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  2. Squad - The Road Ahead

    Not to derail the thread, seems to have done that already. But I think the game runs fine. However, I have notice a 30% drop in frame rate from v4 till now. I think v5 was when the downturn started.
  3. To be fair I didn't know either. Literally took a second to figure out. In the grand scheme of things it had little impact on the battle. I would prefer a two person system for smaller vehicles but the 3 person for the larger. IMHO
  4. Your best squads

    My favorite squads are back from closed pre-alpha. However I did have the pleasure of leading a group of 5-6 guys last night set up an FOB with 50 cal's and some pretty amazing RPG shots.
  5. Still running 60-70 fps in 70 person servers. Performance seems to be worse now than it did months ago.
  6. Hey Hey Squadmates!!! Sorry I haven't been around much, but between school and a national powerlifting meet I had the pleasure to compete in, I've been too busy. This had me thinking, probably most of us are concerned about our health or physique or maybe someone here just want to better themselves. There is a lot of health and fitness knowledge here between the people that served and the grunts that just enjoy staying fit. _______________________________________________________________ A little about my background: I played the usual highschool sports like football and track. I started weight training at an early age but was terribly noobish at it. My idols growing up were Joe Montana, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Dale Earnhardt. While in the Navy I swam and ran a lot as well as ate everything in sight. After leaving the Navy I fell away from running and swimming and found a passion for powerlifting; squat, bench, and deadlift. My first meet was in 2010. Terribly low numbers but I was addicted to stepping onto the platform. A little over a dozen meets later and I finally made it to Nationals. It was a fantastic time and a great learning experience. Over the last 5 years competing I have tried numerous methods of gaining strength and endurance. Some worked and some didn't. I learned how valuable diet is to training at a competitive level as well as being healthy. Besides my everyday training I also teach a weight lifting class where I work and where I train, and I coach the number 3 female lifter in the nation. _______________________________________________________________ My hopes are that people will gravitate here for advice or to share their experiences. ~ Iron
  7. How to Calculate Distance

    Oh boy don't even get me started.
  8. Next Major Update

    Creepy ass face.
  9. Next Major Update

    I have confirmation that it will be tonight.
  10. Looky Looky .... http://videocardz.com/59558/nvidia-geforce-gtx-1080-3dmark-benchmarks Scores about the same as an oc'd 980ti. I'd say this will be 15-25% faster clock for clock at 1440p. Very excited.
  11. L85A2

    I love the L85. Would be a great addition.
  12. Battlefield 1

    The train is definitely in the sp and has been announced to be in the mp but I'm skeptical about how. I hope it's like the battleships were in BF42. Not op but fun to play with.
  13. Nvidia 1080 Leaked Benchmarks

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfyG_xLwNyY Video of the live stream. Looks like a good price also. Not holding my breath on the performance comments though.
  14. Battlefield 1

    Seriously! I hated BF2. Least favorite of the series. I don't like the vehicle thing. I feel like it takes away from the fun of the game. @dolmaface Most of the things you mentioned are from BF2 onward. Which is not classic BF. BF2 was the start of the end by adding the commander role, stat tracking, and ranks. Sorry to disagree with you but BF42 and BFV were the best of the whole series. I completely understand your stance and what you are suggesting but PR, Squad, hell even ARMA offer what you want. EA/Dice lost their way but not the way you think they did.
  15. Battlefield 1

    Am I the only person that hated BF2? It was terrible. Umm .... there was actual gameplay in the trailer. Look again. God I hope there are no fucking heros. I hate that. It was neat in Battlefront but that is different.
  16. Battlefield 1

    I'm running out of cheese......
  17. Battlefield 1

    Over-react much?! I'm so happy to get away from modern combat. It's over done at this point. Oh .... And there's already a thread pertaining to the new Battlefield .... sadly it's still titled Battlefield 5.
  18. Battlefield 1

    There's actual gameplay in the video. Not a lot, but it's there.
  19. Battlefield 1

    Pre-Order for $80. WTF!
  20. Battlefield 1

    So I am super stoked about this. Perhaps we should change the title of the thread to BF1. Hahahaha
  21. Show Us Your Rig for Squad!

    Fair enough assumption. LoL
  22. Nvidia 1080 Leaked Benchmarks

    I bought my first 980 off eBay for $450 2 months before the 980ti released. Good timing. I'm all about the 1080ti. Recent discussions are saying that the 1080 does not beat the 980ti but is equal to it in performance. I'm so excited to see the custom PCBs on these. /drool ^ ^ so much this
  23. Nvidia 1080 Leaked Benchmarks

    I feel like this will be a good time for those hanging on to 7xx series cards to upgrade. Pascal seems legit and will definitely perform well.
  24. Nvidia 1080 Leaked Benchmarks

    Yup! If I didn't already have two 980ti's I'd be all over this. It's exciting when the rumors come so fast and frequent preceding new releases.
  25. Losing interest pretty quickly

    I became a bit burned out as well. Playing for hours upon hours and then having to edit the videos for hours took a tole on me. I stepped away for a couple months and feel invigorated. Wanting more updates doesn't affect me and ultimately shouldn't affect anyone. We're here and invested in something that is growing. I like the game the way it is and watching it grow is fascinating.