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  1. Community content WIP thread!

    A brief play with re-textures. I haven't played with UE4 before so it was more an experiment for my curiosity than anything else, didn't get to involved and not sure how far any of it will go.
  2. I do miss the almost nightly games of PR on the Aussie servers, was great fun during it's run and the hole left by PR and it's particular style and gameplay has not been replaced yet. Squad has the opportunity.
  3. Should MEC forces be in Squad?

    I'd like to think they will make an appearance along the way or at least a different named substitute. Whether it be from the Squad team or via modding, should it be available.We all like the realistic factions and scenarios, but a faction like MEC opens up so many more possibilities for maps and other scenarios that may otherwise seem uncomfortable or too far fetched to use normal factions imo.
  4. If you haven't done it already the pattern size of the UCP and MC on those pouches could go up abit. Nitpicking and what not.I think Chuc may have mentioned it awhile back
  5. Got to do the Brits for nostalgia/spiritual sequel reasons Also they have nice kit too...
  6. US soldiers - First look at player models

    It's a Crye Armour Chassis Gen 1 :)I'm sure they'll get rid of it with the gear re-shuffle.
  7. Afghan compounds

    This stuff looks great Taxi, nice work mate.Yeah doors would be a great way to add variation. Openable/Closeable & Lockable. Variation in materials so wooden doors could be shot open/kicked or 'melee'd' open might be the easier animation route, metal more secure doors need something heavier if the defenders happen to lock it. Gives the team that happens to be defending the area more options and variety on how they go about it.