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  1. Server browser - April 2017

    Gday. Just reinstalled Squad for this weekend free weekend The IN GAME server browser seems to be missing:- Auto ping limit of 200 on displayed servers Missing FRIENDS tab and missing FAV TAB Also when you choose to SORT BY PING I get graphic glitch's , why are we even displaying servers with 400 ping in the list first ? Should servers with LESS then 100 ping by the default listed thing ?
  2. Affordable video editing software

    I recommend to use OBS (Classic or new) to record and encode on the fly to MP4 gameplay footage * MS Movie Maker - Free (Windows only) * Openshot (Windows + Mac + Linux) Free - http://openshot.org/ * Lightworks (Windows+ Mac + Linux) free edition available https://www.lwks.com I use Magix Edit Pro which I picked up on sale on amazon as a code for USD$22 Magix BOUGHT Sony Vegas also in 2016 You can get it cheap from Amazon (BOX or Digital code) MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2016 - USD$25 https://www.amazon.com/MAGIX-Movie-Edit-Pro-2016/dp/B015PIIF80/ Free sound editor: Audacity (Linux/Mac/Windows) https://sourceforge.net/projects/audacity/ or a proper FREE DAW Presonus Studio One PRIME (Mac/Windows) https://shop.presonus.com/products/studio-one-prods/Studio-One-3-Prime
  3. 3 hours after Free week-end started

    Might be a good idea to add that to the game displayed in console screen X killed X X team killed X or at least record it server side so the admins have a list of what happened
  4. 3 hours after Free week-end started

    How many hours till the FREE weekend starts ? It is 8:00 AM QLD/AUSTRALIA GMT+10 Friday 11/Nov/2016
  5. Can the server browser be limited to ping below 175 please

    Example of a good well designed server browser for a shooter on PC:-
  6. Gday, Can the server browser have a search limit of displaying only games BELOW 175 ping please Also you cant seem to set a server as favorite either
  7. I cant be bothered building a fob or rally from squad leaders

    Gday That was another reason that lead me to give up on this game No bloody medic would res you (Ohh wait that happens in PC BC2+BF3+BF4+BF1 too) but at least in arma 3 + Battlefield you can spawn at the base or squad leader with insurgency you just wait till the next base is cap and secured
  8. Anyway to spawn onto bases captured or squad leaders ? Just reinstalled the game Jumped into an server in my country no fob/rally point built I asked via mic can the squad to build a place that I could spawn please and I got :- I cant be bothered building a fob or rally I can see this going to be an asked question on the free weekend that why still you cant spawn on a caped base or squad leader I can see a lot of new commers say , fark it , just go back to Project Argo/Insurgency/Battlefield because of this annoying "feature" of the game
  9. Steam Free Weekend & Sale

    Currently AUD$52 (USD$40) on AU Steam store , free weekend plus game for AUD$26 (USD$20) could get a lot of people interested since arma 3 is so laggy, UE4 crowd funded games seem to work really well What a weekend for tactical shooters , we have free weekend for squad and Project Argo announced All we need now is a free weekend for Ground Branch
  10. I came across this great thread on ubisoft forums for PC hardcore fans wanting harder and more tactical elements back into the tom clancy series of course they are claiming we are console bashing Anyone else remember the PROPER tatical Rainbow Six rogue spear and raven shield and GR1 ORG experience ? Its great to see stuff SQUAD , INSURGENCY , Ground Branch and Arma 3 pickup the slack when major AAA companies refuse to listen to hardcore pc fans The Cold Hard Truth For Ubisoft & Constructive Criticism http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1350366-The-Cold-Hard-Truth-For-Ubisoft-amp-Constructive-Criticism
  11. Locked squads Good Idea or bad idea?

    Great idea and should happen in more shooters on PC One of the reasons I can see is when you are playing with clan mates and you want to save a few spots for your friends that will be coming online in 5-15 minutes time or don't have the time/patience to deal with IDI0TS spawning on you and opening up like a t0sser to give away your groups position or maybe you have a jerk that has his mic on voice activate and always transmit with his tv in the background , house noise , dog barking or him breathing or sounding like a squeaky chewtoy annoying voice
  12. People who ask for a RP/FOB

    This is the main reason my clan gave up on this game We were sick and tired of walking for frak1NG MILES in the bloody game I counted how long I had to walk once in game, it was 41 minutes in real life , just to get killed 3 minutes after finding the "squad mates" Not being able to spawn on a squad leader had killed all enjoyment for this game Heck even with Insurgency 2 you stay dead then spawn on once a base is capped in conquest I know the PR purists are like this is PRv2 but I never played PR1 but I have played R6 Rogue Spear , R6 Raven Shield , GR1 ORG , BF1942 , GRAW1/2 , Joint Ops ,BF BC2, Swat 2/3, Arma 3 , Insurgency 2 I know once I had a small rally point I managed to build in a small shack over a ridge of a huge battle people were joining my squad and with text chat and mic myself and another clan mate were asking the pubs to stick around to help build a fob , 5 people joined, none stuck around They all buggered off , one guy went to the window and opened up with an LMG 30 seconds later we are all dead and the guy then goes, why cant i spawn on you we are all stuck at the start of the level again This is not team work based gaming fun , the spawning mechanic seems broken The only way it could work is if you had a squad of 6 to 12 friends vs cpu ai , with a voip server running with good communication because it seems the online pvp battles are no fun, but last time I checked squad didnt support human vs ai battle coop/checkpoint mode Dont get me started with the useless blo00dy medics in the game too that are little upset snowflakes when you ask them to grow a pair and res me instead of running for the hills like a scared little girl....... Do I have to offer a box of candy to get a god damm res in this game too ?
  13. Different FPS on same server?

    Had the same issues with "dedicated" windows arma 3 servers on the net Any games over 20 players would drop frames bad We ended up just playing coop together instead of online pub servers, faster fps I noticed a few builds ago with Squad I got different fps on different maps during the same gameplay session Then the last Squad patch I lost 25-30 fps
  14. Alpha 7.7 Released

    A lot of the guys are now calling this game "walking simulator" , because that is what happens 95% of the time in this game your walking back to the action , then you cant see the enemy that well for some odd reason (at least on old builds) Pretty sure that I and my steam friends are not the only ones finding this issue with the game Ive tired to ask pubs to help stay when they spawn so we can place down a big respawn timber beacon but they just frak off and do their own thing and then abuse us in text chat when we kick them out of the squad
  15. Alpha 7.7 Released

    It has put off myself and most of our clan from now playing this game At least with a game like Insurgency if you happened to die you could spawn back alive once your squad/team has capped the next base , you cant even do that in this game