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  1. So.... about those Founder Tags

    I haven't. I brought it up in another thread. I disagree. I stalked the KS to get one of the first backer spots. I want something special. Hehehe You(the devs) keep saying that. LoL! Hop hop already!
  2. Medic without medkit and bandage

    News to me. I play medic all the time when not SL'ing and have yet to encounter it.
  3. General Ideas I Have for Squad

    Welcome OP! I'm going to address each topic with my opinions as I see them having played BF, CoD, PR, Insurgency, etc. 1. I disagree with the multiple medic patch idea. Right now one patch will stop you bleeding out unless you've been damaged too badly. Your hit points do not recover so you are still wounded. That's incentive enough not to go out "lonewolfing" or staying with your squad. 2. This already exists. Insurgents do not have optics. IEDs are on the way. 3. Shotguns are in the works if I'm not mistaken. There are some pics of the skins floating around the forum some where. 4. Bullet deviation is fine. 5. (Lumping all the animation points) Personally I think extra "fluff" animations are un-necessary. Seems to Battlefield-esk. That being said, animations are being worked on but I also believe they are low on the priority list. 6. One shot kills to the head while realistic do nothing for gameplay or "great firefights". 7. I'm not sure body armor is a good thing. Seems like it would cause imbalance to the game. Not against it but I'd like to see what they do to balance the gameplay first. 8. I'm pretty sure a frag will kill you instantly. Seems to happen to me too often. >.< Good post even though all os these have been talked about in other threads.
  4. Competition against ones friends or colleagues can be more fierce than others but to date in Squad I have yet to hear "Hey I have more kills than you". So that mindset does not exist in Squad nor does that philosophy apply. The bottom line is that while this is a great discussion it has no bearing on Squad. There shouldn't even be a point system as it has no weight when determining who wins and who loses. Edit: Where is my damn Founders badge already?! LoL
  5. Long read. IMHO no points being offered is the best way to build teamwork. No one should care what their point total is. The only score that counts is the one that says my team wins.
  6. Feedback on map idea

    Easier said than done. UE4 confuses me. LoL! I'm still intent on making my own custom map though. OP ... I like your map idea.
  7. Squad Up! Lonewolfs!

    Often the SL knows better than you do what is going on because they are in contact with the other squads. Not saying that was the case in your experience but keep that in mind.
  8. Squad Leader Tips & Guides

    So much this! Just make sure I'm not watching his back. _________________________________________________________________________ 1. Knows what the objective is. 2. Ability to communicate with other squads effectively to coordinate attacks/defenses. 3. Be able to effectively have a plan and stick with it. Speak clearly and with authority but not bossy. This will have your squad doing whatever they want. 4. Not charging the objectives first.(Hard one for me) SL are no use dead all the time and become ineffective if they're always getting KIA. 5. Have fun. The ability to have fun and make the squad members enjoy being there will make the rounds much more enjoyable. Use the time traveling between objectives to make life entertaining.
  9. Squad Up! Lonewolfs!

    I played a bunch this weekend and it was a great experience all around. Aside from having SL dumped on me in the middle of a fire fight. As far as lone wolfing goes. My SL in one round gave me permission to lonewolf the enemy with my trusty SVD. Poor fellas didn't have a chance.
  10. what up ?

    Why are you such a negative nancy? Enjoy the game for what it is and stop worrying about things out of your control.
  11. Strong community is a big help to the mods though. Especially with the ever growing community.
  12. If only people used the search bar ......
  13. Is RAM good enough?

    Concur with the diagnosis. Where is the OP so we know for sure? LoL
  14. Players getting 40 - 50 kills per game?

    I'm not disagreeing with your thought process but it's far from ignorant to not want to see it nor to argue with the admins decision to not have it here in the forums. Like you said, they can "google" it.
  15. what up ?

    Wait for vehicles and gaming communities like 21CW or DarkStar gaming get into it. Not to mention the whole alpha release thing.
  16. I'm going to adjust my opinion slightly. The pumpkin heads during Halloween were pretty fucking kool!
  17. Squad Up! Lonewolfs!

    These types of threads are a dime a dozen. Game is still somewhat new and people and squads are still finding their way and learning the game. I for one don't see an issue, especially pubbing.
  18. I'd rather the custom-ability be kept to a minimum in my opinion.
  19. Players getting 40 - 50 kills per game?

    I agree but we also don't want people seeing it. Out of sight out of mind as it were. The devs are on top of it. No need for the community to even see them. IMHO.
  20. Players getting 40 - 50 kills per game?

    That makes me cry. Also .... DO NOT POST CHEATS!!!!!!!
  21. Players getting 40 - 50 kills per game?

    Going to add my two cents. I highly doubt anyone is cheating. I have seen some pretty incredible KDR's. How .... no idea. Think my personal best is like 26-3 or 30-3, something like that. I know there's a few others like Desmo that can achieve those numbers. All about timing and putting yourself in the right spot. Lone wolfing it would be hard to do that but it's still possible. Just my 2 cents.
  22. Low FPS on GTX 980ti even on low settings

    I don't think his issue is RAM or anything related. Probably v-sync.
  23. SVD too weak

    Once you get used to the optics it's deadly as hell. Led my squad in kills last night a couple of times. It's nice to sit back and cover a flanking route or clear out the entry to an objective for my squad.