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  1. I play LAT a lot, and I hate that the LAT is effectively nerfed because you have a very slow transition between rockets or switching to primary and either the driver or gunner can insta beam out with gun at the ready, run up and shoot you in the face in the middle of them. I end up being forced to tailor my attacks to try to avoid this scenario, hit them from distance, or hit them from behind so they never see the incoming rocket. If they have a clue where you are, you're dead. Good points Kendo.
  2. Few suggestions

    I play for the experience, the win or loss is immaterial for me. I often am in the only squad doing anything constructive, which is really ok. Even if we get steamrolled, as long as we stick together, try to follow a plan and do our best, it still can be fun. The worst experiences are being in a Squad where your SL is frustrating, which leads to people throwing up their hands and doing their own thing. Picking the right SL comes with experience and takes some luck too, if I could see their hours, that would also be helpful.
  3. Destroying Vics At Main

    Mains should be a peaceful oasis of brotherly love. Making it harder for trolls to succeed is always a win in my book.
  4. Few suggestions

    I don't think hours in game should be a requirement for anything, and I can certainly attest to having played fun matches with a SL who was brand new, like first day in game brand new, but was trying hard and the vets in the squad were helping him out. I've also played many matches with crappy SL's that had tons of hours. Personally, I wouldn't often check hours on my fellow players, but it would be a nice option to have, especially when you join a squad and notice there's no coms and things seem off, you could check a SL's hours and decide if you want to stay or go right off the bat instead of spending 10 minutes hoping you're wrong. Or, once we get helos, to check your pilots hours before he pile drives you all into the ground.
  5. Stopped could be <5kmh or similar to account for random movement. If you couldn't exit a moving vehicle at speed, I think it would add incentive to play more cautiously with vehicles since you're more vulnerable when stopped, and being stopped can be a sign you're offloading troops. Blazing through a hot area at full speed and successfully insta dropping unharmed infantry like now is unnecessarily gamey.
  6. Few suggestions

    I'm positive that vote kicking among SL's would lead to an endless sh!tshow. How many matches do you play where all the SL's are decent? Or agree on overall strategy? Or where there isn't bitching in teamchat at the end of a round between 2 SL's about how the other one lost the match? It would be endless vote kicking or attempts at it on many pub servers. I'd rather simple, in game tutorials and a tally of hours in game. You can't SL until you complete a 5-10 minute walkthrough in Jensens where you learn all the basic functions of being a SL with ai. Hover your mouse over anyone's name in the squad list and see their hours in game.
  7. September 2017 Recap

    You could easily add the ability to "dig" ranger graves, which like sandbags would be a mesh sitting on top of the terrain. I would like this feature for ambushes and the like.
  8. FOB&Rally - Balance/variety

    While there are exceptions, I completely agree. Which is my point in that the most effective FOBs are those that are minimal, which aren't FOBs at all. They're really just respawn and rearm points and their biggest strength is that they have infinite spawns. The game currently rewards fast and mobile attacking, more than defending, which is fun for sure, but is that the game design the devs are after? It doesn't seem that way with all the deployables at hand and talk of a RTS element. So, why not design FOB's to be actual bases, like small mains, maybe you'd only have one per map, and have teamwide spawnpoints be a command vehicle or pop up tent/structure more like the old FOB radios where you can also rearm? Give them a cooldown so they're not persistent or a fixed number of spawns. I think there are more ways to provide spawnpoints and buildable defenses than what we have now.
  9. FOB&Rally - Balance/variety

    Yep, it would also lead to more value being placed on defending them and logis, supply runs. All changes lead to differences in gameplay, some better, some worse. As it is now, FOBs are disposable in most cases, they aren't really treated as a base, they are usually more of a teamwide spawnpoint. You could easily create something like a teamwide rally to fulfill that, if that's an objective. Make it temporary like a rally, 3 minutes maybe and easily killed. If FOBs were actually important, you'd have fighting and strategy based around them and the caps together instead of them sitting alone out in the woods where 2 guys can take them down.
  10. +1 for a transition time and a full stop to exit. If you're in an enclosed vehicle, you can't get out while it's moving, if you're in an open vehicle and jump out, you should take damage proportionate to the vehicle speed.
  11. You can always tell when there's been a sale recently when you join a server and there are zero FOBS, one rally point for your entire team and you're trying to attack caps that don't matter any longer.
  12. Yep, you should be able to minimally rearm from all suitable vehicles.
  13. FOB&Rally - Balance/variety

    I'd rather rallys have a finite life like in PR, if it's only viable for a minute, it would be used more on an as needed basis to regroup instead of as a backup spawnpoint as it is now. A decent SL can have a rally up almost 100% of the time in Squad leading to squadmates streaming back in to the fight continually. The changes from FOB to HAB were in the right direction, but not enough IMO. The same strategies to keep it alive as a spawnpoint are usually used as before, hide it in an area less likely for the enemy to find, or drop it on/near a cap and try to superfob it, which can and often is defeated by half a squad shoveling down a single sandbag. Since a FOB is a Forward Operating Base, I'd rather see it bigger in it's default state, too big to hide upstairs in a building or a single compound. Make it deploy with a HAB, Ammo, repair station and enough build points to drop MG's, hescos, whatever you want. More of an actual base. Make it harder to destroy as well with shovels, double or triple the shovel down time on defenses, like wire and sandbags. To keep it from becoming impregnable, make it worth two logis to construct initially and force it to be continually resupplied to enable respawns. That way, building it would become harder, it would be easier to hold, but only if you controlled the territory around it. The enemy would be able to assault it successfully if they had armor and explosives to break it open, could still sneak in if the defenders left it undefended, or could starve it if they controlled the territory around it.
  14. Animation System Update

    Love this update and backstory, much appreciated.
  15. It's about as realistic as an APC going roaring into a firefight, everyone disembarks and shoots it out. Which happens at the beginning of almost every match.
  16. What counts as a kill?

    Whoever has the last kill shot on anything gets the kill. I wouldn't mind if you got a share of team points for something like that, but kills? Meh, nah.
  17. Sounds/New Sound Reverb System

    I think that's already in? I sort of remember that in a WIP effects video.
  18. Unless everyone get NVG, this is really the only practical way to have night maps, configure your rig to get the balance you want, but hard to go too far either way. Outside cones of light from lamps and bright interiors with dark surroundings.
  19. Ambient noise and other sounds

    While I like the most ambient noises, I think they should only be noises that aren't the same as those generated by players. I like that if I hear gunfire in Squad, it means there's contact somewhere and it drives me crazy when I play LAT that on some maps there are distant ambient truck sounds, which is just confusing.
  20. APC's crew guide for Dummies

    Nicely done, should be required reading for those who want to use them, and those who want to kill them.
  21. Night map?

    With my rig even with gamma maxed out, I couldn't see 10 feet, bushes, trees, friendlies, enemies, really anything except lights and particle effects. My only strategy was to run blindly down near the cap, go prone in cover and shoot at any silhouettes without nametags. Very frustrating. They went away pretty quickly after that patch since they would clear servers. I'd like to see night maps, but they'd have to make some changes to make it work, the tracers and such are really sexy.
  22. Night map?

    Just look on YT for vids. Everyone maxed out their gamma so they could see. The effects were cool at night though.
  23. Capzone height limit.

    Why give it differing amounts of points? Just give it none. Place a radio or HAB above a certain height and you get only construction points, zero ammo. It would make the HAB more vulnerable and slightly easier to storm, but not completely useless.