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  1. Penalty for early give up

    Wait for a medic or to bleed out then.
  2. Penalty for early give up

    There's really little reason to not give up unless you'll have a medic on you in 15 seconds or so as the game stands now. And, I say this as someone who hates giving up, I'll often be the only one waiting for a medic long enough to bleed out in my squad. It's so easy to keep a rally alive 24/7 and build HABS, that it's often the smarter choice to give up and get right back in the game at whatever cap needs bodies then to hope your medic can get you and whoever else went down in your squads last location. Which often isn't where you are now needed since the game moves so quickly. If rallys and HABs were harder to make and keep, like the endless threads have discussed it, you'd have to rely on your medics more. I'd also be in favor of seeing what a dope slap like if you give up, you can only spawn at main would do to player behavior. If you were a lone wolf, you'd be screwed, if your squad got wiped, you could all spawn at main and tranny back to the front. Which would be fine IMO.
  3. Post Scriptum Keys

    Yaas, I want my Pissed Scrotum, er, I mean Post Scriptum
  4. Ranging for rocket techi

    I think it was Sgt Ross who said in one of the past dev AMA's that they weren't going to add any targeting aids to the rocket techie, since they wanted it to be a blunt instrument. Which is a shame really, when they first came out, they were used as crude arty, with some effect, but now with mortars in game, I only see them used as transport, with a one shot rocket spam towards the target, and then abandoned. They're fairly useless as they are now, if you're going to do logi runs to supply anything, mortars are a far better choice, you can be accurate with them, and they have multiple shell types now.
  5. I like the idea of stealing an enemy APC, using it as a Trojan Horse and storming a cap from the inside, but you know in pub matches it would turn out like this.....
  6. [WIP] Karasu

    Seconded. Having tried to play on servers running mods and such, and failed, I'd just wait until they're farther along. I've got no doubt that your maps and other will see heavy rotation once it's sorted.
  7. You could create a new role, that of the diplomat, they could hold talks with the other side, and after long negotiations and at a mutually agreed upon time and location, both sides could trade captured vehicles.
  8. Two "cute" Ideas

    Didn't we have numbers in one of the early iterations? I vaguely remember that.
  9. Post Scriptum Keys

    I'm all set, thanks Odin
  10. Bipod seamlessness

    I much prefer the bipod management in RO2, where once you turned past its range of rotation, your avatar picked the entire weapon up slightly and then placed it back down once you stopped turning. While it was up in the air, you couldn't fire it. The whole thing was logical, and mindless. Plus, being able to duck while reloading or under fire......
  11. Post Scriptum Keys

    I haven't found a link on steam to DL it yet, or add it to my library, I'm assuming that it's not yet available?
  12. Enemy FOBs aren't hard to find if you come across a parked logi. It's either right next to it, or within an easy running distance, you look at the map, figure out where you would put it closer to the cap, and bingo, there it is. I'm not really a fan of the game providing hints, I think players should learn to use their brains. As it is now, if you kill a logi, it can hurt an enemy team pretty badly for whatever the cooldown is, 10 minutes. If it's abandoned and ends up in enemy territory, it can be a fun mini mission to sneak up and try to steal it back. Once the added features of disabling it come online, you can disable it so it won't respawn, and be that much harder to save and RTB. Which will make them even more valuable and players should learn to protect them. If you've ever been on a team that is logi-less, while you watch the other guys roll you up since you can't place a fob ANYWHERE, I'm sure you've learned to keep them safe.
  13. I don't like it, sorry. Maybe in a game mode like Insurgency, otherwise, it seems weird. I'd rather you could enter an abandoned vehicle and then disable it, either destroy it (because who doesn't like things that go boom?) or just render it unable to drive, like you popped the hood and wrecked some of the components. Either would also discourage people from abandoning vics, especially if they either didn't respawn at all, or with a long delay. With the ability to damage systems coming, and then the ability for crews to repair them, this might become moot. For example, you could shoot up a logi, rendering parts of it damaged, tires flat, or engine wrecked and inoperable, and then, if the enemy gets their sh!t together, they could come back and repair it. Otherwise, it sits there on the battlefield all match.

    Search for "Commander" "Commander role" instead, it's been discussed to death.
  15. Arcady Milsim? Suggestions.

    If a BTR wants to kill you caught out in the open at 500m, it's not going to have any problem doing it.
  16. I've been enjoying Invasion lately, I'm glad to see your server up and at it.

    I've seen them work too, but usually, they don't. Anything will work in a competitive match, because skilled players will make the most of it. The game as it is now is so fast paced, that taking at least one logi out of it, and the crew of people needed to keep mortars running, is more damaging to the friendly team than the opponents, who can be swarming your caps and will be using their logis to place forward HABs, backcapping you. People fear the 30mm, and the stryker, both of which can shut down an area of the map and be difficult to kill, I'm not afraid of mortars at all, they're annoying at best. If you're in a building, you're safe, unlike with armor. Unless you have your mortars waaay across the map, they're so easy to find and kill, plus, people usually build them right next to your HAB, so it's a nice audio signal to "attack here". If they blew shrapnel out in a large radius like this, you can bet people would be afraid of them. There was particle modeling in a mod for RO2 in UE3, and it completely changed how people reacted to nades and arty, which were sort of like mortars here are now. You had to be within the explosion radius to take damage, and everyone knew what that was, so you could sit there one foot outside it, watch them explode and be fine. In the mod though, you could be killed by a piece of shrapnel from 100m away, so incoming arty meant, get out of the open or you died. Which made arty far more powerful in suppression, you knew the enemy would be motionless and not returning fire while a barrage was underway, so you could move up. I've yet to see that happen with mortars in Squad. At best, it just slows the enemy down, they don't crawl into holes and wait, like you should be.
  18. Developer Roundtable

    Not trying to go OT, but I'm not a fan of the mainbase protection at the end of the round either, I'd propose that once the last cap is lost, Main is vulnerable, but like a FOB, once enemies are within a certain range, you lose the ability to spawn there and the round ends. So, the invaders breach the gates and run in, there's a brief violent last stand as the ticket bleed goes into hyper drive, and *poof*, it's all over. Back on topic, nice to see this cooperation with the community.

    I don't know how many hours I have in game since mortars have come out and I've been killed..... maybe 3 times? You basically have to be hit on the top of your head to die, whereas, the damage radius with shrapnel should be wounding everyone standing around. When you hear mortars incoming, you should be scrambling for cover, or hitting the deck, and now, I just ignore them and survive. For the amount of player time involved in building, supplying and shooting them, they are usually ineffective. Very cool looking and sounding, but not super effective. I think they're better at trying to kill armor than enemies for the most part. As well as easy to find and kill them, as was mentioned. If anything was changed with them, I'd support making them far more lethal, and harder to supply. So, save them for when you need them, but they actually make a difference when you do, especially in suppression.
  20. Post Scriptum for Squad Founders

    Yay! Best non-birthday present ever!! Upon reading the thread title, I was expecting a discount at best, classy move OWI/Periscope.
  21. Concerned

    Nothing wrong with that, it's really not even a game yet, we're basically testers who get to d!ck around with it while it's being made. There's been times over the past few years where the game was unplayable for me and I left it alone for a while, then came back to it. Like a lot of people, I'm not entirely happy with where the game is right now, but I am happy to let the devs do their thing and see where it ends up.
  22. A Little Update from Merlin

    Ok, me, in game. I'm LAT, I slowly sneak up on a Stryker through enemy territory and nail it with two RPGs before it cuts me in half and moves off. I respawn, revenge on my mind... Run halfway across the map, flanking aaaaallll the way around so I won't be seen I find it, it's sitting there, alone and defenseless! Hit 3 to switch to rockets, you're gonna DIE! MWHAAHAAA!! My hands pull out a grenade...... Praise be to Merlin and the devs for finally fixing the role switch bug, I'm not sure my mental health could take more of the above
  23. Medic progression in Squad

    In the old days, and I wasn't aware that it had changed, every knock down cost one ticket, and dead/dead cost you another, so a revive saves one. I've seen the perception change over time, from when SL's would bitch about players giving up and wasting tickets to they bitch now about not giving up and getting back in the fight ASAP. My idea would be that a revive saves you a ticket and also adds to your rally total, until you max out at 9. To keep from having full rallys at all times and them being the endless stream of spawns that they are now, increase the cooldown a ton. Or, if you just want to add it to the team pool, make each revive worth 2 tickets, which would be better IMO. If the game design doesn't change to make dying a large personal penalty, not many are going to value a medic, the few times in a match where they can make an actual difference isn't going to be much of an incentive to play the role as intended. I'd probably only try to revive my SL and LATs when needed, tell everyone else to respawn.