point is more of an observation, if the game in a years time is full of life servers rather than the base game then that is the natural progression of a game with mods that is no longer being developed and the base game is no longer interesting to the masses, you need to realise that mods extend the life of a game beyond the life cycle of the devs. At no cost to the devs (In fact they get more money), the only devs who now don't do mods are those that have games on a conveyor belt churning them yearly, if mods help me to keep my interest while OWI develops squad 2 or w/e else, then to me that is a good compromise on OWI's behalf because they keep me as a customer when development has ceased and allow others to further their own artistic capabilities without any need for a career in game development. It's a good trade in my opinion. Oh and to answer your question yes people do mod for PR but because it's free nobody talks money, really easy, involve money and it becomes hard.
  2. Weapons' Authenticity

    What warpigau says, it's about making them unique but balanced, that is a hard thing to do, the devs have also often stated that some of the current weapons are placeholders.
  3. Battle Royale / Hunger Games MOD ?

    @peps1 Well I am not speaking semantics as I have no assumptions on a game mode that is just being discussed, I was merely pointing you towards other opportunities, it's up to you how you digress from there ;)
  4. Battle Royale / Hunger Games MOD ?

    Lol, it's a team vs team survival game mode.
  5. Battle Royale / Hunger Games MOD ?

    As a mod maybe but I doubt the devs will make it as a part of the game, peps1 the game mode doesn't imply lonewolf, check out ark survival evolveds version.
  6. These kinds of things get sorted with time, the function should be there but a cap of some kind should be in place as you say.
  7. Hacking is different though, but what you have is a ban list for anything, also do realise that if it gets out that you are sharing ban lists for anything but the worst kinds of players the community will actively work against you. Remember you are not holding any kinds of serious power, only the devs hold that, so if you piss off a group of players they will target you even if you were only trying to police it. The worst kinds of player such as hackers and global grievers are the devs problem, so should be passed to them to ban the account, banning a hacker even on a few servers does nothing but push the problem on. I would rather see a list identifying potential hackers, than a list of bans. I personally think that a problem player on your server such as lone wolfs or kit abusers should be kept on that server, what if they want to apply to say sorry? Now they have to apply to seven or eight websites to try and get unbanned maybe more? That's ridiculous when some groups won't even know what he or she did. There's a reason most game companies won't allow this to happen and it's because there's no focal point, in fact you could potentially harm OWI's position on things when a player is banned in lots of servers for no other reason than an admin had a bad day or bad judgement calls. Collating data should be for the OWI devs only and not as a pass around for server admins except in dire needs such as quick reactions to serious hackers who are going to each server and ruining gameplay.
  8. This is such a bad idea I don't even know what to say, the only people who should be able to decry players are the devs and that's down to their own system, there's a reason why we aren't all admins on each others server. Problematic players who are globally a pain should be brought to the attention of the devs, isolated incidents should be between you and the player, theres too much personal emotion that can be brought into something like this. And who's to say that your admin is right, for example I could ban someone for constantly attacking the enemies main base, what if you are okay with it? Just a thought.
  9. Please no raised weapon as default

    To me this is milsim, I have a milsim game its called Arma 3, DCS etc, please do not clutter it up with stuff like this which detracts from the point of the game, this would ruin the game if you had to think of your hydration levels, shitting into cling film and whether the guy next to you is about to crack. Lets keep it simple folks, too many useless features a good game does not make, while were at it if were adding in weapon lowering, can we also have tactical shitting? basically if your under fire you don't even pull your trousers down.
  10. Understand that certain servers will make this kind of thing none existent, the first thing will be you have to be in a squad, if squad leaders kick you from a squad you are no longer in a squad and the admins will be there ready and waiting. If you are in a squad and causing problems then good servers will offer a helping hand if the squad leader complains, it's just then a case of the admin determining those players who are being a nuisance and kicking them, cycling the players and allowing for others to join and show they can follow orders. This is personal journey that I can't help you with as choosing a good server depends on a lot of factors, but if you join and the admin is there actively enforcing rules that's a start :)
  11. Please no raised weapon as default

    This is the kind of thing that has no bearing on gameplay, to me it's a clutter device, this game should be about gameplay, that's the focus that I believe is most important. I don't think lowering your weapon has any bearing on realism either because this game is striving to be realistic through communications and teamplay, I wouldn't put lowering and raising your weapon as a priority on this, the fact that you occasionally shoot your own guys would be more indicative that the fire rate cycling should include a safety catch incorporated. So you would have single shot, automatic(or burst) and safe.
  12. This is how I view things btw, so this is my personal opinion: To me you do as your commander says, that's the end of it, the fact that you think it's wrong is not any of your concern, let me flip it on you, what if you had a bunch of guys that thought you were doing wrong? yet you knew you were doing right? You see the silly little conundrum we are going into? who's right or wrong is not what matters here, it's your ability to do something in accordance with the strategy of the team, you have no idea what the squad leaders are telling each other, so you disagreeing is not only hurting your squad but also the whole team. This will become even more evident when commanders step in and they are giving a whole team orders. Do you really think the commander has time to explain why he made his move to every single soldier in the game? no he doesn't he's got a job to do and so do you. Now I agree that a Squad sitting at the edge of a map doing nothing for 30 minutes is wrong, but this then comes down to the server admin to sort out as a grey area sort of thing, but you as individuals have a responsibility to follow your squad leader and do as he says. To those of you who are saying that if you disagree you will do differently clearly don't squad lead, it is a hard job to not only plan ahead but also be in the tempo of things and lead there and then, and lot's of times you fuck up and get it wrong. I agree that you should point out issues such as if the squad leader says "go to this hill" and you see a tank sitting on it, you tell him "theres a tank on the hill", however if he says "try to take it nonetheless" then you do what you can to take that hill, you don't sit and argue it out. I don't care who you are if you become a nuisance on the 303rd servers to squad leaders I will just kick you out the server, having been in that role for a very long time I have done the dance over and over with nuisance bloody squad members who always think they know everything, and not actually leading themselves. The majority will always step in line with a bit of a kick, but to me if you are willing to argue it out or constantly provide "suggestions" then you should either squad lead yourself, or back off and understand that what you think matters at that moment is preceded by the squad leader in charge. Too many chiefs not enough Indians.
  13. Slow Animations

    That's what your taught, why do you think it looks so weird when people pull grenades and throw them IRL, its because you wouldn't do some matrix style grenade throw incase you buggered it up and dropped it mid throw. Your taught haste not speed when it comes to operating weaponry, a soldier who is under fire needs to do things precisely and consistently, not speedily and all thumbs. Now the underslung grenade launcher comment is fair enough, but recognise that from an internal engine perspective you are switching to another weapon as opposed to what you think is happening, this is something that happens in nearly all games and just takes time to implement for what you want, although recognise that it still switches to another "weapon".
  14. Slow Animations

    It might help that if you have nothing to say then don't say anything, as with all these threads one word answers are not acceptable, "alpha" is not a response its a retort, so expect people to get leery if you are going to try and be witty with no actual useful input. Just some help btw, I am not telling you off, just guiding you as to why people will take a one word retort and use it against you ;)
  15. The dream is alive.

    Just a quick one, and I know the colours are just a blockout currently, but please start dirtying our soldiers, they are toooo clean!!!! :D I don't remember crawling through dirt and brambles and all that shit and going "no ironing or washing to do tomorrow" and walked on smiling, there is a reason co's enjoy making newly cleaned and pressed uniforms go through hell.