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  1. I think vics should take some sort of semi realistic damage to reduce the ability to blaze full speed into objects and catch massive air. They shouldn't be fragile, but if you smack enough trees or launch cliffs at full speed, you should have to repair them, or, if you ignore the damage, eventually they should die.
  2. With the upcoming changes, it seems like HABs will be the new rallies, since you can drop an unlimited amount, and closer together. Drop a stealth HAB and ammo crate and that's where many people will spawn since they can rearm. Rallies will actually be used more to regroup out in the field if it's a good squad and SL, otherwise, people will continue to stream in from HABs.
  3. Turnout from Inside of Vehicle

    Just steal the code from PS
  4. In UE3, the Tripwire devs couldn't get suppression to differentiate between friendly fire or enemy, I'm guessing it's not any different in UE4 since we see the same thing in Squad and PS.
  5. "IF the following is true, 10 meters = 98.4252 feet, then the game will turn Every bullet that we get into fun suppression meters and aim sway/tunnel vision = 10 of a soldier influences rather than suppressed HAB fights fighting within. #*&% = comes all over the map." FIFY
  6. Squad Vehicle Radio

    God no
  7. September 2018 Recap

    I think that's the case, although if the rallys intent is to truely rally up, it should be immediately active and then the timer starts. Otherwise, you'd all have to sit and wait to get everyone together. I think having the immediate wave disabled would be great for the start of the round though, because that would reduce the incentive to send a small vic with the SL and a few guys racing out to the first cap, drop a rally and everyone spawns in. I'd rather people choose to all drive in. More realistic, more risky, more fun.
  8. Concussion

    Agreed with your points. Explosions in game are not scary, if you know the damage radius, you know you're either safe or not, there's no uncertainty. There was an excellent mod in RO2 (UE3), with shrapnel effects, which meant with arty and nades, you'd better hit the deck or you could still die. It completely changed the suppression effectiveness of explosions. You can hear the shrapnel here:
  9. Extra damage state

    Maybe a bit of cuddling will replenish your booboo pool?
  10. Limited Alpha 12 Test Oct 10th

    I'm fine with removing tickets for vics, but you should then just have a set amount per match and they're all at main. You lose them all, you're screwed. Maybe people would value vics then.
  11. Melee Weapons

    I so want Shovel Only server seeding......
  12. What would you like to see in Squad

    PS just added ammo dumps, so you can build either directly from the truck, or drop an ammo dump, which is just a big pile of crates and build from there. They are refillable. Anyone in logi squad can now drop deployables, except for FOBs, it's working well.
  13. Limit the length of time it is active and make it impossible for an enemy to kill it. They can disable the spawn by proximity, and/or camp it for the remainder of time it is active. If you've got guys there, and they can clear the area, the spawn reenables. If not, time runs out and * poof *
  14. Suggestion about sound levels

    Crew coms and earplugs, that's what I want.
  15. September 2018 Recap

    Aw hell yes!
  16. September 2018 Recap

    Great stuff in this recap! "Overhauled Spawn system including Rallypoint Wave Spawn & HAB Spawn Over-run" Can anyone fill in the detail on this? I hadn't seen any discussion of it. I'm assuming HABs just shut off when overrun, which is a welcome thing.
  17. suggestion Concentric circles

    This might also promote people setting up a layered defense around a cap as well. Especially if capping those zones showed up somehow in your UI. Cap icon goes to yellow for first layer, white for full neutral, like that.
  18. I'd agree with this. No need to over complicate things either, give the Commander the ability to make persistent marks on the map, maybe just for SL's to see, maybe everyone. Assign attack/defend icons to a Squad, something simple, typing in a number or name, or picking from a pulldown. Agreeing on the plan and working out the details can be done in voice chat. Then other SL's can quickly and easily see Squad1 is attacking the cap, Squad 3 is defending, what have you. Developing a system to track the results is time that should be spent elsewhere. It'd be less a situation of a commander ordering squads around than tracking them, monitoring overall progress and suggesting changes.
  19. CAS, Jets & Helicopters

    I'd think that militia would also have conventional arty in some form as well?
  20. Farm 51 - World War 3

    No ballistics, bullets fly out of the crosshairs, hit makers, unrealistic movement speeds, no communications, individuals are rewarded for playing as individuals, personal airstrikes, single manning armor, small, confined mindless maps, endless floating debris falling from the sky, not much point to it at all. I get bored even watching these kinds of games after a few minutes, they aren't unique in any significant way. Not that it matters, people like these sort of shooters, have at it, it doesn't bother me. I was slightly more optimistic about it, expecting maybe something like Escape from tarkov.
  21. CAS, Jets & Helicopters

    In PS, the Commander has a set amount of strafing runs, bombing runs with a single bomb and arty/smoke rounds for the match. You can set the general flight path over the target. North to South for example. Different aircraft for the current two factions. Each weapon platform is effective against certain target types with arty being the most devastating because buildings only offer a certain level of protection. You can select the type, number of rounds and tightness of pattern. The commander role works well IMO, there's plenty to keep them busy and it's definitely not point and click. The marks coming for targets have to be super precise, and you have to choose the best strategy to take targets out, and still be a little lucky. A single bomb dropped on a vehicle is still a single bomb, it needs to land close. Considering the PS time period where you only have dumb bombs and binos, it might be too easy with modern weapons. Have your SL or spotter Laze your target from across the map and Blammo! Mortars are more effective in PS too, since there aren't bunkers and they seem more lethal. Plus, since you don't need a FOB to drop them, you can have them in multiple locations around a map that are harder to hunt down. You could attempt to balance the factions in Squad with more off map improvised rockets in a greater quantity, Garys, what have you.
  22. Farm 51 - World War 3

    Everything I dislike about FPS wrapped up into one! lol