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  1. September 2018 Recap

    People whispers that the release is in 3 weeks.
  2. A Bit of Merlin on Early Access Exit

    Do we know new Games are in Planning or is it super secret?
  3. The way you describe it, a better suited name would be "Verdun" game mode. Where 1 Team just mega Fob and the other attacks.
  4. No restrictions on kits? No. But i would love to see changes to the system. Maybe with more roles to pick from, so choices have to be made, or a specific play style. At the moment meta is 2 LAT and optic like DM, super boring and disappointing.
  5. August 2018 Recap

    Since zoom is every thing in the game right know, do you really believe you will get to shoot something when the CO has a CROW? But hey, will see how this work out.
  6. August 2018 Recap

    It's not about efficiency alone, it's about design choice. On steam, squad is advertising with "combine arms gameplay" and "50 vs 50 players. How will the gameplay looks and feels when you have to multi crew many vehicles with 3 people. How much infantry will be left on the field. Reduce the crew needed for vehicle and increase the nummer of assets on maps. The enjoyment you will get from gameplay will be massiv. This is one thing I loved in PR. Being a Rifleman in a 8 man squad, getting transported by chopper to the objective. Getting logistic support by trucks, fire support by apc. Tank battle in the distance. Jet fights over your had. All simultaneously on the same map, all by real players. Amazing! This is my definition of large player (50vs50) combine arms gameplay. I just don't see this happening with 3-4 man crews.
  7. August 2018 Recap

    The thing is, the Abrams tank will even have a 4 men crew (loader). What's the point? The game still needs to be fun, while maintaining a demanding gameplay focusing on team play. Driver and loader will be boring as hell to play. This also reduce the overall Nummer of vehicles on the field. I imagine it will result in as boring tank gameplay as in post scriptum. I also believe PR had a much better approach, combining driver and Co. Driving was fun because you had more things to do. Vehicle combat has great, 3 tanks vs 3. Witch was cool the play as crew or watch as infantry man. You could use some tactics, because you actually had some nummers. Following post scriptum with their boring tank play will result in disappointment.
  8. Battlefield 3 Project Reality mod

    Let's hope the best for Bf3: PR! It would be a blast, if they succeed in making this.
  9. Being "locked down" by an AR actually happen very rarely to me. Since there is no suppression, the guy quickly gets taken out by a scoped RM. Or I just run away and make an other approach. On the few occasions when I see this, it is mostly when I play insurgents due the lack of scopes in the team, to counter scoped AR and MMG.
  10. Direction Indicator when hit

    I don't see fit for a such, arcade feature in Squad. Multisquid gave already some good points.
  11. What is the purpose of modding?

    Actually a good question. Don't you fear modding will split, an already small community into even smaller groups. What du you guys think?
  12. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    Taking a break from a game for a while, can also help. I hope you will come back with new energy.
  13. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    Welcome to the internet. But seriously. I would suggest you first try to find a good community and clan, this alone will improve your game play experience. And second, find a good administrated server. This will also help. If you were German i would invite you to play with my mates. Hope i could help.