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  1. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    A13 Feedback: PROS - The new vehicles are great, maybe just the Spandrel needs a bit of balancing. - Driving vehicles in general feels much smoother. - Game performance has increased. - Engineer is a great addition, C4 is much fun. - Ping removal was good, it was to arcady CONS - Running speed and stamina recovery is way to high, it makes you feel like bionic man. - I noticed many kits got their grenade removed (med/AR /AT/ MMG), i believe this is a bad decision. Grenades are your number one tool to get inside of buildings and compounds, without them you are doomed to die entering those areas. - SL Buddy RP makes no sense to me. The main tool to stay on the map and in the fight, should be a FOB and not a RP. It makes good RP positioning and logistic obsolete. Maybe a rebalance of the whole logistic system, starting from the logistic trucks to radios would have been better before working on new stuff. Can we test alteration of those in the next play test? - Ticket Bleed, I don't get why it made it back. In contrary to others i don't believe rushing will disappear, it will just change it appearance. Fog of war feature will not solve this problem. Why should a team get rewarded for rushing and then just holding +1 flags for the next 60 minutes? Especially when maps are imbalanced and always favor one team. Personally i would get rid of it again. If it have to absolutely stay, at least remove the ticket gain a teams gets by capping a neutral flag, to balance it out a bit. Further testing I am still indecisive regarding things like removal of insta-death and double HAB for INS. The new game mode destruction seems super imbalanced to me. I hope we get more play test of different systems and mechanics in the future.
  2. Friendly FOB killing.

    Maybe relate it to the respective Admins to take care off.
  3. Very nice, i already have an eye on you guys for some time now. Can't wait to play your mod one day.
  4. Squad is dead or not ?

    Well it was advertised on kickstarter, so it is fair for people to assume it will come to the game at some point. I am guessing right now, but knowing where squad comes from, we may someday see the breacher as only infantry class next to the engineer, being able to take down fobs with explosive.
  5. Scope periphial zoom

    Why PiP, why just not black it all out? Would that not spare performance, if you only zoom the centre?
  6. Asymmetrical Grudge Match

    No thanks. I don't see how this would be fun for INS with the actual balancing we have right now. We already had AAS layers with US vs. INS and they were just terrible. Let the INS where they belong, in the INS game mode.
  7. Squad Server Closed Connection 2019

    Try deleting the folder where the anti cheat is (squad directory) and verify the game via steam, steam will download the missing files.
  8. SL comms overload solutions

    Or people just start using direct comms, SL to SL? Using this already existing feature, would reduce the workload of SL alot. But somehow people seem not to know it exits.
  9. February 2019 Recap

    V13, when? Gib pls.
  10. Will the autocannons be improved in v13?

    Unlocking the full auto fire mode on the 30mm cannons could improve their performance.
  11. Weapons/Keys 7, 8, and 9 used?

    9 is reserved for parachute
  12. Squad system/types for vehicles.

    Not sure if i would play on it, i am not a fan of over managed servers. And the sort of admins on these servers. The only legit additional rule i see is, that vehicles that require the crewman kit need 2 operators.
  13. Why I dont want Helicopters

    To come back on the missing "boots on the ground" topic. I believe the commander seat in vehicles was a bad design idea, i would have preferred a PR approach. Combining driver and commander seat in one, were as driver you would press "f" and gain access to the commander optic. To illustrate, I just played a round of Tallil as Russian. 2 Tanks and 2 APCs, all fully crewed with 3 people. Taking away 4 people from infantry, for a mostly useless position inside a vic. On top, of course all were driving in the middle of no where. 0 support for INF. I mean, the OP have a point. And i also wonder how will this evolve with addition of helicopters or other assets, taking even more people away form the INF part.