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  1. I bought a new soundcard and replaced the 8 year old one, now it's fine again thx
  2. Today the same bug occured... All down again. Reinstalled grafic drivers, turned off all sound devices of the grafic card, Nothing works...
  3. Hi, I really love the game but recently I had issues with my sound and I tried the onboard sound, but it didn't work out. so I reinstalled my sound card, it works fine but not in this game. When I enter a server everything is just fine, after a while, about a minute and noticeable after firing a gun or hear nearby gun fire the sound just is gone and only returns after new start of game. My setup: I7 4970 k GTX 1080 Gainward MSI Gaming z 97 Soundblaster X-fi Xtreme audio Please help me I really love the game and it used to run with no problems... I checked local files for errors. I set the apropriate sound and mic devices on default. Turned off radio enhancement and radio beeps.