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  1. Damn, thats a trip down memory lane!
  2. See you guys on the battlefield this weekend!
  3. On my list to see when they do a tour in the UK.
  4. You are doing the Lord's work my friend.
  5. I am a huuuge fan of Dow and Coh Series, not quite convinced by some of the changes in DoW3 but we will have to see how it pans out.
  6. Ott, but Sikpanzer from Sir.community?
  7. There is so much surplus gear floating about anyhow, having to dye your uniform would be a pretty extreme option.
  8. Unlikely to see a SCAR-H sorry to say. As others have eluded too, when a new kit/role gets added, there are weapons designed to fill that role, rather than just a trickle of random guns going in. Insurgent supply lines may have some new crates to be delivered though..
  9. Ah the venerable bob semple!