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  1. Text way too small in 4K

    I do play on a 40 inch 4k screen myself and find the text size to be ideal. It's easily readable to me but not intrusive. It's a matter of personal preference more than anything. The only solution to this would be adding a scalability setting for UI in the menu but making all of the UI function with that would be several weeks of work.
  2. Motorcycle POV

    Thanks for the feedback on my vehicles. Writing an implementation like motocross games have it is outside of the scope of this game so I chose to do something much more simple that is still fun. I like the idea of setting separate FOVs for when you drive a vehicle. Personally I want more FOV on the bike as well. I also experimented with increasing the FOV at higher speeds but it didn't fully convince me.
  3. Console command for capping FPS?

    If you want to cap the FPS via engine config just add [systemSettings] t.maxFPS=100 to your Engine.ini it's where all config files are in %localappdata%\Squad\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor Not sure if it will help with your gsync problem though. I don't have a gsync monitor
  4. Miss you too Mike! Glad to hear you are having a good time. Working holiday visa for Canada should be easy to get. Just plan about 2 month for the bureaucracy time. Make sure you stop by here if you do come to Canada (I moved to Canada after you started your trip to India)
  5. Mike! How are you doing mate? How was India?
  6. Firing range hasn't seen much optimization and also has like 70 vehicles on it. 130 fps is decent for it.
  7. Did you try different settings like I suggested?
  8. Maybe try like medium settings. If that works well put the settings to epic one after another and see where the issue is.
  9. Ne muss jemand anders sein. Die einzige gaming community woher mein name bekannt sein duerfte ist PR/Squad.
  10. you could be missing out on improvements to the graphics for example
  11. FPS DROP

    Hi Zabar, there is a bunch of steps to go through to address the issue on your system like updating drivers, etc. Please contact [email protected] to open a support ticket and get assistance in solving this.
  12. [Solved] Random game stuttering

    Maybe check your logfile for messages like 'waiting for GPU'. That would be my first suspicion. The R7 260 is slower than the GPUs listed as minimum system requirements and I don't think we ever really tested with such a weak gpu.
  13. Cant start the game - memory error

    Hi Lustlord, this definitely sounds like a problem with your system and not with the game in general. Of course we are glad to help you get it sorted but you will have to message [email protected] so that our support team can help you.
  14. Hi vivolad your logfile has a lot of these messages [2017.03.29-19.46.53:045][856]LogD3D11RHI: Timed out while waiting for GPU to catch up. (0.5 s) are you sure your GPU is working correctly? Are the drivers up to date? Maybe its overheating? Regarding CPU performance it is a good idea to start a local game (firing range) and load a map and then compare that to the same map on a full server. If you are GPU limited the framerates are not very different. If you are CPU limited on the full server you might get multiple times the FPS on the same spot on an empty map.