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  1. Feedback from old PR dev :)

    I don't buy the argument that if there were simplistic gamemodes that the existing playerbase would fracture. I think they'd be used for seeding, it'd be great to have TDM or some basic mode for small layers on existing maps, the community essentially tries to ad hoc this now. "Everyone fight over mosque until 20 v 20. No Armor". And if there was enough interest to have servers running other gamemodes 24/7? Fine by me. They'd be filled with the people who wanted to play it, who would most likely be new. The people playing Sqaud now, are the people who like the present style of play, they'd still play like that.
  2. Why I dont want Helicopters

    I think the commander role can help with coordination, especially if they have tools available to help out overall, or with specific squad level problems. It's just like having a good SL, if they ask you to do things that make sense, you'll do it. As will others in your squad, leading to a higher level of coordination than in a squad with an idiot SL. In the same way, a good commander will get SLs to cooperate. One of the puzzles with the overall meta is that any infantry squad can operate completely independently on the teamwide level. Which is both good and bad. They can drop FOBs, TOW, AA, mortars. etc. Which doesn't encourage teamwide cooperation. I'm not suggesting that this should be changed necessarily, but it should be noted. Would there be more cooperation if only dedicated roles could build and fire mortars? Or AA? Or logi? Yes? Would it make the game better? Maybe? Hard to say. That freedom also allows a single good squad to carry an entire team.
  3. I'd think t'd be easy enough to change the instant Reset button mechanic into a more prolonged affair, where you jump out and while looking at a certain spot on the vehicle, click "Tow" and it slowly moves over a couple of feet. Repeat until clear. Or something similar. That way, getting unstuck would take enough time to be very annoying, and also dangerous, so you'd be more careful. As it is now in PS, Resetting is too quick and easy to care about getting stuck that much. Add in damage when crashing into things, and drivers would be more careful. I think drivers should be able to self rescue, I'd hate if the game turned into a driving simulator with recovery vehicles.
  4. As gamey as it is, I like the Reset feature in PS over the brain damage of getting stuck on twigs and small stones in Squad. I'd love to see a replacement for both at some point in the future.
  5. Logistics Mechanics

    Agreed, they implement logi in a different way than in Squad, and I'm not advocating for that, but the overall freedom offered by supply crates and not being tied to a radio is superior and I think would be a benefit to gameplay in Squad.
  6. Logistics Mechanics

    Supply crates already exist in PS, so it would be easy to adapt the code for Squad. Although there is a major difference, which I think is much improved in that building isn't tied to a FOB, so as long as you have supplies, either in a crate or a truck, you can build stuff anywhere. In practice, the crates act like a FOB does in Squad, you can drive a truck into range of the crate, hop out and drop supplies into it. They also have a bigger build range than the truck, so it can be safer to supply a crate, than to drive a truck into a dangerous area. More info below. https://steamcommunity.com/games/736220/announcements/detail/1712947526594554502
  7. November 2018 - Squad's Next Phase

    Yep, with offmap assets like PS, I can't wait for airstrikes.....
  8. My first thought is "tough, you abandon a vic to the enemy, consider it lost", but I'd rather they have an onboard repair kit than they respawn just for the sake of gameplay. If you can manage to get your butt there, and spend a minute repairing it, fine. I've always been a fan of each round starting with every vic sitting in main and none respawn, with a limit on what is available at any one time. Then everyone can see how many assets there are and once they are gone, they are gone. RIP
  9. Single layer Sand bags for ARs

    I think anyone with a shovel should be able to "dig" a shallow hasty hole shooting position if you are on dirt. It would lay on top of the terrain and not deform it. No one carries sandbags around in the field rolled up in their socks.
  10. Emplacements and Mobility

    Everything should be useable by the enemy as long as there is ammo. If the enemy loses their emplacements, and left a bunch of ammo and supplies, they've just screwed up. It'd be great if we had a sapper role, so if you are being overrun, you could blow the supply crate, or TOW.

    That's how it used to work in PS, now you can drive in, drop a supply crate and boogie. You can then come back, drop supplies to the crate while in it's vicinity, just like a FOB in squad, and rtb. You can also build directly from the truck if you want. Which is great if you want to build effective defenses, in that you can drop one crate at the back of the cap, one crate at the front, and drive the truck outside it to set up a string of fighting positions, a bunker, some log walls, creating a layered defense. Have one truck doing that while the other does runs to fill the crates. You're not stuck building an alamo. PS has much less terrain than Squad maps, so being able to build effective defenses on a wide open cap surrounded by open fields changes the gameplay dramatically. It's stupid, and would take a lot of logi runs, but if you want to, you could build 12 mgs, I don't see why the game should limit you. It's like a lot alot of gameplay decisions, you learn to make ones that have the best outcome, otherwise, you pay the price. There are only restrictions on vehicle tents, you can only build them at FOBs, other than that, you can build anything, anywhere. Now that AAS is in, there are restrictions on FOBs per team (2), and a 300m distance between them. And red zones like before, but larger, since there are rallies now too.

    Sure, boxes will be abandoned, just like lots of things are in game. It's not like Squad is or is played as a milsim, without magic respawns and all of that.

    It's a fair workaround, but as players we're so used to radios being the requirement to building, I don't think people ever stop to think about how illogical it is. In the old days as you know, ammo was limitless, so you needed to limit how many ammo boxes you could place, and to do that, they tied them to radios which had their limits and point cost, to keep people from dropping them everywhere. We now have to resupply ammo points, so the most logical, way to allow people the freedom to set up ammo supplies is to allow people to drop them from a logi, wherever they'd like, with a smallish amount of ammo. If you want more, you have to resupply it. More trips means more risk for logi and a greater chance the enemy will find it and destroy it. Give them points as a reward for doing so, and now you have a naturally limiting system. With the new takedown meta, I'm not even sure why we still have radios, they're a relic of earlier systems. HABs should be limited by radius, and/or by total number, but I don't think anything else should, it stifles creativity and replayability. If you have the trucks full of points and the willingness to keep things supplied, you should be able to build anywhere. I know you're not a PS fan, but their new logi system and deployables makes fortifying objectives, and creating a layer of fighting positions instead of only superfobs possible and so much more preferable.

    I'd rather if you could just build ammo crates anywhere you'd like if you have the points on the truck. I don't see the logic of requiring a FOB to leave a box of ammo on the ground.
  15. Emplacements and Mobility

    Simply decouple construction points from FOBs, enable building from supply crates that get dropped from tucks and helos, and from trucks directly. Any unused points can be loaded back up from a supply crate into the truck. Digging down a FOB loads those points back in as well, enabling you to pick it up and replace with another. FOBs in PS come with a certain number of free emplacements, so those in effect can be moved. It works really well in PS, it's easy and simple to understand.
  16. supply system

    It's more logical and flexible too.
  17. Vehicles vs AT infantry in V12

    Once the devs add a commander role, and presumably off map support, that would help in dealing with stubborn heavy armor, at least in keeping it moving.
  18. October 2018 Recap

    I know it is. Players give up all the time, I think pre V12 they probably gave up more often than wait for a medic unless they were 10 seconds away. I'd play LAT and suicide just to get more rockets and move across the map. That doesn't mean that it's the best idea in terms of what the devs wanted or for gameplay. I know people won't be suiciding now as much just to rearm, but if you had to wait for a revive each time they went down, they'd play more carefully, which wouldn't be a bad thing IMO
  19. October 2018 Recap

    One way to discourage people from giving up too easily is to just not allow them to give up at all....... It would also give you the incentive to play a bit more cautiously. Type respawn in console and you can only respawn at main with a suicide penalty.
  20. Squad system/types for vehicles.

    At least you're consistent, in all of the years I've seen you on the forums, I've never seen you like anyone's ideas except your own. I'm just contrasting what I see in Squad against what I see elsewhere, I don't expect it to make the slightest difference in the overall scheme of things.
  21. Squad system/types for vehicles.

    Both games have game mechanics that dictate how logi squads operate, one is more structured than the other. I play both, I see how the mechanics enable players to play, and how they choose to play. They're not identical games, but they share similar environments, similar player base, mechanics and game modes. Based on what I've seen in PS, I'd venture that a dedicated logi squad would be an improvement, it'd have to be bigger and tweaked a little, but I think it would be better than what is there now. Sure, dedicated logistics squads are a possibility in Squad, and you occasionally see them, they don't work very well for the most part IME outside of running mortars. Usually, it's bc the SL is fixated on building a stupidfob on a single point, not in doing what is best for the team. Or some dipshit grabs the logis, gets them wrecked or takes them for his pet project. The current mechanics in Squad make that more likely than in PS. If you are in that stupidfob guys squad, you either leave, or sigh and shovel whatever he's building, then watch it get overrun. In PS, you can leave him to it, and go do what needs doing since you too can build and supply and the logis are yours alone. The current Squad mechanics make it harder for good logi people to find and work together, the mechanics in PS make it easier, so I think there you get better logi support. While an open format like in squad where you have the freedom to turn any squad into a specialized squad is great in a clan type situation, it's not so great in a public one. A little structure like dedicated squads works better in a match with pubs. I like your overall system where fobs and such need supplying, and I agree, that if supply runs were necessary in Squad for spawns across the map, you'd see more people creating squads focused on logi runs, but they aren't that necessary, and outside of mortar fobs, and superfobs, logi and fob building is treated as just one more necessary task for SLs. Which doesn't make sense to me.
  22. Unless riding in a truck/ifv is easier than running in from spawn, or rearming is such a pain that people start to chose to spawn at main, I don't expect to ever see a dedicated transport squad in Squad. Until helos, and in that case, I'll be curious to see how they keep them from being blown from the sky in our Squad universe. The only times I ever see an organized roll out of players in vics is at the start of a round, and when an organized team/squad move on from a cap they've just taken. The losers almost always have to walk.
  23. Squad system/types for vehicles.

    From what I see in PS, a dedicated logi squad solves a lot of problems with FOBs/logi in Squad. Not saying that they have it perfect, but there are a few results that stand out against what I've seen in Squad over 1,000+ hours. Expectations - When there is a dedicated logi squad, they are expected to know what they are doing, so while sometimes the commander will make recommendations as to where they want FOBs, it's usually left up to the Logi SL. When you know every match has a dedicated Logi squad, and you want to play logi, you know you can join it, you don't have to create one, or join a halfassed one. Unlike Squad where even if one squad is named LOGI, since only the SL can drop statics, you end up with him and one or two people shoveling and one guy driving the truck, everyone else is off at the cap ramboing. In the PS, there's only 4 guys and they ALL can drop statics and shovel, they have two trucks and no one else can drive/steal them. When you join a logi squad, it's usually all other logi nerds, they all know good places for FOBs, how to place defenses to best optimize them etc. You don't end up with crappy FOBs in the wrong places, if fact, I'd say logi stuff is higher quality there. There are people like me who play logi the majority of the time, I like to build stuff, but it also has roles other squads don't. Mechanics - You can only drop 2 FOBs in Offensive (Invasion) as an attacker, and certain zones are off limits, we don't know how they will limit them in the upcoming AAS. You can drop supplies or build from the truck anywhere on the map, no need to place a FOB. You can put things where they make sense, not near where you can hide a fob, and emplacements and mortars don't telegraph that a FOB is nearby. While only the Logi SL can place a FOB, any other SL can drop statics and his guys can shovel, so it's completely possible for logi to just drop supplies and go if a Squad wants to build something themselves. It lets infantry fight, they don't have to worry about FOBs, sandbags and ammo crates. It makes being a SL easier in PS. WIth the new features in V12, like fireteams, being an effective SL is going to be even more complicated, taking logi stuff off of their plate seems like a good idea to me.
  24. Ammobag

    You shouldn't be able to climb on top of an ammo bag, it's an unintentional exploit
  25. Still one logi unit, only the SL can drop FOBs, but everyone else can drop whatever, so with (usually) 2 trucks, they often split up for different tasks. I wish logi had more than 4 members. One good thing about having a dedicated logi squad though is that almost without exception they're made up of experienced logi dudes, so it's easy and effective to SL. Far less maddening than trying to herd the idiots in regular sections. I just assign tasks, leave them to it, and only ask for help when I need it. Currently, they have "Recall", which if the SL and (new role) radioman are close to each other, the SL can recall and there's a 60 second spawn on SL period, with a 3 min cooldown. It's not used much since once separated, it's really hard to get those two together again. Anyway, in the next patch, they are introducing a static rally of sorts, either by using the radioman like above, or with a minimum number of section mates around, the SL can drop a small tent and radio like a minifob, which again has a time limited respawn window. Once the time is up, it remains, but is inacitive. It can be reactivated again in person by the SL or, remotely with the SL using a radio. The spawn will last longer using the radio man instead of random sectionmates, and longer in person than remotely. The tent can be destroyed with a grenade by the enemy, and proximity stops the spawn. They haven't gone into it in detail yet, it's still being tested, so all the above could change. They're slowly making progress. Tank handling has been completely redone for the better, some optimization, and the US and new maps will drop soon. Like everyone, they're waiting for V12 and the new UE4 updates.