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  1. Being "locked down" by an AR actually happen very rarely to me. Since there is no suppression, the guy quickly gets taken out by a scoped RM. Or I just run away and make an other approach. On the few occasions when I see this, it is mostly when I play insurgents due the lack of scopes in the team, to counter scoped AR and MMG.
  2. Direction Indicator when hit

    I don't see fit for a such, arcade feature in Squad. Multisquid gave already some good points.
  3. What is the purpose of modding?

    Actually a good question. Don't you fear modding will split, an already small community into even smaller groups. What du you guys think?
  4. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    Taking a break from a game for a while, can also help. I hope you will come back with new energy.
  5. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    Welcome to the internet. But seriously. I would suggest you first try to find a good community and clan, this alone will improve your game play experience. And second, find a good administrated server. This will also help. If you were German i would invite you to play with my mates. Hope i could help.
  6. Project Reality 1.5.5.

    Nah, i believe PR is still miles ahead of Squad. The fire fights alone are far superior; kit selection, ammo preservation, tactics like suppression and flaking gives you long and satisfying engagements. In Squad just 2 good shooter guys with scope can wipe your squad. Squad as tactical shooter, still has an average tendency towards the shooter element rather that the tactical.
  7. Overall tickets will then be adjusted.
  8. With the new medic mechanic, where everyone can get wounded people up. This will come sooner or later anyways. Otherwise it will be harder to reduce the enemy tickets.
  9. I agree on the idea, when you get wounded that you lose 1 ticket and lose 1 more when you respawn. This will make the medic roll more valuable. Right now it is just easier to quickly respawn when you are wounded or out of ammo. Also more bandages and smoke for medics. Smoke also needs a little rework. This little changes alone will make medics more important
  10. Alpha 11.2

    I heard 3 weeks.
  11. Regular factions will always have their standart rifles. But how about just give the player the choice between iron sight, red point or optic? Just as he sees fit.
  12. Ticket loss for downed players

    @Borsti. I guess with the new medics change, what you suggest will automatically be the next step.
  13. New Revive ability

    Let's wait for we can actually play test the new changes. For my part, I am not sure about tank crew sizes. But I do not go berserk on the forums.
  14. June 2018 Recap

    Some long awaited changes are coming, good job. Can't wait to test them.