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  1. Solution to "Buddy Rally"

    Since SQ is going down the road off, "keep it fun for every buddy". Why not? Personally I given up , SQ making a shift towards its spiritual predecessor. But that is an other story. Taking vehicles hostage, can be a serious problem. I saw it more then once, teams losing, due losing all logi trucks in the initial rush, being hold hostage. This proposition can be an solution. Arguing that those assets are valuable and have to be taken care of, or the call for dedicated logi squad are pointless. I am not seeing that happen with the player base SQ has.
  2. Solution to "Buddy Rally"

    I also made a similar suggestion already, i think it is at good solution to the taking vehicles "hostage" problem. I support this. Concerning BR. I believe it was mentioned that BR will be a CO only tool in future with the addition of the CO role and choppers.
  3. @pinko Good analyse pinko, that is a pretty good summary off what Squad is at the moment. And it is really sad because, it is so far behind PR gameplay. Teamplay is almost near ZERO and world war 2 soviet human wave doctrine is the only viable tactic.

    As OWI don't want to lose the chinese market, this pole is useless. Because the chinese don't want blood and gore in their games, look at the ch. PUBGS version.
  5. Whats the Deal with the DLC/CAF Mod?

    Good question. I wonder what the Modders get in return from OWI, for letting their work being advertised as "first free DLC" for Squad.
  6. What did the Mod Team get in return from OWI?
  7. More C4 or increase the damage

    I think TomReagan is bringing up a good question. What is the point of C4, if it can not kill radios or vehicles. Personally I like the idea and the way C4 was when it was introduced. I believe its recent nerf has the same reason we got the buddy rally, mainly FOBs being to difficult to maintain or rebuilt after they being lost. And not C4 itself being to strong. With the nerf C4 got, i see no purpose of it in the current stage.
  8. I would support such a mod for Squad, as I feel Squad is okay, but is missing this special something.
  9. We saw some massiv changes in gameplay over the last year, are the Devs happy with the current gameplay? Obviously there are many opinions on this, many are calling for Mods to shape the game more like they like it. So can the Devs state what is there exact vision of the game/ gameplay?
  10. 100P Servers and Helicopters being the last remaining promised features, what can we expected after those milestones? Where will the focus be set on, content like maps and new factions, modding or optimization?
  11. Suppression

    @Dubs. I agree Dubs, the HLL suppression seems exaggerated. But if I have to choose between an almost non existing one, witch in addition off the laser weapons we have in squad, rendering all MGs almost useless. And one, that actually do what it is supposed to do, making roles as MGs useful and promoting a certain game style. I choose HLL. But the real question is, is suppression in SQ doing what it should? I believe not. What are the consequences? It make roles like ARs and MMGs almost ineffective and certainly promotes a certain gameplay. We will see if changes are made in the futures, I am sure suppression is not on the top priority list of the Devs.
  12. Suppression

    Really? I feel like HLL has the best suppression right now. It is super effective and really hinders the player in its actions, making MGs actually useful to use. Tactics like advancing under cover fire are actually doable, not like in Squad or PS, where those kits are on the borderline to meme kits. Where you can ignore the suppression effect most of the time and rejoice hearing a MG cause you know you are gonna make a easy kill in the next minute.
  13. If you are expecting PR standards, where INS Mode was a truly unique experience, it is no wonders you disappointed. And it will never be, for obvious reason. No red cars, big reds or garys. Insurgents Faction in Squad is more like Militia in PR. Missing game mechanics, like Intel System ans so on... It is also itself an unpopular game mode and from what I see, was long time abounded by the Devs.
  14. What SPECIFICALLY is your problem?

    There is your answer. People have certain expectation from Squad, some changes made with updates differ from their expectation or vision of the game. We already had the same discussions when v10 dropped. Witch is totally okay in my opinion, since the direction of Squad and witch audience it wants to please is not clear. Also the Devs never clearly stated their vision of the game.
  15. I would welcome more transport vehicles, but i guess they have been removed due to performance reasons.
  16. Alpha 13 Survey Review

    You should check some of your Diagrams.
  17. Building is useless

    Yes. That is the reason we all hate people that builds so called "super FOBs".
  18. Feedback: Current Run and Gun Meta

    Yeah the new game mode looks interesting hopefully it plays different to RAAS. Also the changes to Radio Placement are looking promising, maybe the appearance off dedicated logi squads?
  19. Feedback: Current Run and Gun Meta

    Glad to see you are not one of those bunny hoppers who made appearance witch v13.
  20. Feedback: Current Run and Gun Meta

    Haha, same here. I bought 3 clan packs I believe they were called.
  21. But why new squad managements tools when you can just kick people from the squad who don't listen? At least this the way i do it.
  22. Feedback: Current Run and Gun Meta

    Do you like movies? If some one makes a sequel of your favorite movie you expect it to be related to it, story and content wise. NO? It is the same here with PR and Squad, i don't get the people who rage about it. Concerning the more than boring meta we have, I totally agree witch Phoenixstorm. This rush the middle and throw yourself in the meat grinder is not enjoyable. I expect more from a game that claims: "The battlefield of Squad is built around organized teams using both the environment and the assets available within the game to wage a tactical battle against an opposing team.... teamwork amplifies the effectiveness of the tools at your disposal". I hope we see tweaks and changes to game mechanics in the future, that will transform the gameplay we currently have. Many ideas have already been posted in this forum and can be viewed in.
  23. SquadChat - 12 - ft. Phil Merricks (Producer)

    Did he actually said something like making the game more arcade? I had more the impression he gave a foggy answer like a politician, neither way.
  24. Over a million copies, but where are those players? You develop Products for a determined Group of Consumers, a Company has to know the Persons who buys there stuff. For OWI this seems to be Players who are more interested in a FPS Games with deeper mechanics and involving Teamplay. Most likely those 3000 Players fall in this Category, the 997.000 remaining obviously not, otherwise they would be playing. In my understanding it would make no sens, to alter the Product more towards an arcade Playstyle and losing my previous Playerbase. Also if done so, Squad would lose it differentiation Aspect and would then have to compete with other Games who already target the arcade Crowd, like Battlefield. Do we have someone on the forums into economics? Could be interesting, was the optimal responds to this is. And thinking of this, lets take a look at Post Scriptum. Are they not an bad example of what happens when you try to alter an Game/ Product? All Squad Founders got a Key, but none is playing. Daily Peek is 560.