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  1. Yes scopes give you an advantage, I believe we all figured it out after a couples of houres. So Ins and Militia are underdogs, fine. Lots of people here argue that when playing these faction, change your playstyle. Be sneaky, go guerilla. I totally agree with you guys, this is the answer. But is this even possible do the game mechanics? The team who secure their first flags until the middle one and then get one more will bleed the enemy team out. So every team will rush flags in order to bleed out the enemy or block them. So the option of ambushing or guerilla playstyle is taken away. I have to go full frontal assault or the enemy team will bleed me out. I belive this mechanic is game breaking for these 2 faction. Also the Ins Radio and HAB, why are they that costly? I believe they should be reduced or even removed. Just like in PR. That would fit more to that faction and would make them stronger.
  2. Played the last days on the server. I had some good rounds, server has good communication and teamwork.
  3. Welcome to the community, see yahoo on ze battlefield.
  4. Yamalo 8km [WiP]

    Nice wörk, give me that PR nostalgia feeling!
  5. "Ammo FOBs" Promote Unhealthy Gameplay

    I use ammo FOBs and will continue to use them, until we get a ammo box for the rifleman class or from vehicles. At the moment there is no better option to resupply your medics and ATs or just to run back to your teams only fob 2 km away.
  6. Do mortars suck?

    Yes they do. Something is just wrong with them, i saw multiple times when mortar rounds landed next to people doing no damage.
  7. Yes. I mean it is their Server, so they can also set their own rule set.
  8. Ihr sucht also einen Deutschen Clan?

  9. Yes. But i would like to see it reduce for Insurgents. It would give them a small Boost, since they are in general the weaker Faction
  10. I also would love to see buttons to raise / lower / and mute the chat (squad as like local).
  11. Release: Alpha Version 9.6

    Great wörk, thank you Devs. I can't wait to play the new version, squad locking finally!
  12. Release: Alpha Version 9.5

    RKG are wörking now, thank you!
  13. Please no shovel melee

    We had melee combat in PR, the trolling was minimalistic. I see no problems with it.