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  1. Zulu Xray Delta Squad Clan!

    We also have a lot of German Players now, so don't be shy if English is not your native Language!
  2. APC's crew guide for Dummies

    Great work Aragorn, thank you for contributing the community.
  3. SPG techie should be equivalent to HAT

    SPG should definitely one shit a truck. Optics would be cool.
  4. September 2017 Recap

    This will be good. Don't forget to give the AAS Mode some love.
  5. Vehicle Approval Suggestion

    Wow, what a simple and superb Idea. I would approve, ja ja!
  6. Just let Server Admins take care of this issue, worked fine in PR.
  7. Rally Point

    When a RP is not getting overrun by nearby enemys, people will stand next to it and camp it.
  8. Rally Point

    Makes no sense to me, this would turn in a spawn camping festival. I believe RP are okay in the moment.
  9. [FCV] Task Force - Join Now!

    Reminds me somehow of PRTA , good luck and see you guys on Squad.
  10. I would like to suggest a new Role. A Breacher or Specialist, just as in PR. Basically a Rifleman with one or two explosives to take down FOB Structures. The Idea came to me yesterday, after playing a round of Narva with my Clan mates. After trying to take down a FOB for 15 Minutes, build inside an apartment Building heavily fortified with Hescos and Sandbags at the doors. We had to give up. I like the building System in Squad and being able to close all entrances of all sort of Complex. But i would like more options the get inside those without wasting our precious AT witch we need against Vehicles. I believe the role of a Breacher would give more tactical flexibility, being able to make a entry into a FOB glitched inside those sort of buildings or super FOBs.
  11. I would prefer that that the driver have access to an optic, making him a dual role as driver and commander.
  12. Alpha 9.8 Release

    Gut wörk, keep the Updates coming!
  13. Yes scopes give you an advantage, I believe we all figured it out after a couples of houres. So Ins and Militia are underdogs, fine. Lots of people here argue that when playing these faction, change your playstyle. Be sneaky, go guerilla. I totally agree with you guys, this is the answer. But is this even possible do the game mechanics? The team who secure their first flags until the middle one and then get one more will bleed the enemy team out. So every team will rush flags in order to bleed out the enemy or block them. So the option of ambushing or guerilla playstyle is taken away. I have to go full frontal assault or the enemy team will bleed me out. I belive this mechanic is game breaking for these 2 faction. Also the Ins Radio and HAB, why are they that costly? I believe they should be reduced or even removed. Just like in PR. That would fit more to that faction and would make them stronger.