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  1. When playing INS i experience exactly the same. I believe this layout should be removed.
  2. trial

    Or just buy it and try it out. Steam got a pretty fair refund policy.
  3. May 2018 Recap

    In PR we used to say, RTFM.
  4. @Friesen: For witch game mode are you suggesting this? Because in PS we basically played Invasion (Offensive). For all? In defence of AAS. Coming from PR i know that AAS is a great gamemode, Devs just need to work on it. Make it dynamic AAS, bigger flag radius and bigger maps and it will work just fine. Also INS need a big rework too.
  5. That would be so nice, simple and useful.
  6. SPG-9 Rotable Tripod

    Agree with OP, don't know why it was in there first first place.
  7. Didn't Devs said they are reworking suppression?
  8. A Little Update from Merlin

    Can't share "the player base is dying" feeling, some peps are talking on forums. Looking at at steam charts, player count is somewhat constant. Nice to see Merlin is sharing some info. Maybe the poker face, we wont show you our cards thing from devs is the wrong path. Maybe was okay in PR, but i don't see it fit with Squad. Because the most fustrating thing at the moment imo is the lack of content and not seeing progress is maybe what upset the players the most? I like the transparancy of development in HLL, for example.
  9. SQUAD uninstalled

    Public matches are what they are, just public matches. If you what the good stuff you have to play events, clan wars and tournaments. It's the same in every other game, let's take arma for example. Many players are "hardcore" but will show this only in events. Just take a break and come back later.
  10. I totally agree on every point. I also don't see why you would lose 20 tickets together with your fob. It already take a massiv amount of resources to place a fob. A SL and 2 squad members (witch a much needed on the field) and the time to drive to the actual fob emplacement + build the stuff. Witch may be easy at round start, but mid game? Depending on the map it can be pain, think of Kohat. I believe this is a reason we see no logi squad, just not worth loosing all those tickets.
  11. Cock Block Rush

    I would just remove the ****ing bleed mechanic. So the enemy can still use it's rush tactics (legit tactic to use) and I would actual have options how to deal with it. Also rush, build a fob on the second flag, flank with my squad and so on. Also with this maps don't have to be symmetrical and could be interesting. This rush meta at the moment is boring as hell.
  12. Squad lead, and squad comms

    People spamming the sl channel is a huge problem. A mute button may help.
  13. un**** the fob mechanics plz

    I believe the problem are not the flags, but the lack of tools for squad leaders to get in those points. Like the breacher kit from PR or heavy weapon support. Also the Fob mechanic is not great at the moment and favours meatgrinders.
  14. A secondary rally point

    We have Fobs for this.
  15. un**** the fob mechanics plz

    Meat grinder fobs, who does not love them? I would add a mechanic as in PR, 4 enemy's near you fob and you can't spawn there.