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  1. The thing with is maneuver, that it can either work or: - unflipp the vehicle but then flipp the vehicle who tries to help - both vehicles get flipped - one vehicle gets destroyed due getting fall damage and starting to burn out. Than why, just not bring one of the few good things PS came up to with into SQ? The reset vehicle button.
  2. I often hear this argument. But often you hit a tree or an other vehicle at low speed and your vehicle is either flipped or send into space. This can have a seriously impact gameplay, e.g. logi or tank being unavailable for 20 min due to bad physics.
  3. Why I dont want Helicopters

    I believe the problem you are describing has nothing to due with the addition of assets, such as tanks and helicopters. But more with player attitude and behavior, players who don't understand the teamplay aspect of SQ. Like the example you gave, tanks doing there own thing while the small 5 man squad have trouble to cap a flag. Those 2 could achieve so much together, sadly many people who take vehicles forget the combined arms aspect of the game. Like APC's squads not transporting and supporting the infantry, in search of personal glory. Sadly this can never be fixed, but i believe with 100 player servers (hopefully next year) this will balance out. With more players on the server, you will have fuller infantry squad.
  4. Taking cover in unarmoured vehicles

    Definitely needed feature at the moment, with would increase the usability of vehicles such as the british bulldog apc.
  5. Vehicle imbalance

    The issue 30mm vs Stryker and MRAP could be solved by unlocking the full auto fire on the cannon. I guess it was made burst fire for balance reason, pre v12. So this could be changed now. The introduction of Russian IFV then would be the next step. I am hopping for iconic BMP 1 and 2.
  6. Also a second HAT kit for all factions could be considered and a ammo bag with more ammo points.
  7. I see, we have completely opposite opinions. While i never felt Squad was a immersive, Post Scriptum definitely ist. I hope you have a good time with PS, i will certainly have mine with Squad.
  8. LOL, what are you taking about. The way I see it. The original community were those backers coming from the PR community and they left, long before the people you refer as "original community" leaving, because of squad pre v12 being just a slightly better battlefield. I agree with Dongs Galore, firefights are much longer compared to before and much more fun. I played medic a lot on v12, witch is still relevant and second most important after sl kit. Can't see how it ruins your experience.
  9. Little squads, many vehicles v12.

    Don't worry Quadro, V12 is still pretty fresh. Still many people want to try out how the vehicles plays. Personally yesterday was my first time in a tank and i guess there are still more people to follow. Concerning suppression, never had any problems with it. Great mechanic, witch does want it is design to do. But reveals for some a chocking truth with have come with V12, you are now pretty limited as what you can achieve alone. The glory of individuals are reduced and replaced with the need of more teamwork on squad/ team level and more communication to achieve a common objective. Same with vehicles, you can't 2 shoot vehicles anymore, so many people shift to small vehicles squad in hope of getting their personal glory there. We are in a transmission phase, gameplay has change and people are still adapting. Some will and some not. I will make a guess, in the future there will be a rebalance with the next patch. 2 HAT per team and 2 missiles for each LAT kit. Vehicle killing power will shift and people will play more INF again.
  10. FNFAL / G3 for normal rifleman

    G3 has become really great! Why not have a hole faction with G3 as main rifle? They could also have a MG3 as AR.
  11. I can't agree with you Lux. As what I see, teamwork has increased. People are waiting and not insta giving up and seeking the medic a lot more than pre v12. Ammo is shared with the people using their bandages on wounded players. The problem of losing spawn points is due to people not adapting to the new changes. People have to shift from turtle super fob to perimeter defence + back up Fobs.
  12. Struggling with this game

    Sounds like you were on the wrong servers. Some servers are better than others, just try to wander a bit around, until you find a good one. Also as said above, finding a clan can be advantageious.
  13. Tanks and others

    Sad to hear. Personally I am having fun with the new changes. Maybe introducing inf layout for all maps could be a thing for people who don't like vehicles. Also by this, servers with inf only could be set up. What do you think Hofer?
  14. A12 just got released?

    Same here, I was totally surprised.
  15. Vehicles vs AT infantry in V12

    Just played a couple of rounds with my squad mates, we adapted our game and were just fine. We had many tense situation because of enemy Armor and the lack of ammo/ AT, personally i had fun. Edit: Lets take a longer look at. how the gamplay develops. People need to learn, e.g. friendly Vehicles supporting their Infantry and roaming around the map. If we still have massiv Problem whit it, i am sure the Devs will make some tweaks. Maybe the LAT can get a second shoot, that could already help a lot.