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  1. Disable ALL chat! PLEASE!

    I would like to see this as a option for server Admins.
  2. Roleplay, logi, apc, mortars?

    I also did rounds of just running a supply truck building a fob here and there. Squad is just to limiting at the moment and need further changes.
  3. Alpha 10

    New gun play feels good, thanks for the work Devs.
  4. Spotting enemies?

    Get Reshade it will help a bit.
  5. Feind-Erkennung / Spotting

    Hallo Mitspieler, ich habe große Schwierigkeiten Feinde im Feld zu erkennen, je nach Karte sehe ich die Gegner erst wenn es zu spät ist. Hat jemand ein paar Ideen und Tipps? Ich nutze bereits Reshade, was eine große Hilfe ist. Was wären die optimalen Grafikeinstellungen um Gegner besser zu erkennen?
  6. Alpha 10 Public Test

    Thanks Devs for letting us try the V10 Test Version, it was great fun and a nice Christmas Present the the Community. The changes look good and are going in the right Direction.
  7. Alpha 10 Public Test

    About time, good changes.
  8. I h8 when cars are all over the map

    The best thing, when a vehicle is in the middle of nowhere. You want to bring it back to main or the nearest FOB, but you can't cause of vehicle claim.
  9. Will v10 ruin Squad?

    Maybe we just try v10 out before crying out?
  10. Alpha 9.14

    Omg, finally!
  11. Release - Alpha 9.12

    Instead of adding Layers for maps, how about dynamic AAS like PR had?
  12. +1would approve. This hole solo crew man gameplay we have at the moment needs a nerf. This could help.