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  1. you can check in your logfile if the EAC plugin is loading correctly. The issue could be there.
  2. Thanks for the report. 2. has been an issue for a while now. It could be that the body is in a different place or falls under the map. 1. is new and I we have not found a way yo make it happen reliably yet. If you find a way please let us know.
  3. Yes these have been sighted in different places in the Squad universe. We are trying to find a way to communicate with them to find out why they are here and what made them decide to reveal themselves now. I urge everyone to remain calm.There is no reason to worry.
  4. That looks quite unplayable. Do you have the issue reliably on all servers? Can you test if it happens in firing range? Next time it happens can you please "toggle performance debug" in game settings and make a video so we can see if any of the numbers look unusual? Thanks.
  5. There were some issues with it so we had to remove it for now Daniel. We will release the server queue system once it works well.
  6. All these need to be reset for A9 anyways since otherwise you will run into problems with inputs not registering and other problems
  7. That was me. But it probably won't do the trick for you since we are already capping frames in main menu now. You seem to have a different issue.
  8. I don't have an explanation for this. Squad has a hard coded frame rate limit of 240 and since there is not much to render in main menu all systems should hit that easily without heavy load. You can turn on vsync to see if you notice any difference.
  9. Update 8.11 Hotfix (16 January 2016) Reintroducing the "disconnect" and "exit game" buttons for everyone! In the last hotfix the "disconnect" and "exit game" buttons in the main menu were moved to improve compatibility with localization. Unfortunately this introduced an issue on certain screen ratios which has been fixed now Fixed some vehicles not costing any tickets when destroyed on certain map layers UPDATE 8.10 Hotfix (12 January 2016) Yesterday an exploit in the RCON implementation allowing attackers to crash servers has been found. This exploit is fixed now and RCON can be used again. Here are all changes: Moved "exit" and "disconnect" buttons in the main menu to the lower right corner since the top bar was too small for some localizations Changed collision settings on some bushes on Kokan that were causing vehicles to go airborne Fixed US/RU razor wires not slowing players Added check to RCON authentication to prevent malicious packets from crashing it
  10. Yes please! Then I can play Squad and develop Squad at the same time.
  11. Thank you for reporting. This is a known bug
  12. You seem to have an issue with texture loading. What GPU do you have? Are you on the latest drivers?
  13. A general "people are ini tweaking" report is not helpful. Locking down a setting is easy. We might have missed some that give unfair advantages. If you want to help send me a screenshot comparison between the default low settings and the relevant ini setting changed. Regarding shadows: currently those are expensive on some gpus. that is why you can turn them off in the menu. We are looking into different shadow implementations for the future. In terms of gameplay tuning shadows off is an advantage in some situations and a disadvantage in others, just as a low FOV is better sometimes but a disadvantage at other times. If the EAC file verification is not working that is a bug and we need to know about this.
  14. Yes, this applies to all weapons used on full auto and is a system limitation.
  15. I run 4k with a 970. Get 40-60 fps. You will be totally fine with a 1080. There are no 4k 144hz monitors though (I dont even think DP1.4 supports that). It's either one or the other. If you go for 144hz you should look for a gsync monitor.