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  1. Insurgency

    This could get interesting!
  2. Damage Model (too hard to kill)

    Seriously?! What BF game do you play? I get 2-4 kills per mag easy. Most weapons have little to no recoil and what's left is manageable. The game is easy mode.
  3. Stat tracking

    Probably because look at who are playing. Not a bunch of random pub kitties.
  4. Stat tracking

    Ooooo I really like that idea. You can still see your stats to help improve your game or just for kicks. But no one else can see them.
  5. Stat tracking

    And of the remaining 10% that do get a chance to apply only around 5-10% of them make it through the beginning training. A further 90% get kicked out before becoming a spec ops member. Very small figure.
  6. Stat tracking

    I like what Insurgency does with that. It's not really a big deal and it's kinda meh ok MVP this round, etc. Same with ARMA ... oooo look I have 9 kills and 2 deaths or whatever. The difference is there is no tracking site or engine keeping a running total like bfstats did and what the BF series currently does. Who would really do this though? I wouldn't. The casual guy just wanting to play a few rounds isn't likely to do it. An I don't mind the scoreboard idea like the older BF42 had until it was tracked then it kinda ruined the game. It's fun to see stats. Everyone wants to see how they fair compared to everyone else but I just think it would take away from the team building aspect. Just my 2 cents.
  7. Realistic weather: Heat Haze

    I think it would be awesome but I'm more concerned about performance personally.
  8. Stat tracking

    Arguably it isn't. BF42 and BFV were a much better game personally speaking. If memory serves me correctly EA/Dice saw how popular 3rd party "stat" sites were and took that idea and ran with it. What happened ..... Statwhores! Arguably speaking of course.
  9. Stat tracking

    Stats is what caused the downfall of the Battlefield series.
  10. Damage Model (too hard to kill)

    I'm actually torn on this. BF's ttk is to quick for any actual tactical play. Insurgency is more accurate to real life as well but again not accurate to tactical play. If we want true tactical play then spread will be high and accuracy down. That will cute down on respawns and people playing the objective. With a ttk to low its no more than just another CoD.
  11. Paypal backing?

    Hold out for PayPal. I thought I actually saw a link for PayPal donations earlier. Maybe it's down now. Either way sorry they recommended cc when you don't want hat option.
  12. What country do you think will be added?

    Russia or China is my guess. Israeli forces would be cool too!
  13. What country do you think will be added?

    Hahahahahaha ..... Good one!
  14. I was thinking the same thing. Like he was a dev himself.
  15. May 26 - It's KS day!

    Waiting .......
  16. Specs to run the game?

    SLI/Xfire is easy enough to disable if for some reason it won't support it. I doubt this will be aimed at high end uses anyway. Don't forget that DX12 is coming soon also and if the rumors are true everyone will be getting performance bumps. Have heard thou that in it's current state people are getting around 30fps. Correct me if I'm wrong on that(heard a YouTuber mention that number).
  17. May 26 - It's KS day!

    72 minutes!
  18. Airsoft's Videos

    I'll be a YouTuber for this game.
  19. Welcome to Squad!

    Hurry up on the Kickstarter release so I can get early access already!!!! LoL!