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  1. Upgrading motherboard

    Technically you'll be able to just install and go after inserting the motherboard disk and installing the necessary sound, LAN, etc drivers for the board. However you may run into stability issues once in awhile. I actually did the exact same thing as you on my media PC with no fresh reinstall and it's doing fine.
  2. no point being a decent medic.

    I played medic a bunch over the last two days. I like it a lot actually, even with randoms.

    Please do a forum search. Oh and try introducing yourself to the community. Welcome to the Squad forums.
  4. Need help picking new PSU

    Agree. Seasonic is also a very good brand.
  5. Fallujah...

    Oh hell no! *pulls off the internet one upper gloves and licks thumbs*
  6. Game breaking

    It has nothing to do with building the game community. People shouldn't complain if they're playing on equipment 4 or 5 generations old. I understand if you are financially restricted, that's a different issue. I'm talking about the guy who just thinks all games should be made playable across the board. That doesn't push innovation.
  7. Fallujah...

    LoL ... Ya. I feel sparky today. Too much caffeine. Plus I'm still sad I didn't get moderator. Just changed out parts last month. CPU: 5960X MB: ASRock Fatality X99 RAM: G.Skill 32GB memory GPU: Gigabyte 980ti G1 x3 PSU: EVGA 1600W G2 Ensourced Custom Cables AlphaCool Rads Bitpower Fittings EK blocks It's a fun little set up. Woot!
  8. You nailed it. There does NOT need to be any funky mechanics or screen blurring for suppression to work. If someone it shooting at me of my general direction I duck for cover to evaluate the situation. That is suppression. People aren't grasping that concept because either A) they think they're bullet proof or B) they're brainwashed by Battlefield.
  9. Fallujah...

    That's not my style. For two reasons: A) my system is pretty BA B) I like starting shit. It's fun!
  10. Night Time is dumb

    Night time isn't dumb. You're dumb. Seriously though .... night maps/modes are by far my most favorite. Team work really shows through, and come on those firefights at night are awesome.
  11. Fallujah...

    Lmao.... my system costs more than you make in a month so the answer to that is no.
  12. So.... about those Founder Tags

    Looky Looky .... Donor tags! Woohooo!!!!!! Now for the founders ...... /evilsmile
  13. Game breaking

    All I hear is .... "I am too cheap to buy a better GPU so please lets not push the technology of games so I can continue to play games at 80fps on low on a 1080p 60hz monitor." Get the fuck real. Stop being so fucking cheap or find a new hobby. Like tennis or some shit.
  14. Correct VID/Vcore for i7 6700?

    It's normal for Skylake.
  15. Game breaking

    Simple fix .... NOT OWN A POTATO PC!
  16. So.... about those Founder Tags

    Hop Hop let's go!
  17. Will Mods Ruin The Game?

    LMFAO...... Seriously thou there's a few games early on in pre-alpha that resembled that. Hahahahaha I disagree OP. Just speaking for me personally but if it's Insurgency or ARMA or whatever, I play the game because I enjoy it, mods is just another flavor. People will have their favorite mod sure, but that's really no different than someone having a favorite map. Me personally can't wait for a possible Vietnam era mod for Squad. THAT WOULD BE AMAZING!!!!!!
  18. Ghost Recon - Wildlands

    I think I like The Division better. Scenery and all, but this looks pretty legit.
  19. Fallujah...

  20. Fallujah...

    Probably just a common sense assumption.
  21. I think it's hilarious. But let's be honest.... rarely do medics even lend a helping hand anyway. LoL
  22. Need help picking new PSU

    I would stay away from the Corsair's. CLICK ME! This is what I recommend. Won't break the bank and is more then you need but it is a quality piece. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA1N83V01630

  24. Why not build a controller that simulates a gun for FPS games? That seems the best and most plausible idea. What about those? Of course that doesn't solve the sickness or motion issues but it's a start.