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  1. Alpha 13 Patch Notes

    I'm not giving up on Squad, I'm excited by what the future might bring, but I'm also not playing it currently. I stopped because I was tired of non stop rushing, and non stop AAS. The meta was moving towards less in the moment strategy and trying to out think your opponent, and more of whoever can out blitzkrieg the other team using the same formula from layer to layer. I like having a game environment that rewards cooperation, creative thinking, and staying alive, while it punishes those who think they can shoot their way out of any situation. Players only value their virtual life when dying is painful. Once they don't, then they can afford to be reckless, and winning a battle is reduced to nothing more than who can outshoot the other. Which gets boring imo.
  2. Alpha 13 Patch Notes

    This patch has made me less interested in playing Squad than anything else they've ever done. Faster movement, easier/more rallies and revives? No thanks.
  3. Deployable truck/rally

    PS has slightly different mechanics for spawning, so the MSP plays a bigger role there. For teamwide spawns, there's a limit of 2 FOBs per side in AAS (no MSPs), and only attackers get FOBs in their version of Invasion, but both sides MSPs. So, the MSPs are critical in providing a spawnpoint. In order of distance from a cap, FOBs are usually farther out in a more conservative position, MSPs are closer in, they are somewhat disposable with a short cooldown at main. If your SL is decent, rallies are always available, and usually the closest spawn. Since they are easier to spot, and would therefore likely would be placed in a more conservative position, it would be interesting to have them act differently than a rally. Unlimited squad spawns on a MSP and limited on a rally for example. Use the MSP like you would a rally now, and use the Rally as only a limited regroup call. Rally dies, regroup on the MSP, MSP dies, regroup at the FOB.
  4. Deployable truck/rally

    You mean an MSP? Code already exists for that.... https://gameplay.tips/guides/2726-post-scriptum.html
  5. The Wrench, March 2019

    Can we map pedals and joysticks for the helo mod?
  6. What is Squad? Director's Cut

    The admin cam shots make it look like that's the HUD you'll be seeing.......
  7. Squad founders- where are they now?

    I'm playing Post Scriptum, waiting on Squad to come out with more appealing gamemodes.
  8. commander?

    Players are still happy to walk into friendly artillery, and mortars as is evidenced in PS, which has a similar PL/CO setup. It would be best to have some way to forgive TKs.
  9. Redeploy From Main Base

    Without a spawn penalty at main, everyone facing a long respawn wait at a forward spawn point, would spawn main, then immediately spawn again forward. I've made the suggestion before, if you're driving a vehicle for a minimum of say 45 seconds, and you return it to main, you, and only you, can then respawn forward without penalty. This would eliminate the time penalty for returning vehicles, and hopefully, reduce the amount abandoned.
  10. commander?

    Actually, they just need to be near a radio. So, at main, command vic, FOB, or Squad level radioman. At least in PS, the Platoon Leader is often roaming about on the edges of the fight, since without a UAV, it's helpful to be able to see to call in off map support. The best PLs aren't sitting at a radio all match, which I hope in the case of Squad, there's also enough flexibility to be out in the field.
  11. SquadChat - 10 - ft. Drav

    I don't enjoy being SL in Squad, I do in PS since there is less to deal with.
  12. Teleport from main base?

    I think once off map assets become available, superfobbing will become less popular since arty/airstrikes will blow them to smithereens. The guys who spend 30 minutes creating the alamo will all have sad faces when their creations are wrecked in 15 seconds and everyone inside is in small pieces. A change for the better IMO. I agree, once trans helos are in, a review of the spawning meta is called for. Maybe limit the number of FOBs up at one time. I could see having some way to respawn on orphan vics being useful if it was limited in some way. Either only a specific role could do it, or each vehicle would need a "repair" to make it more vulnerable. You can't just spawn on a vic in the middle of a firefight and drive off. I've always advocated for a free respawn to anyone who drives a vehicle into main to encourage returning them. For example, if you were driving a vic for 45 seconds, and are now in main, you can jump out and respawn at a forward spawnpoint without a ticket or time penalty. This would eliminate people spawning at main, driving a vic out and back in in 10 seconds and then insta-respawning.
  13. Fuel, Food & Water

    You get 7 drinky-poos with a canteen in PS. Sometimes it refills when you rearm at an ammo crate, sometimes not, so you do have to manage it. I'd prefer less than 7 tbh, I've rarely ever gone through all of them in one life. I thought it was pretty silly at first, but I've gotten used to it, and it adds a small strategic element because you're obviously vulnerable while you have a canteen in your hand. It's really not much different than going prone before an assault in Squad to up your stam, its just faster and used in the same situations. PS has slightly different amounts of sway and stamina, I think you have less stamina than Squad IIRC, so the canteen is there to help you manage it. I think adding in a new type of supply points for logi to haul around is unnecessarily complicated.
  14. Feedback from old PR dev :)

    I don't buy the argument that if there were simplistic gamemodes that the existing playerbase would fracture. I think they'd be used for seeding, it'd be great to have TDM or some basic mode for small layers on existing maps, the community essentially tries to ad hoc this now. "Everyone fight over mosque until 20 v 20. No Armor". And if there was enough interest to have servers running other gamemodes 24/7? Fine by me. They'd be filled with the people who wanted to play it, who would most likely be new. The people playing Sqaud now, are the people who like the present style of play, they'd still play like that.
  15. Why I dont want Helicopters

    I think the commander role can help with coordination, especially if they have tools available to help out overall, or with specific squad level problems. It's just like having a good SL, if they ask you to do things that make sense, you'll do it. As will others in your squad, leading to a higher level of coordination than in a squad with an idiot SL. In the same way, a good commander will get SLs to cooperate. One of the puzzles with the overall meta is that any infantry squad can operate completely independently on the teamwide level. Which is both good and bad. They can drop FOBs, TOW, AA, mortars. etc. Which doesn't encourage teamwide cooperation. I'm not suggesting that this should be changed necessarily, but it should be noted. Would there be more cooperation if only dedicated roles could build and fire mortars? Or AA? Or logi? Yes? Would it make the game better? Maybe? Hard to say. That freedom also allows a single good squad to carry an entire team.
  16. I'd think t'd be easy enough to change the instant Reset button mechanic into a more prolonged affair, where you jump out and while looking at a certain spot on the vehicle, click "Tow" and it slowly moves over a couple of feet. Repeat until clear. Or something similar. That way, getting unstuck would take enough time to be very annoying, and also dangerous, so you'd be more careful. As it is now in PS, Resetting is too quick and easy to care about getting stuck that much. Add in damage when crashing into things, and drivers would be more careful. I think drivers should be able to self rescue, I'd hate if the game turned into a driving simulator with recovery vehicles.
  17. As gamey as it is, I like the Reset feature in PS over the brain damage of getting stuck on twigs and small stones in Squad. I'd love to see a replacement for both at some point in the future.
  18. Logistics Mechanics

    Agreed, they implement logi in a different way than in Squad, and I'm not advocating for that, but the overall freedom offered by supply crates and not being tied to a radio is superior and I think would be a benefit to gameplay in Squad.
  19. Logistics Mechanics

    Supply crates already exist in PS, so it would be easy to adapt the code for Squad. Although there is a major difference, which I think is much improved in that building isn't tied to a FOB, so as long as you have supplies, either in a crate or a truck, you can build stuff anywhere. In practice, the crates act like a FOB does in Squad, you can drive a truck into range of the crate, hop out and drop supplies into it. They also have a bigger build range than the truck, so it can be safer to supply a crate, than to drive a truck into a dangerous area. More info below. https://steamcommunity.com/games/736220/announcements/detail/1712947526594554502
  20. November 2018 - Squad's Next Phase

    Yep, with offmap assets like PS, I can't wait for airstrikes.....
  21. My first thought is "tough, you abandon a vic to the enemy, consider it lost", but I'd rather they have an onboard repair kit than they respawn just for the sake of gameplay. If you can manage to get your butt there, and spend a minute repairing it, fine. I've always been a fan of each round starting with every vic sitting in main and none respawn, with a limit on what is available at any one time. Then everyone can see how many assets there are and once they are gone, they are gone. RIP
  22. Single layer Sand bags for ARs

    I think anyone with a shovel should be able to "dig" a shallow hasty hole shooting position if you are on dirt. It would lay on top of the terrain and not deform it. No one carries sandbags around in the field rolled up in their socks.
  23. Emplacements and Mobility

    Everything should be useable by the enemy as long as there is ammo. If the enemy loses their emplacements, and left a bunch of ammo and supplies, they've just screwed up. It'd be great if we had a sapper role, so if you are being overrun, you could blow the supply crate, or TOW.

    That's how it used to work in PS, now you can drive in, drop a supply crate and boogie. You can then come back, drop supplies to the crate while in it's vicinity, just like a FOB in squad, and rtb. You can also build directly from the truck if you want. Which is great if you want to build effective defenses, in that you can drop one crate at the back of the cap, one crate at the front, and drive the truck outside it to set up a string of fighting positions, a bunker, some log walls, creating a layered defense. Have one truck doing that while the other does runs to fill the crates. You're not stuck building an alamo. PS has much less terrain than Squad maps, so being able to build effective defenses on a wide open cap surrounded by open fields changes the gameplay dramatically. It's stupid, and would take a lot of logi runs, but if you want to, you could build 12 mgs, I don't see why the game should limit you. It's like a lot alot of gameplay decisions, you learn to make ones that have the best outcome, otherwise, you pay the price. There are only restrictions on vehicle tents, you can only build them at FOBs, other than that, you can build anything, anywhere. Now that AAS is in, there are restrictions on FOBs per team (2), and a 300m distance between them. And red zones like before, but larger, since there are rallies now too.

    Sure, boxes will be abandoned, just like lots of things are in game. It's not like Squad is or is played as a milsim, without magic respawns and all of that.