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  1. Hi Zabar, there is a bunch of steps to go through to address the issue on your system like updating drivers, etc. Please contact [email protected] to open a support ticket and get assistance in solving this.
  2. Maybe check your logfile for messages like 'waiting for GPU'. That would be my first suspicion. The R7 260 is slower than the GPUs listed as minimum system requirements and I don't think we ever really tested with such a weak gpu.
  3. Hi Lustlord, this definitely sounds like a problem with your system and not with the game in general. Of course we are glad to help you get it sorted but you will have to message [email protected] so that our support team can help you.
  4. Hi vivolad your logfile has a lot of these messages [2017.03.29-19.46.53:045][856]LogD3D11RHI: Timed out while waiting for GPU to catch up. (0.5 s) are you sure your GPU is working correctly? Are the drivers up to date? Maybe its overheating? Regarding CPU performance it is a good idea to start a local game (firing range) and load a map and then compare that to the same map on a full server. If you are GPU limited the framerates are not very different. If you are CPU limited on the full server you might get multiple times the FPS on the same spot on an empty map.
  5. Thats unfortunate but I am glad to hear you figured out what the problem was.
  6. depends. If you never notice low resolution textures you are fine. But the algorithm isn't great and does not always stream the textures at the right time.
  7. Texture streaming loads textures from HDD as they are needed. That bottleneck leads to textures sometimes being shown in too low resolution. Turning texture streaming off means all of them are loaded in to RAM on mapload (and vram as they are needed) so they are always available at full resolution. There is no difference in framerate between the two.
  8. Thank you very much. It seems like your plugin initializes successfully. Please contact [email protected] so that the support team can walk you through trouble shooting steps like verifying files and reinstalling EAC.
  9. Hello, can you please check your logfiles for any lines that contain "easyanticheat"? It should say there if the EAC plugin initialized successfully.
  10. These are the changes and fixes in this patch: - Fixed several issues in the EAC plugin - Changed EAC server logging settings - Added new confirmation window when getting kicked from a server displaying the reason for the kick - Fixed RCON plugin being disabled - Fixed RKG-3 not doing damage to vehicles - Fixed FOB takedown ticket cost logic being inverted - Fixed a StopReplicating crash by pulling in the fix from UE 4.15 - Fixed constraint array issues by pulling in fixes from UE 4.15 - Allow Linux servers to use directories that have spaces in them - Fixed incorrect impact effects after penetration - Fixed performance on issue on penetration exit holes - Fixed Linux compiler issues - Fixed Yehorivka conquest repair stations not repairing - Fixed hilltop buildings so windows are enterable again - Fixed some fences that were not penetrable - Renamed texture streaming setting in the graphics menu and inverted the logic so that people who refuse to read don't turn texture streaming off by accident. If you read this you are not one of them. - Increased chat size - Replaced green in the magazine counter widget with white - Added outline to magazine widget - Increased opacity on the scoreboard for better readability - Added "enemy hab" marker to the SL's minimap menu - Swapped the Russian MTLB NSV for the 30mm variant on Fools Road AASv3 - Added 30mm water impact sounds - Modified distant crack sounds for rifles - Fixed AK and M4 semi auto sounds - Changed SVD close up sound - Modified HMG 3p close up fire sounds
  11. you can check in your logfile if the EAC plugin is loading correctly. The issue could be there.
  12. Thanks for the report. 2. has been an issue for a while now. It could be that the body is in a different place or falls under the map. 1. is new and I we have not found a way yo make it happen reliably yet. If you find a way please let us know.
  13. Yes these have been sighted in different places in the Squad universe. We are trying to find a way to communicate with them to find out why they are here and what made them decide to reveal themselves now. I urge everyone to remain calm.There is no reason to worry.
  14. That looks quite unplayable. Do you have the issue reliably on all servers? Can you test if it happens in firing range? Next time it happens can you please "toggle performance debug" in game settings and make a video so we can see if any of the numbers look unusual? Thanks.