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  1. Insurgency devs view Squad as competitive threat.

    Lel, I agree. I read the title and clicked on the thread thinking there was something official from the Insurgency Devs. Anyway, Insurgency/Day of Infamy (bringing it up since Squad will get WW1/2 user made mods) are like 20% similar to Squad imho.
  2. A Big Thank You to OWI

    Agreed! I really and truly appreciate all the work being put into Squad by all the Devs. These issues are meant to happen during Alpha stage. Keep up the great work, OWI! I, and I'm sure many others, believe in you aand in Squad's bright successful future!
  3. Can my computer run Squad?

    Buy it and see how it runs. But if it runs really bad (<27 FPS, which I doubt), refund it and wait until optimization is improved in the future (It's really up to you). Keep in mind that the game hasn't been fully optimized.
  4. M4A1 Rifle Desert Paint - Steam Inventory Typo

    Indeed. Looking forward to seeing them in game soon!
  5. M4A1 Rifle Desert Paint - Steam Inventory Typo

    True. Though I only remember using the M4A1 one, looked great in game. @heborn Currently and it'll stay that way. These are Founder Skins given only to the Founders who backed the game with Squad Leader Tier ($70) and up via Kickstarter, and are only awarded to the buyer with the primary key.
  6. M4A1 Rifle Desert Paint - Steam Inventory Typo

    Yep! Really excited to use them!
  7. Squad on consoles (ps4 and xbox one)

    I know they use outdated computer hardware, but I wasn't talking hardware-wise. And sure, any toaster/potato could run Linux. PCs are superior, more effient and different from consoles in many ways, especially when it comes to gaming. Have a read https://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/wiki/guide PCs offer a lot more than consoles do. Whether it being multitasking, MODS! , Steam sales, FREE online multiplayer, powerful and upgradable hardware, gaming at higher resolutions, XBOX One/360 Controller compatibility etc.. Everything a console does, a PC does it better. Much better. @Traxxas They have outdated hardware that can't be upgraded. They run at 900p and 720p resolutions (Sony are now working on a PS4(.5 ) that's capable of running games in 4K resolution, with what, 30fps? lol why even bother..). Not to mention, Microsoft forces a membership on XBOX gamers who want multiplayer access and some other silly features~ And really now, they're PCs because you have the ability to browse the internet via a built in browser?
  8. Squad on consoles (ps4 and xbox one)

    Still aren't PCs, man.
  9. Squad on consoles (ps4 and xbox one)

    ROFL. Consoles aren't PCs, no, and they never will be. To answer your question though, I highly doubt it since the Devs are focusing on finishing the game (until 2017-18) and won't be free for long while. And if I'm not mistaken, Squad is a PC exclusive.
  10. Found a typo in the M4A1 Founder Skin's description in the Steam inventory where it says Desert Kahki Paintover instead of Desert Khaki Paintover. It's no big deal, just thought I'd report it.
  11. Checking in

    Welcome to the fam, man!
  12. Welcome to the community, Delter. Your setup will handle it. :) See ya ingame, soon!
  13. I truly hope OWI will win this! They deserve every penny and know how to spend it.
  14. which gpu should I get?

    970's a good choice. But I'd save for a 980/Ti or wait for the pascal GPUs to be released.
  15. Sistem Pc

    It'll run.