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  1. The American Football Thread!

    How is Louisville top 4?! Wtf Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. The American Football Thread!

    I'll be in Ann Arbor this weekend. Not looking forward to the home game traffic. [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Game got too fast

    Couldn't disagree more. It was the game that started the downward spiral that is the Battlefield franchise. BF42 and BFV were the first and last great games. Not to take away from Bad Company. That was good also.
  4. The American Football Thread!

    Bah! I don't know what else to say. What will it take to get Ohio and Michigan flip flopped? Bah!
  5. Scoring zone

    Best idea ever. Every single one of these threads that get started the same conversations take place. This is where I say that scoring is stupid and that the only thing that matters is Wins and Loses. These are pointless threads.
  6. Why play this game?

    I'm good without stats and rankings but there seems to be a lot of people in the inner circle dropping hints there will be. /sadface I play Squad because it offers me something different. But I also enjoy Insurgency, Day of Infamy, RO2, ARMA3.
  7. Do you think 500 tickets are too much?

    Right now the matches are perfect. Going forward I'd like to see server side adjustments so we can pick long or short as we see fit.
  8. Do you want to kill game play? Because honestly 60 sec is much too long. All your doing with a long timer is keeping people from either playing because they got shot or in the background building a mega FOB because they're scared to fight and die. Have you never played Squad? The suppression in the game is perfect and if you don't think so you're not in fire fights. To even think there's two more pages to read in this thread is mind numbing. Can you get this locked? I'm pretty sure the devs have said they aren't changing it. If they change their minds then reopen it. Ugh!
  9. Need advice about external sound card

    Arrogance nor ignorance has anything to do with this. You're also comparing apples and fricking oranges. I most certainly can tell the difference between 60hz and 120hz and even 144hz while gaming. But again not even a remotely close comparison. And if you bothered to actually read what I wrote, I'm not an audiophile and I advised a quality set of headphones over a sound card because with a $40 set from Best Buy the OP will most assuredly NOT see a difference.
  10. No Man's Sky

    The game is terrible. Definitely not worth the $60. Probably not even worth $10 at this point. Star Citizen will be a cross between NMS and EOL. I think they will have the tech to do it. Will be interesting to see.
  11. I love Red Orchestra. God I haven't played that in forever. To the OP .... I play the hell out of Squad. Quite a few people do from the look of the server list. Hahaha
  12. I don't think so. I think he makes a valid complaint. However, this is not the right place to vent those issues. And I'm sure Epic Games is working on optimizing it.
  13. Grenade trap Sandbags

    Most people do this if in a compound. I know I do. I set sandbags or barbwire at entrance and then a secondary wall 5-10 meters back. It's not perfect but it will slow down the the incoming round and frag damage.
  14. Arguing semantics is dumb. The game is released. It's available to the public for purchase.
  15. Technically it is released. I'd prefer 50v50 but having vehicles is a nice change of pace.
  16. Need advice about external sound card

    There's not really any noticeable difference. OP should invest in a quality set of headphones instead of a sound card. IMHO Disclaimer: I'm not an audiophile. Just speaking from personal experience and what I've read.
  17. Single post troll! LoL
  18. It's completely worth buying. However there has been severe performance issues since v5. Game is still playable but just an FYI.
  19. Microphone Talking with Attitude

    Wonder if we can limit the number of posts he can create in a week?
  20. Microphone Talking with Attitude

    I probably would. In fact I have. Scenario: In a poopy squad. Squad leader bails. I get dumped SL. No kit. Peeps in squad crying. I tell them to **** off. Hahahaha
  21. Microphone Talking with Attitude

    To be honest I'll give people attitude also if they don't like how I run my squad so that whole ~18 thing you just said, you can keep that to yourself.
  22. reddit in general is pretty awful. Why anyone still uses it is an amazement to me.
  23. Squad Ranks?

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha Well said